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Obesity facts

How does someone know if they are obese? The truth is most of us does not really understands what characterizes a person as obese. When you check on the obesity facts you will find that there is one in three Americans according to the obesity chart that would be obese. That roughly translates into 58 million American individuals are actually obese. Most of these individuals according to the obesity facts are between twenty and seventy four. However you should know that with obesity facts there are more children hitting the obese mark than in previous years, changing the numbers of who is truly obese.

Obesity facts also state that there has been an increase from 25 percent to 33 percent in eleven years for cases of obesity. There are several reasons for the increase in obesity. First to be considered obese you must have a body mass index of 30 or higher. You also must have pending health conditions that will affect your morbidity. In other words according to obesity facts an obese person has an over abundance of fat stores that can cause health conditions or death as well as a body mass index of 30 or higher.

Considering these obesity facts it is no wonder that many health professionals are concerned about the rising rate of obesity. You will find there are a lot of causes for this rise in obesity and the market has begun to take into account some of these issues. A lot of children are being raised by themselves. In other words the parents must work to support the family and the children are not getting enough proper nutrition or exercise. The retail market has begun to make video games that require exercise. In other words the children have to actually move and sometimes work up a sweat to play the game. Another obesity fact that comes into play is the fast food restaurants as well as other restaurants. These restaurants have a lot of unhealthy food on the menu that are rich in carbohydrates, but not rich in the other food groups a person needs.

Overworking is yet another obesity fact that comes into play. Those who work more than eight hours are tired, and they don’t always get the food or exercise they need. Most often they head for snacks with a lot of sugar or coffee drinks with a lot of sugar. The obesity facts are not going to change unless people start taking an active interest in the obesity facts and start changing their lifestyle.

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