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Chinese love test

If you look very closely at the Chinese character, or Hanzi, for love you will notice a heart right in the middle of it! It is also not very hard to pronounce. It sounds like the English word “I” or “eye”, in both Mandarin Chinese and Japanese.

It is also a very well known Chinese symbol and even people who have no Chinese origin or background have been known to tattoo it onto their bodies or use it as a love sign between them and their partner.

There are various forms and types of love tests all over the world, in every place imaginable. The Chinese love test is a very popular test and can be found in books, magazines, articles, newspapers, and the internet and in many other forms of literature.
There are lots of different tests but Chinese writing, symbols and love tests are becoming more and more popular. There are also many forms of Chinese loves stories which entice us to become more aware of their love views and tests provided.

Some are based on the Chinese zodiac and The a Better Chinese Astrology uses the theory of balancing the Yin-Yang Five Elements to help people find their lucky time and place and choose the best (luckiest) environment for the rest of their lives. In Chinese Astrology, the Five Elements are Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. It is believed that everybody should have at least one lucky element which benefits them throughout their life. The Chinese also believe that the Ming is controlled by your horoscope. They also believe in various signs and symbols representing elements in your life pertaining to love.

Who should take these tests? Everyone should try taking the test as so much of the world is based on history of China and the people in it and we can be sure that love is by no means, any exception to that rule. If we aren’t Chinese ourselves that is no reason to run because we should all be open to different types of tests. When it comes to matters of the heart it holds no rules and nothing can be lost by seeing what the answers are for you.

Why are people using these tests? People are using these tests to find out every aspect of love. Some answer the question will we remain together for ever? Others answer questions, when in the month is the luckiest for love and others simply help you see that you are not alone. It has worked for many people and it can work for you too, all you need is to give it a chance and have faith.

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Love IQ test

There are numerous kinds of love IQ tests that have been invented to give the right answers to people who are curious about their relationships. Actually, by appealing to these love IQ tests people are able to see the actual category that their own relationship can be included into. In other words, these tests classify the type of relationship and describe its characteristics at the same time.

The questions available in love IQ tests are usually multiple choice questions, as there are solutions available for any answer that may be selected. The Psychologists and experts who make these tests take all the details into consideration when making up the questions and the possible answers. There are two, three or even more variants of answers and for this reason people are given the opportunity to choose the one that best suits their actual situation.

Each answer has a certain number of points and these points are calculated in function of all the answers that we answer to, at the end of the test. After choosing an answer to absolutely every question we can calculate our total number of points at the end of the test and then we can look for the significance of our number of points.

These tests usually have a special part in which they provide information about the signification certain number of points. For example they provide the solution for very few points, for average numbers of points or for many points earned at each question. The experts who make these tests usually take into account the three possible solutions regarding love IQ. They consider the situations in which people exaggerate, that they compare to the big number of points earned, the situation of average and normal people, which corresponds to the average number of points and the situation in which they consider a too low emotional implication, which corresponds to the small number of points.

This is just a type of classification that specialists adopt within some love IQ tests, but there can be numerous other procedures of calculating your actual love IQ in a relationship.

All in all, all these types of tests are available through numerous means, like newspapers, women’s magazines, the internet and so on, so there is a wide range of spread of these tests among the media. However, whether we should trust their answers and solutions or not still remains our own option.

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100 question love test

There are many people to appeal to love tests and for this reason we may consider that there are also numerous tests of this kind on the market. These tests are varied but one of the most common love tests is the 100 questions love test that consists of 100 questions, as its name suggests as well.

These questions are created by specialists in order to touch the most important aspects of a love relationship and that is why they are considered to be very reliable, as they concern the key points in a normal relationship. These questions are varied, as they concern almost all the important aspects of a relationship, from spiritual compatibility to astrological and sexual relations. All the content from the 100 question love tests relates to the implications of a relationship.

The 100 questions available have certain numbers of points and for this reason they also have a strict calculation of these points. For example, depending on the certain number of points that you have obtained you can calculate your love compatibility with the person you love or you can simply see the personality that you have in a love relationship.

Indeed, there are many targets that these love tests impose and depending on the thing that you would be most interested to find out, you should choose these 100 questions love tests depending on your preferences.

There are also many sources that contain such tests but the most reliable ones are the specialized sources such as psychological sites or publications. The people who deal with making these tests are mostly specialists or psychologists and for this reason they really are considered very trustworthy.

100 questions love tests are available for any age, from 14 year old adolescents to people who have attained their second maturity, in their late 50s. That is why there are also many adepts of these tests and many people who look for them in order to test the characteristics of their relationships. The content is varied and the aspects of these questions are also numerous.

Actually, these questions are related and taken from psychological studies and even if they seem a bit uncertain they really have a real psychological essence. The very form of the 100 question love test is meant to make obvious the certain behavior that someone may have in a relationship and a certain type of personality that a person may have.

