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Bass fishing techniques

Bass Catching Methods. Possibly the most favored method in bass fishing is the crankbait. Most people can attest to the greater number of catches due to the use of crankbaits. Crankbaits require minimal skill to use. Crankbaits are suitable for beginners who still have fishing apprehensions.

Here are a few tips and tricks implemented with the use of crankbaits.
* Bass love colorful lures and flies. The have been known to hit on colorful ones more often than they would with your average neutral or plain colored lure. The more striking the color of your lure is believed to aggravate the fishes causing them to attack and in the end impaling themselves onto the hook. It could possibly be the case of jealousy bass after all do not have exciting vibrant colors hence an attack on prettier ones is essential. It’s just a theory but you never know with these fishes.
* The utilization of bait scent has always improved fish strikes, hence making a lot of bass fishermen true believers of the product.
* When you are fishing with these flies or lures, always attempt to make them appear good in the water. It’s almost a game of seduction or again the raging jealousy could very much make any bass into a rampaging bull from Mexico. Making your lure swim around as much and as realistically will lead you satisfied especially once the bass has taken the bite. Practice often with your lure’s “swimming” style. Mimic fish movements eventually your practice will pay off.
* I have found that utilizing bright, vibrant and multi colored lures in muddy – murky water works to my advantage as much as the more natural ones work in clear water. Surprisingly the bigger sized bass always seem to be the one to fall hook like and sinker. Possibly the big ones are the bullies of the pond hence this small unfamiliar fish was seemingly invading his territory hence the attack.
* Bumping these flies and lures against various objects and water features in the while in the water attracts fish. However by doing this you risk the chance of getting your favorite or best lure stuck somewhere.  Frustrating at it may be no amount of loud swearing will get your lure back. You either fish it out if you can if not then oh well, score one for the fishes in the pond, score zero for you and your lure. Don’t fret a practice makes perfect, eventually these tight spots will be a thing of the past once you got your fishing groove going.

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