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Latest research finding relevant to child obesity

There have been alarming reports about food and children according to the latest research finding. Relevant to child obesity is more than one factor. It is becoming increasingly common to see young children who are overweight. Children are no longer being monitored by a mother who is at home. More often than not, children go home and take care of themselves. Parents have little control over what their child eats during the day. When parents do have control they are too tired to prepare a meal. The average American child lives on fast and pre-packed food.

It is true fast food need not be unhealthy. However, fast food in America is food that is ordered at a drive-through. Within minutes we have a meal. The only way the food is prepared in minutes, is if the food is partially pre-cooked. Then, when it is ordered, it is cooked again. The nutrients left in such food must be nearly zero. What are left in the food are bad fats and over-refined carbs. This highly processed food is eaten on a daily basis by the children of America. These shocking facts are emerging due to the latest research finding. Relevant to child obesity is the belief that fast food manufacturers know about nutrition.

This is correct, food manufacturers do know about nutrition. However, profits are more important. Parents must take responsibility for what their children consume. To make a healthy sandwich or a salad takes a few minutes. Shopping for fresh produce must be seen as a necessity for the good of the family. Shopping is not a chore to be avoided by using fast food joints. There is so much to be gained by a family preparing food together. It is a time to teach children how to shop and what to buy. These are lessons they pass on to their own children.

Preparing and serving a wholesome meal is more important than a fast pizza in front of the TV. Conversation round a family table is more important to children than many adults realize. If at all possible, a brisk walk after dinner will make a difference to the weight of children. It may be the only exercise a child gets. Small beginnings can change a lifestyle. Lifestyle can make or a break the coming generation. It is possible in the future, for the latest research finding relevant to child obesity to be obsolete.

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Teenage obesity

The number of people being obese has risen steadily since the 1990’s and this holds true for people of all ages including teens. The National Center for Health statistics collects and analyses data on obesity each year in hopes to help lower the rate of obesity in people such as teens. Teenage obesity alone has increased by 9 million. That means that at least 15% of children and teens, ages 6 to 19 are currently overweight and that rises each year. Not to mention the other 15% that is considered at risk for becoming overweight.

Experts define obesity as Obesity as a person who has excess fat on his or her body. This boils down to people being at least 20% more then their ideal weight for their body. If you are overweight then that means that you are in excess any amount of weight that is past the specified weight range for your age and body type. It has been shown that obesity is a frequently seen in adolescents or teens.

Teens are at a high risk for health problems when they are obese. Yes the risks are lower then obese adults but the risks as still there. If they start out at a young age being overweight they are more prone to go on into being an obese adult with any number of health conditions. No matter what your age is if you are obese you run the risk of having such problems as: high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, stroke and some types of cancer.

Obesity in teens can be detrimental in more way as than one especially for a teens personal well being and their over all physical health. It can shorten their actual life expectancy. Studies show that overweight teens are more prone to being picked on by other kids who can wreak havoc on their self esteem damaging them even further. This can lead to mental illness and social disabilities as well.

If you or someone you know is having problems with their weigh you should seek the advice of a trusted adult, family member or a physician. Together the two of you can work on a plan to get you where you want to be with your weight. Don’t think that you are alone as there are many people out that that can help. It is important to talk with someone to find out if there is an underlying cause that can be triggering your weight problems.

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Obesity treatment centers

Are you looking for a life style change in the way you eat? Maybe you have tried diets, but after a couple of weeks life schedules get interrupted and your right back where you started? If this is the case and you suffer from obesity you may want to look at some of the obesity treatment centers for options. The obesity treatment centers generally offer a person several ways to help themselves and get support that they need to be successful in reducing their weight. There are several obesity treatment centers across America that is designed to help anyone who has weight loss or obesity issues. When searching for these centers you can go online and do an internet search engine search or you can type in a clinic that you may have heard about.

When you are looking for obesity treatment centers you want to make sure you have researched the place thoroughly from what types of programs they offer, if they offer surgery, what kind of support groups do they have, do they have psychologists on staff, and how long the business has been operating. You don’t want to choose an obesity treatment center that you will be uncomfortable with.

Let’s look at some of the obesity treatment center options. First if you have tried dieting, but cannot stick to a regime and it helped while you were on it you may look for psychological treatment. Often times if we enter into cognitive behavior therapy and analyze why we behave as we do we can stop the destructive behavior and start with a new schedule. In other words if depression or low self esteem is the cause therapy can help you work through these issues to help you stop grabbing the junk food, and stick to the diet that really was working for you.

Support groups that you can find at obesity treatment centers can also help you. Most often those who attend support groups have some of the same concerns or issues that you do. Some times low self esteem comes from needing someone to love. In support groups you can find a person who understands who you are. This doesn’t mean marriage, but just someone who can love you for the personality you have over the actual physical appearance. There are many things obesity treatment centers can work on for you, and these places are usually going to be outpatient centers that you can go to for help.

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Obesity opinions

There are several obesity opinions circulating in the media as well as by word of mouth. It seems that a lot of the times obesity opinions state that the commercials, television programs, movies and other items kids and adults may watch or learn from are the target of the obesity opinions, but is this necessarily the truth? Is the media, television, internet, and other media sources liable for the increase in obesity?

