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Fast food and obesity

Many people today find that they are over weight. Some doctors even call them obese. What people do not realize is that their life styles can be to blame for them being obese. Fast food and obesity is an ever growing thing as more and more people are jumping in the fast lane with their lives.

People today all over the world are living in the fast lane where they do not have time for themselves let alone the food choices they need to make on what goes into their bodies. People are so used to scrambling around to get from point A to point B as fast as they can they rarely stop to eat and when they actually do stop to eat they grab something fast.

Fast food chains are in the hot spot as more and more people are using them as their main source of nutrition. Bagel and donut shops are amount the highest places for people to frequent in the morning for breakfast food on the go. It is so much simpler for people to grab a bagel loaded with cream cheese and an iced coffee loaded with calories to satisfy their hunger and get that quick caffeine fix. Just this breakfast alone tips the scales over the daily limit of the recommended calorie intake.

Then you have the business people on the run at lunch time. Most get 30 minutes and if they want to leave the office then they generally stop at a fast food place for the convenience of the meal. It is fast and hot and ready when you want it. The thought of calorie counting goes out the window at the drive thru. People just take the easy road where their food is concerned.

Many people do not realize that there are more and more healthy choices becoming available for them where the fast food chains are available. Most fast food places offer an array of salads to choose from as well as other healthy alternatives. They need to take a few extra minutes to walk into a grocery store and pick up a ready made healthy choice meal to better take care of themselves.

Obesity and fast food go hand in hand and it is good that many of the fast food chains and restaurants are jumping on the band wagon of providing more healthy choices.

February 9, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Obesity

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