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Dangers of childhood obesity

Our nation has been struggling with obesity for the last twenty years. While obesity has been an issue before that, it seems there are more obese people in the last twenty years than there have been prior. There are several dangers of childhood obesity that parent must look out for. While we know the condition exists, little is being done to prevent the matter and help children as well as adults understand the dangers. The responsibility of the children is on the parents. This means that the parents must understand the dangers of childhood obesity in order to prevent the occurrence of far worse diseases.

There are several causes to childhood obesity that should be understood before looking at the dangers of childhood obesity. The causes are low self esteem, depression, sleep disorders, genetics, eating disorders, an improper diet, and the environment. You should realize that some of the causes are also related to some of the dangers of childhood obesity. First low self esteem, depression, and sleep disorders can be a cause and a danger. Low self esteem often means the child overeats, which is the same as depression. Sleep disorders usually result as being obese, but can be a cause due to tiredness and therefore a lack of energy to exercise. Some of the other dangers of childhood obesity include increased risk for type II diabetes, high blood pressure, and trouble with bones and joints.

In understanding some of the causes of obesity there are several treatments a parent can pursue so they don’t have to worry about the dangers of childhood obesity. Genetics often is the hardest cause of obesity because it is difficult for a child to combat and gives rise to greater risks of other disease. An improper diet is usually the case in today’s dangers of childhood obesity as a result of not eating home cooked meals, but eating out. Treatment for many of the dangers of childhood obesity come from changing the diet as well as the amount of exercise a child gets. There can be other treatment for children who have genetic disorders, but keep in mind there are some dangers with those treatments. The parents really must pay attention to their children in order to prevent obesity. The parents are responsible for making sure the child has the healthy lifestyle that they need. For dangers of childhood obesity it is also important to understand these responsibilities and act accordinly.

February 9, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Obesity


  1. Larry, I was reading your blogs today and agree with your honesty and openess. Childhood obesity definitely is a problem that can be solved which such small efforts but too many people want to take the easy way out and worry about it all later. Keep it up! Someday we’ll notice that people are listening.

    Comment by Sarah Butland | May 26, 2008 | Reply

  2. i agree and as an expert in the field and psychologist i believe that it is about changing attitudes and behaviours, without that it is not possible to do anything. i now live in the channel islands and would like to work on trying to help with the obesity problem over here but no one seems that bothered!

    Comment by v | June 20, 2008 | Reply

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