The truth seems to be in the middle of the obesity opinions. There are still health conditions that tend to cause obesity in individuals. Most of these conditions are genetic and very hard to avoid. On the other hand you have obesity opinions that state commercials with fatty foods, the stores full of unhealthy eating, and the life style changes that have occurred in the last twenty years are actually a cause for the increase in obesity. The truth is life has changed. This means that obesity is more prevalent not due entirely to media obesity opinions, but because the time for creating a home cooked meal that is healthy and exercising has been reduced.

These of course are often seen as excuses in the obesity opinions, and they are. Most often we say we are tired and that is why we haven’t exercised or eaten properly. Or sometimes we just don’t have the time for a meal in between our meetings and therefore we grab an unhealthy snack. The choice is really ours to make. We as human beings have to realize that exercise will help us sleep better and reduce the feelings of being tired as we get rid of the toxins we have in the body, making us feel off. We also have the choice of the food we buy. There are plenty of health food snacks that can be grabbed in a hurry as long as we stock them at home. We can grab yogurt, precut carrots, and other foods that will help us eat better, and ignore the sweets.

So you have to realize that with obesity opinions it is really just subjective. There are excuses, blame, and not too many solutions being handed to those who struggle with weight gain. You also have to realize that knowing about the disease and what causes a person to be obese or what characterizes them as obese is also important to battling the issue and therefore is the place to start.

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Obesity and diabetes

Obesity is a condition where the person is overweight and has a body mass index of over 30. Obesity can cause several medical conditions such as diabetes. When discussing obesity and diabetes you have to realize what the causes is, the treatment for both, and of course what you can do to prevent the issues. Diabetes is a blood sugar disease. In most cases those with diabetes have high blood sugar or low blood sugar. Those with type II diabetes suffer the most as they have to use insulin to regulate their body’s blood sugar. Obesity means that you have extra fat stores and it is difficult for you to break them done, which can lead to diabetes because of the overabundance of sugar in the fats.

Those with obesity and diabetes have two health conditions that if unchecked can cause more health problems. Treatment for obesity and diabetes include surgery, dieting, and exercise. Surgery is related to obesity in that the person can have liposuction, their stomach stapled, or a lap band put in place. These types of surgery are to help obese individuals loose the weight they are carrying around and eat less. For obesity and diabetes this can be step one to starting a proper diet. A proper diet is eating less for the obese person, and eating more protein and healthier foods. Lastly exercise is extremely important. The person with diabetes may not be able to exercise as much at once due to the changes in blood sugar exercising can cause, but they can still exercise and lose weight. Surgery for those who have diabetes can be difficult. Diabetes can cause complications during a procedure. Your doctor will want to weight the options regarding your diabetes and surgery for obesity before suggesting that treatment.

Keep in mind that sometimes just seeking a nutritionist about your obesity and diabetes can help you overcome the issues. Sometimes therapy or group support can also help you deal with the obesity and diabetes. There are several individuals in America that need help battling obesity, and of course a portion of those individuals are also struggling with diabetes. Sometimes knowing that you are not alone can give you the strength to start working towards a solution for your medical conditions. Obesity and diabetes are two very serious health conditions that can lead to further health issues later on in your life.

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Environmental causes of morbid obesity

It is without a doubt that being excessively overweight is influenced by environmental causes. Of morbid obesity patients, those who follow a sedentary way of life are the ones who struggle the most. The western lifestyle has been the main contributing factor to morbid obesity. A typical day in the life of an American will be to eat a sugar loaded cereal or take-out. Walking has become obsolete and families have more than one vehicle to prevent even the shortest walks.

Snacks filled with more sugar and fat are consumed by adults and children alike. Lunch is either more unhealthy snacks or a fat laden take-out. Even more unhealthy snacks follow until a take-out is once again ordered for dinner. Coffee and sodas are drunk instead of water. All this is being done because people believe that manufacturers will never sell them anything bad. All that is needed as proof is to look in the mirror.

Most of America and the western world are experiencing the environmental causes of morbid obesity. Any person who wants to get rid of excess body fat is going to have to change their surroundings. This is going to make it a lot easier to change a lifetime of bad habits. If you spend most of your time sitting in front of a TV, get rid of the TV if you have to. You will soon begin to appreciate activities other than watching TV.

It is the lack of physical exercise that contributes to morbid obesity. Long before being diagnosed with morbid obesity the person would have stopped walking. Prior to this condition the person would have started sitting around. This may have started in childhood. Living in an environment where physical exercise is not encouraged will lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. Living in a home where there is no knowledge of nutrition or constraint will lead to environmental causes of morbid obesity.

These are all factors that will eventually catch up later in life. Accumulative environmental causes of morbid obesity can only be dealt with by taking action. The excessively overweight person must assume responsibility for what he or she does. This may take some counseling as a person in this situation needs encouragement and care. This individual also requires knowledge. Knowledge about the benefits of exercise and the nutritional value of food is essential. Understanding what is being done and why is a positive means of breaking bad habits.

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