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Bass fishing techniques

Bass Catching Methods. Possibly the most favored method in bass fishing is the crankbait. Most people can attest to the greater number of catches due to the use of crankbaits. Crankbaits require minimal skill to use. Crankbaits are suitable for beginners who still have fishing apprehensions.

Here are a few tips and tricks implemented with the use of crankbaits.
* Bass love colorful lures and flies. The have been known to hit on colorful ones more often than they would with your average neutral or plain colored lure. The more striking the color of your lure is believed to aggravate the fishes causing them to attack and in the end impaling themselves onto the hook. It could possibly be the case of jealousy bass after all do not have exciting vibrant colors hence an attack on prettier ones is essential. It’s just a theory but you never know with these fishes.
* The utilization of bait scent has always improved fish strikes, hence making a lot of bass fishermen true believers of the product.
* When you are fishing with these flies or lures, always attempt to make them appear good in the water. It’s almost a game of seduction or again the raging jealousy could very much make any bass into a rampaging bull from Mexico. Making your lure swim around as much and as realistically will lead you satisfied especially once the bass has taken the bite. Practice often with your lure’s “swimming” style. Mimic fish movements eventually your practice will pay off.
* I have found that utilizing bright, vibrant and multi colored lures in muddy – murky water works to my advantage as much as the more natural ones work in clear water. Surprisingly the bigger sized bass always seem to be the one to fall hook like and sinker. Possibly the big ones are the bullies of the pond hence this small unfamiliar fish was seemingly invading his territory hence the attack.
* Bumping these flies and lures against various objects and water features in the while in the water attracts fish. However by doing this you risk the chance of getting your favorite or best lure stuck somewhere.  Frustrating at it may be no amount of loud swearing will get your lure back. You either fish it out if you can if not then oh well, score one for the fishes in the pond, score zero for you and your lure. Don’t fret a practice makes perfect, eventually these tight spots will be a thing of the past once you got your fishing groove going.

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Bass fishing tackle

One of the basic tenets of bass fishing is to choose the appropriate tackle for your intended target fish. Whatever its specie is, one type of tackle will always be the one more appropriate for it. You might as well consider the weight of the fish that you are about to bait. Obviously, the bigger the fish, the bigger the fishing line you should be able to use. There are also several ways to get your bait into the target area as you go along the water by letting it float with the use of either spinning or plug casting tackles.

You can try to use a variety of fly lines and see what comes as the best type to use in your local area. The most commonly considered types are the double taper, weight-forward fly, level taper and the shooting taper. You can get acquainted with this specific kind of fly type and master it during your lifetime, especially if you are fishing in the same body of water.

If you want to consider the type o fishing rod most appropriate for the fishing conditions you are in, then go for fast-action type of rods to accommodate rough waters and windy conditions. Inversely, you should go for the slow-action type of fishing rod is you are in enclosed spaces and little room to maneuver. The medium type of action rod should be the best for beginners since it’s the only one that offers convenience on both types of fishing conditions. The only drawback to this is the lesser capacity it will compare to the added advantage of the fast and slow action types.

For beginners, you might not be that picky when it comes to the bait types and the colors and shapes but if you want to turn pro, you have to take in the specie and the river conditions in great detail. Usually for the professional, they will always prefer the artificial types of lures and tackles. This is because they conveniently provide buoyant capabilities on any type of water conditions. Plus they get to pick the patterns displayed on its surface. They can mimic any type of prey whether it is summer season or winter season. In short, they are capable for all range and conditions you might have in mind.
Lastly, the size of the rod itself is considered based on the body build of its owner. There are light weight and heavy weights you can choose from as appropriate for your prey and your own arm muscles.

