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Obesity facts

How does someone know if they are obese? The truth is most of us does not really understands what characterizes a person as obese. When you check on the obesity facts you will find that there is one in three Americans according to the obesity chart that would be obese. That roughly translates into 58 million American individuals are actually obese. Most of these individuals according to the obesity facts are between twenty and seventy four. However you should know that with obesity facts there are more children hitting the obese mark than in previous years, changing the numbers of who is truly obese.

Obesity facts also state that there has been an increase from 25 percent to 33 percent in eleven years for cases of obesity. There are several reasons for the increase in obesity. First to be considered obese you must have a body mass index of 30 or higher. You also must have pending health conditions that will affect your morbidity. In other words according to obesity facts an obese person has an over abundance of fat stores that can cause health conditions or death as well as a body mass index of 30 or higher.

Considering these obesity facts it is no wonder that many health professionals are concerned about the rising rate of obesity. You will find there are a lot of causes for this rise in obesity and the market has begun to take into account some of these issues. A lot of children are being raised by themselves. In other words the parents must work to support the family and the children are not getting enough proper nutrition or exercise. The retail market has begun to make video games that require exercise. In other words the children have to actually move and sometimes work up a sweat to play the game. Another obesity fact that comes into play is the fast food restaurants as well as other restaurants. These restaurants have a lot of unhealthy food on the menu that are rich in carbohydrates, but not rich in the other food groups a person needs.

Overworking is yet another obesity fact that comes into play. Those who work more than eight hours are tired, and they don’t always get the food or exercise they need. Most often they head for snacks with a lot of sugar or coffee drinks with a lot of sugar. The obesity facts are not going to change unless people start taking an active interest in the obesity facts and start changing their lifestyle.

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Obesity surgery

When a person suffers from obesity and they have tried several methods of dieting, and are found to have know underlying health issues to cause the obesity there are other methods. Most often those who have become frustrated with the diets not working have tried obesity surgery as a way to lose some of the weight. There are three methods of obesity surgery that will be discussed.

The first method of obesity surgery is perhaps the most popular and oldest of methods. Liposuction has been used as obesity surgery for several years now. This type of procedures sucks out the fat from areas such as the abdomen, legs, and butt of the individual to help that person reach the standard weight or at least an overweight limit rather than being categorized as obese. The obesity surgery can take a couple of sessions to perform in order to get all of the fat removed and to avoid harming the patient.

The next type of obesity surgery is called LA lap band surgery. This type of obesity surgery actually has an invasive procedure where a lap band is placed around the esophagus of the stomach. This lap band narrows the opening to the stomach allowing the individual to feel fuller, in a shorter amount of time. This means that the patient will eat less during the meals and not usually feel as hungry as they were before. The lap band obesity surgery can have side effects such as the lap band breaking after several years of being in the person.

The last obesity surgery is called stomach stabling. This technique will have the surgeon going inside the abdomen and placing staples in the stomach. This obesity surgery is supposed to make the stomach smaller and therefore the person will not eat as much food during a normal day. It will also help the patient lose weight. This procedure will usually take a few days of recovery time and may be used in conjunction with liposuction to remove some of the fat stores.

When you are considering obesity surgery you must look at the side effects of the surgery and weigh all of your options. Most often one type of obesity surgery will help you to lose the weight. With liposuction there is always the caution that you can put the weight back on if you don’t change your life style to exercise and eat properly.

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Dangers of childhood obesity

Our nation has been struggling with obesity for the last twenty years. While obesity has been an issue before that, it seems there are more obese people in the last twenty years than there have been prior. There are several dangers of childhood obesity that parent must look out for. While we know the condition exists, little is being done to prevent the matter and help children as well as adults understand the dangers. The responsibility of the children is on the parents. This means that the parents must understand the dangers of childhood obesity in order to prevent the occurrence of far worse diseases.

There are several causes to childhood obesity that should be understood before looking at the dangers of childhood obesity. The causes are low self esteem, depression, sleep disorders, genetics, eating disorders, an improper diet, and the environment. You should realize that some of the causes are also related to some of the dangers of childhood obesity. First low self esteem, depression, and sleep disorders can be a cause and a danger. Low self esteem often means the child overeats, which is the same as depression. Sleep disorders usually result as being obese, but can be a cause due to tiredness and therefore a lack of energy to exercise. Some of the other dangers of childhood obesity include increased risk for type II diabetes, high blood pressure, and trouble with bones and joints.

In understanding some of the causes of obesity there are several treatments a parent can pursue so they don’t have to worry about the dangers of childhood obesity. Genetics often is the hardest cause of obesity because it is difficult for a child to combat and gives rise to greater risks of other disease. An improper diet is usually the case in today’s dangers of childhood obesity as a result of not eating home cooked meals, but eating out. Treatment for many of the dangers of childhood obesity come from changing the diet as well as the amount of exercise a child gets. There can be other treatment for children who have genetic disorders, but keep in mind there are some dangers with those treatments. The parents really must pay attention to their children in order to prevent obesity. The parents are responsible for making sure the child has the healthy lifestyle that they need. For dangers of childhood obesity it is also important to understand these responsibilities and act accordinly.

