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Animal protection

Just like humans, animals are in need of protection as well. With the serious maltreatments and discriminations that animals are encountering with humans, it is best to give them the proper animal protection that their species needed. Some of the covered serious threats under animal protection are the urban sprawling, habitat degradation, trapping and indiscriminate lethal control, commercial exploitation and killing.

Without the proper animal proper animal protection given to animals, there are countless animals that you can see that are displaced, dying and suffering from thoughtless and outright cruelties performed by humans. These cruelties are often based on needless fear and ignorance of human approaches when it comes to solving conflicts with animal species. Human also bases some human cruelties on biases approach.

There are variety of powerful tools used for animal protection and these tools include the public education and awareness, legislative and regulatory reforms, science-based researches, assistance to communities on finding human, non-lethal, and long-lasting approaches in conflicting migration, and maintaining and restoring the animal’s rightful place or environment to live.

The power of collaboration is also one powerful tool for animal protection. It is important to have this kind approach to be able to work hand in hand with other groups comprising the world. Working with tandem with neighboring countries when it comes to global issues such as animal protection can help stopped any predator eradication programs when it comes to protecting imperiled animal species. In this way, the international trade of global issues will make the whole world aware on the respect and proper care needed by all animal species. The campaigns made for animal protection cover the issues of co-existence and trapping. It also covers the exploitation of animals in captivation as well as in entertainment.

The animal protection stands next to combating animal discrimination based on particular characteristics, and environmental protection as objectives of any organizations that forms it. It also defines the comparable consequences given to human in accordance to covered rules of the animal welfare.

Animal protection takes account of animals as sentient beings in jurisdiction whereas there are formulated legal regulations and political programs for their species. These formulated legal regulations and political programs have an objective of allowing a weighing of decisions in favor of the animals in any given situations as well as the conflicting welfare and interests of the species. However, some there are some national regulations and customs of some countries in the world that does not regard these legal regulations and political programs as binding agreement of animal protection.

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Animal preservation and protection trust

History says that man and beast lived together. There was a time we hunted each other and at the same time there has been generation and generation of stories about human and animal friendships. We have been able to tame animals as well as keep them as pets. Still somewhere down the lane we have forgotten that animals are as alive as we are and they too need certain provisions like food, water, a clean place to live and the right to be free and do what they want.

This is the place where animal cruelty began and we still are very cruel to animals. We rear them as our pets and forget that they belong on the trees and not in our laps. We put the great looking glass bowls and forget that the space we have provided them with is no patch to the ocean which is their home.

Few animal lovers and animal activists joined hands and came up with organizations like the animal preservation and protection trust. Do we need these trusts? The answer is a big yes. There have been so many reported cases of animal abuse and there are millions of cases which are not reported. Who will protect these animals from their cruel masters and rescue them from these miserable eyes.

Professional and students come together in this animal preservation and protection trust to help find, rescue and look after these animals. Most of these people are volunteers who work with only the good of animals in mind. They are trained and are experts in their fields. To join a trust like this one, you will have to both become a member there and then learn all about animal care for these traumatized animals or you have to have had some professional education in animal care to join them.

Non-profit organizations like this one work for only one cause and that is to make the lives of these animals better. A lot of people donate funds to the trust. People are allowed to come in and help with animal care.

If you are an animal lover, you just have to walk in and you can find something to do for these poor animals. You can help by washing their living area, bathing the animals, feeding the animals, brushing the animals, walking them etc. The biggest help that anyone can do is to adopt one of the animals and give it a great home and lots of love and care.

Money is needed always. Most organizations do not have enough medical facilities or special cars, animal ambulance etc. so, thinking about doing something good…send whatever you can and you know it will be used to bring back happiness into the life of an animal which had given up on life.

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