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Obesity and diabetes

Obesity is a condition where the person is overweight and has a body mass index of over 30. Obesity can cause several medical conditions such as diabetes. When discussing obesity and diabetes you have to realize what the causes is, the treatment for both, and of course what you can do to prevent the issues. Diabetes is a blood sugar disease. In most cases those with diabetes have high blood sugar or low blood sugar. Those with type II diabetes suffer the most as they have to use insulin to regulate their body’s blood sugar. Obesity means that you have extra fat stores and it is difficult for you to break them done, which can lead to diabetes because of the overabundance of sugar in the fats.

Those with obesity and diabetes have two health conditions that if unchecked can cause more health problems. Treatment for obesity and diabetes include surgery, dieting, and exercise. Surgery is related to obesity in that the person can have liposuction, their stomach stapled, or a lap band put in place. These types of surgery are to help obese individuals loose the weight they are carrying around and eat less. For obesity and diabetes this can be step one to starting a proper diet. A proper diet is eating less for the obese person, and eating more protein and healthier foods. Lastly exercise is extremely important. The person with diabetes may not be able to exercise as much at once due to the changes in blood sugar exercising can cause, but they can still exercise and lose weight. Surgery for those who have diabetes can be difficult. Diabetes can cause complications during a procedure. Your doctor will want to weight the options regarding your diabetes and surgery for obesity before suggesting that treatment.

Keep in mind that sometimes just seeking a nutritionist about your obesity and diabetes can help you overcome the issues. Sometimes therapy or group support can also help you deal with the obesity and diabetes. There are several individuals in America that need help battling obesity, and of course a portion of those individuals are also struggling with diabetes. Sometimes knowing that you are not alone can give you the strength to start working towards a solution for your medical conditions. Obesity and diabetes are two very serious health conditions that can lead to further health issues later on in your life.

January 31, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Obesity

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  1. Is there any truth that companies that sell blood sugar products like actually can help do anything? Or is medication the only way to handle diabetes?

    Comment by Edward | February 6, 2008 | Reply

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