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Love IQ test

There are numerous kinds of love IQ tests that have been invented to give the right answers to people who are curious about their relationships. Actually, by appealing to these love IQ tests people are able to see the actual category that their own relationship can be included into. In other words, these tests classify the type of relationship and describe its characteristics at the same time.

The questions available in love IQ tests are usually multiple choice questions, as there are solutions available for any answer that may be selected. The Psychologists and experts who make these tests take all the details into consideration when making up the questions and the possible answers. There are two, three or even more variants of answers and for this reason people are given the opportunity to choose the one that best suits their actual situation.

Each answer has a certain number of points and these points are calculated in function of all the answers that we answer to, at the end of the test. After choosing an answer to absolutely every question we can calculate our total number of points at the end of the test and then we can look for the significance of our number of points.

These tests usually have a special part in which they provide information about the signification certain number of points. For example they provide the solution for very few points, for average numbers of points or for many points earned at each question. The experts who make these tests usually take into account the three possible solutions regarding love IQ. They consider the situations in which people exaggerate, that they compare to the big number of points earned, the situation of average and normal people, which corresponds to the average number of points and the situation in which they consider a too low emotional implication, which corresponds to the small number of points.

This is just a type of classification that specialists adopt within some love IQ tests, but there can be numerous other procedures of calculating your actual love IQ in a relationship.

All in all, all these types of tests are available through numerous means, like newspapers, women’s magazines, the internet and so on, so there is a wide range of spread of these tests among the media. However, whether we should trust their answers and solutions or not still remains our own option.

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