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Bass fishing secrets

Many so called bass fishing experts will claim that they can tell you the secrets of bass fishing for the low- low amount of something, something dollars. Sorry to break it to you but so far there are no secrets to bass fishing. No mysterious method that will improve your catch. At least none that we don’t already know of because if you pick up one of these books you will only find the usual stuff.
What is the usual stuff anyway? The usual stuff pertains to the general knowledge we already know about bass fishing. For instance one of the key concepts is purchasing the proper fishing equipment. Buying only what you need. This means analyzing and realizing what kind of fishing activity and what type of fish you are targeting. In this case were targeting bass, hence beginners are suggested to use smaller rods rather than immediately jumping to the 7 foot ones. These things aren’t exactly secrets. Just your average general information, it only take a matter of logical thinking on your behalf to come up or bring these ideas that are probably stored in some murky, shadowy part of your brain. Perhaps like the bass it doesn’t take to well to sunlight.
We also already know how bass fishes are greatly attracted or greatly despising multi colored lures. We know that already, its NOT a secret. If it were then there wouldn’t be that many available lures in the market. Thousands in different shapes, colors and sizes even, what secret are you talking about? We might be bass fishing junkies but that doesn’t make us dumb enough to fall for that multi colored lure you’ve been marketing. However there have been some humans known to fall for these fishing tricks. So could the secret be: were not any different from bass? That were excited enough or possibly or aggravated enough to purchase such products?
So far I think it all boils down to what we know all along, what we remember, should remember, and must constantly be putting into practice. Unless someone suddenly discovers a way to translate and listen in on the conversation between bass fishes I don’t think there will be any more secrets out there that we fishing enthusiasts don’t already know of. So before you go getting yourself lured like your average bass, take a moment to think beyond the multi colored wrappings that is swimming in front of us, I myself wouldn’t want to be told I fell for it hook line and sinker. Wouldn’t that be ironic?

September 28, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Fishing

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