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Bass fishing secrets

Many so called bass fishing experts will claim that they can tell you the secrets of bass fishing for the low- low amount of something, something dollars. Sorry to break it to you but so far there are no secrets to bass fishing. No mysterious method that will improve your catch. At least none that we don’t already know of because if you pick up one of these books you will only find the usual stuff.
What is the usual stuff anyway? The usual stuff pertains to the general knowledge we already know about bass fishing. For instance one of the key concepts is purchasing the proper fishing equipment. Buying only what you need. This means analyzing and realizing what kind of fishing activity and what type of fish you are targeting. In this case were targeting bass, hence beginners are suggested to use smaller rods rather than immediately jumping to the 7 foot ones. These things aren’t exactly secrets. Just your average general information, it only take a matter of logical thinking on your behalf to come up or bring these ideas that are probably stored in some murky, shadowy part of your brain. Perhaps like the bass it doesn’t take to well to sunlight.
We also already know how bass fishes are greatly attracted or greatly despising multi colored lures. We know that already, its NOT a secret. If it were then there wouldn’t be that many available lures in the market. Thousands in different shapes, colors and sizes even, what secret are you talking about? We might be bass fishing junkies but that doesn’t make us dumb enough to fall for that multi colored lure you’ve been marketing. However there have been some humans known to fall for these fishing tricks. So could the secret be: were not any different from bass? That were excited enough or possibly or aggravated enough to purchase such products?
So far I think it all boils down to what we know all along, what we remember, should remember, and must constantly be putting into practice. Unless someone suddenly discovers a way to translate and listen in on the conversation between bass fishes I don’t think there will be any more secrets out there that we fishing enthusiasts don’t already know of. So before you go getting yourself lured like your average bass, take a moment to think beyond the multi colored wrappings that is swimming in front of us, I myself wouldn’t want to be told I fell for it hook line and sinker. Wouldn’t that be ironic?

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Bass fishing basics

Bigger is not always better as the case for bass fishing is. Starting out with a seven foot platinum kind of fishing pole does that necessarily equate to a successful fishing trip.
The feel of having caught a fish is often lost to the size of the rod which defeats the whole enjoyment process.

Moving onto a smaller light reel with another Quantum measuring five feet gave a better feel on things. Even the 2 pounders felt like gigantic catches. The smaller rod allowed for a better fishing experience compared to the one previously used.

Beginners will be able to experience a greater thrill if they used smaller poles that will actually give the over all fishing feel. The learning about how a bass reacts and moves, thrashes and fights with you is the best learning experience there is.

Start out small and make your way up to bigger fishes and equipment. Don’t expect bigger fish immediately. These will come in due time. What beginners should do is seek out smaller fish and gain fighting experience. Practice makes perfect you will be able to handle the bigger fish if you get to practice often.

When starting out, do not go out and but all the fishing equipment in s sporting goods store. Obviously the salespersons’ goal is to make a big sale therefore he or she will try to sell you everything there is about fishing this especially when they realize you’re a fishing newbie.

When purchasing items start out with the necessities you buy things as you go along. Because only through experience will you realize the uses and importance of certain equipment. Chances are that whole load of fishing gear you bought will not all be of any use to you.

Before purchasing anything make sure that you have gone and asked your fishing enthusiast friends about some general information. Now if your stubborn and wouldn’t be labeled as wanting to keep up with the Jones’ there are a wide variety of books you can purchase or there are sites available online that will provide a quick rundown on must haves and must do’s.

When learning how to swim you start with the shallow part of the pool. This will be the same case when it comes to fishing you start shallow and gradually work your way into the deeper parts where you’d most likely be at the boat buying stage; until then gear up for some shallow water fishing for the time being. In learning anything, make your way up slowly; baby steps are better than gigantic leaps into mistakes.

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Bass fishing

Bass fishing is an outdoor sport that allows anyone to enjoy an outdoor activity with less focus on the physical requirements. As opposed to other sports that have been taken to the professional level, this is one game that requires finesse not physical prowess. Bass fishing is a game on a whole new level. It might take you some time to learn about bass angling but the skills can definitely be acquired as you plod along. If you have a buddy who has been there before, you can save a lot of time instead of going trough the painful learning process all by yourself. That is not to say that you won’t have fun while learning the ins and outs of this game.

This might be a very lucrative type of sport too as it also provides those who are acquainted with its nuances other opportunities aside from just enjoyment. You can benefit from a possible income generating activity like being a guide or winning in tournaments. Retail sales careers in bass fishing might not be a bad option too. There are simply endless opportunities for those who are familiar with the bass fishing industry. There are countless of niche spots you can always fill in. It’s one of the few sports that you can enjoy and profit at the same time.

On a social level, you can also use it as bonding activity for your whole family. The type of physical activity it requires is very suitable for a number people to share the same activity. It not an intense type of sport where the individual alone has to concentrate on what he is doing.  The same activity can be relaxingly shared to a friend. Since most of the time you are patiently waiting for the fish to bite the bait, you also have plenty of time to interact with your companion. This is the reason why it is such a huge hit for those who are looking for social interaction.

An interesting point to note is that sometimes women make better anglers than men does.
As the main difference of this sport is skill and patience, the physical advantage of males does not count at all. This is a game of finesse and not a game of brute strength. Similarly, there is the psychological part of the game where your patience provides the greatest edge when you are just trying to persuade a fish to bite that hook. There is a chance that the prey might be a little wary since the movements of your fishing line are not normal. This is where the unfailing patience of female comes in as handy and very advantageous.

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