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Unrequited love test

Among the great variety of love tests we may say that experts in the field have covered almost all the areas that are dedicated to love. Due to that there are incredibly more tests that appear on the market, as the preferences of the great public opt for these tests in magazines or on the internet.

Unrequited love tests show us the general status regarding our love life. Whether they treat our general love life or the specific situations with our soul mates, these tests contain certain questions that are meant to elucidate a certain situation and also to interpret the actual results of the test.

The interpretation is available at the end of the test, as the experts who create these tests usually make them on a psychological basis. It is true that these tests contain psychological questioning and reasoning and this is a reason in plus to trust their content.

But when we speak of trusting we mean the serious love tests, as there are actually two types of such tests: the ones for teenagers and young people, which contain rather general information and are created for fun and the ones addressed to adults, which contain more serious information, questions and answers.

Regarding the structure of unrequited love tests, we may notice that is about the same in all the tests of this kind. There is the part of questioning, the part of the calculation of points and finally, the par of the interpretation of answers. This structure belongs to psychological tests and it is used in order to create continuity and a logical sense to the test. People usually trust these love tests but the ones who really like them and prefer doing them for fun are youngsters. And it is proven that young people usually adhere faster to the idea of such tests. That is why these love tests are divided between the category of adults and that of teenagers.

All in all, love tests contain some interesting details after solving the test. These details can either be ignored or taken into consideration, but we can orientate towards that after reading through the whole test to see if it is seriously made or not. However, these tests have many adepts and many people choose to take them at least to have fun if not to get convinced by what these tests propose as an interpretation of their love life.

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Love test

If love wasn’t so complicated topics such as “love” along with others, wouldn’t be featured on Oprah or written on every magazine cover. The truth is love is a topic dating back from centuries ago and the majority of fairy tales usually end in a happy ending of true love. Today there are various love tests available, for you to take in order to answer many of your questions.

Some of these are based on questions such as “are we compatible?” others calculate a love percentage, some ask you questions about your personality. These tests can be found everywhere and anywhere, including the internet. Some of the tests are written by psychics, psychologists, love experts and ordinary people who claim to either know about love in depth or who have figured out a way to calculate tests. Some love tests are written by psychologists at universities or students who need to use the answers for research purposes.

Most quizzes are fun and make you think not only about yourself, but about the person you love or type of person you would like to find. Some believe that you can’t explain love in terms of scientific measure and others really believe strongly that ticking or selecting answers may hold the key to their destiny. Everyone’s beliefs differ on the topic but we should all give it a go for fun, and we should decide for ourselves how seriously we want to take it.

Who are taking these quizzes? It is ideal for teenagers who are going through adolescence and having secret crushes. It is also great for people in relationships who want to find out how strong their love is. For all people of all ages, these love tests are ideal. Remember if you aren’t happy with the results you can always take another one. Some of the questions may make you realise how many people out there need answers to love and haven’t found them yet as well as people wanting clarification on the love or lack of love in their lives.

Research has found that these tests are taken predominantly by woman. There are also lots of men taking them but for some reason and only woman can answer that question is, why do woman engage in these tests more than males?. Maybe the reason can be attributed to the factor that they are all over woman’s magazines and woman’s literature. We can’t be sure exactly what the answer is and it may be a good idea for woman to write tests on why woman answer them more than men.

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Love making test

There are numerous love tests available in magazines and on the internet. Their domains vary from one test to another and for this reason they are also very much preferred by people who want to find things about their love relationships.

Among the most popular love tests we may mention the ones regarding the percentage in which we or our partner involves in a certain relationship, the ones that involve our love language and last but not least, some of the most important are the love making tests. The last category is a very popular one and for this reason there are many people who want to take such tests that involve this subject.

The way to make love differs from one person to another as this is actually a matter of personality. The personal way in which people make love is something absolutely intimate and it is of course a matter of personal likes and preferences.

Love making tests aim to establishing the way in which we make love and for this reason they also put the different styles and preferences under certain categories. These categories are created and established by specialists and even if some of us are skeptical about the results, we may regard the interpretations as general guidelines that include our personal styles and options.

There are numerous love making tests that ask us about our general guidelines and preferences in what concerns the domain of love making and for this reason they also provide us with solutions and explanations of our results in points. Indeed, there is a great importance given to this subject and for this reason there are also many people who prefer taking love making tests for their own curiosity and fun at the same time.

There are many elements that love making tests deal with, from the actual personalities of two partners to the actual relationship that leads people to making love. All the questions treat this subject and for this reason they are also interpreted in function of the answers that a person gives to them.

Speaking of personality, this is also an important aspect when it comes to love making tests as these tests also include issues that are said to be connected with problems of personality. The two people that are involved in a couple must make their personalities and characters fusion and work together so as to achieve the couple harmony that they long for.

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