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Obesity studies

If there is any condition that should be avoided it is obesity. Studies show this state to be on the increase. One of the reasons cited is ignorance. A great many people simply do not know or understand nutrition. The best means of learning about nutrition is in the home. Growing up with good habits is the most effective way to learn about health. Obesity studies are one of the most talked about subjects. This is due to the problems caused by this modern condition. A few generations ago, there was a dramatic shift in how people lived.

Obesity studies have shown people living a life devoid of physical activity leads to weight gain. Two or three generations ago there were less people living in cities. Most people lived and worked in small towns and farming communities. Life was made up of a lot more physical work. People used their muscles to work and did not need to go to gyms for a workout. If you did not work, you did not eat. Life was as simples as that.

This very modern epidemic is due to sudden changes occurring in recent times. The need for obesity studies is increasingly relevant to modern man. Nowadays, everybody drives a car. Most people live in large cities and towns. Machinery does the work that would have been carried out by humans. With the advent of technology and high-technology, mental exertion is more important than physical exertion. Many people use a computer to earn their living. It is not necessary to leave the home to work. The physical exertion necessary for human beings is less and less.

True to human nature many people join health clubs and gyms to look more attractive. There is a fear of ageing. Everybody wants to stay as young as possible for as long as possible. Obesity studies have shown many people who join these institutions fall behind fairly quickly. Large numbers of people sign up for gym attendance and stop going altogether. Many people who are overweight want an easy way out. There is a preference for drugs and even surgery.

According to some obesity studies people who go to a nutritionist as a first step have a better chance of changing their lifestyle. Knowledgeable nutritionists involve other health professionals in the process. Their aim is to educate the obese person. Knowledge of healthy options makes a difference to the success rate of any wei
ght loss program.

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Obesity cure

The sad truth is that there is no miracle obesity cure. No magic pills. The person who comes up an instant, effortless, foolproof formula for an obesity cure is the next superstar of the millennium. It is a common sight to see most people are overweight in America. This trend is happening all over the western world. In fact, the problem is so bad governments are beginning to take notice.

It is accurate to say that large sections of the population have passed just being somewhat overweight. Finding the obesity cure has become a multi billion dollar industry. People’s lives revolve around food or the lack of food. America in particular, encouraged their population to eat plenty of take-outs. It seemed like a good idea. The food is cheap, hygienic and fast. It is so easy not to have to cook or clean up afterwards.

Nobody told previous generations they were teaching their children bad eating habits. Nobody told them their health was at risk. Luring the population away from:

* selecting ingredients
* preparing food

took away the control each individual had over his or her nutrition. However, nobody is able to give them an obesity cure. The problem is that so many people are critically overweight that it is imperative they lose the excess body fat now. If you are desperate for an obesity cure accept there is no quick way of doing it. Getting your body weight under your control depends on a number of issues.

Before you can even think of following a program it is vital to undergo a medical examination. Any sensible obesity cure must follow a program involving monitoring by a health professional. Being chronically overweight is so risky to health that it is recognized as a disease. This is not a situation to be treated lightly. Any promise of miracle pills for weight loss it not treating an obesity cure with the seriousness it deserves.

An obesity cure will involve a complete program. An obese person must be treated holistically and with respect. Like any other disease, obesity affects mind, body and spirit. The negative effects on a person’s psyche are devastating. However, it is possible to turn this situation around. With professional intervention and assistance it is possible to regain control over your lifestyle. The foundation of an obesity cure has never changed. It is made up a healthy lifestyle that is not quick fix. With some commitment it is the only way:

* balanced eating plan
* physical exercise
* counseling

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Fast food and obesity

Many people today find that they are over weight. Some doctors even call them obese. What people do not realize is that their life styles can be to blame for them being obese. Fast food and obesity is an ever growing thing as more and more people are jumping in the fast lane with their lives.

People today all over the world are living in the fast lane where they do not have time for themselves let alone the food choices they need to make on what goes into their bodies. People are so used to scrambling around to get from point A to point B as fast as they can they rarely stop to eat and when they actually do stop to eat they grab something fast.

Fast food chains are in the hot spot as more and more people are using them as their main source of nutrition. Bagel and donut shops are amount the highest places for people to frequent in the morning for breakfast food on the go. It is so much simpler for people to grab a bagel loaded with cream cheese and an iced coffee loaded with calories to satisfy their hunger and get that quick caffeine fix. Just this breakfast alone tips the scales over the daily limit of the recommended calorie intake.

Then you have the business people on the run at lunch time. Most get 30 minutes and if they want to leave the office then they generally stop at a fast food place for the convenience of the meal. It is fast and hot and ready when you want it. The thought of calorie counting goes out the window at the drive thru. People just take the easy road where their food is concerned.

Many people do not realize that there are more and more healthy choices becoming available for them where the fast food chains are available. Most fast food places offer an array of salads to choose from as well as other healthy alternatives. They need to take a few extra minutes to walk into a grocery store and pick up a ready made healthy choice meal to better take care of themselves.

Obesity and fast food go hand in hand and it is good that many of the fast food chains and restaurants are jumping on the band wagon of providing more healthy choices.

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