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Classy lady mature carol

Women who have children or mothers as they are commonly called are often found as frumpy or tend to dress either too casually or end up matronly. At least that is what most people would assume as women with children are rarely associated with classy. The current baby boom trend in Hollywood however has brought about a gaggle of classy and trendy mommies.

One of the famous classy women with a kid would be Katie Holmes who has not only succeeded in going from girl next door teen tart to classy lady and now proud mom. Photos of her on spreadsheets, magazines and tabloids show Katie power dressing, her sense of style has gone from teen trends to classy elegant mom. Perhaps her improvement or chameleon ability happened with the help of good friend Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham who with 3 children, boys for the matter is one of the classiest woman with children. The key to their classy look is achieved with the use of solid basic colors often in hues of black, grey and the occasional white. Both women do not however stray too far away from the splashes of color here and there. Their choice of clothes are both trendy and functional allowing them to be able to carry themselves gracefully under the public eye while still being able to enjoy some quality fun time with the kids and their spouses.

Classy is found in the way a person dresses, it is also found in the way the person is able to confidently present themselves, conduct themselves and capture the attention of people without any necessary shenanigans. Who as an example will be Britney Spears, she like the above mentioned women is a mother; however Ms. Spears has failed in the classy department, the way she conducts herself, her manner, attitude and the way she interacts with people, her children and the general way she is not able to compose herself. Classy lady mature carol are confident in themselves and the way they are able to care for their family, the way they are able to nurture and enjoy their time with children. Even without the designer label or the up- do is capable of being herself like Jennifer Garner Affleck who can shift from her frumpy mommy getup to a snazzy gown for the Oscars. Classy is a general outlook, it is a total presentation; it is an attitude, a manner of poise, dignity and confidence.


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