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Classy red lady

A Classy red lady looks is original. She does not care about current trends from the point of view of clothes, hairstyle and makeup. There is many a Classy red lady who is strong in personality, intelligence and they prefer this to be the way they are. They are their own women strong, independent, and carefree. A Classy red lady likes being who she is, she is comfortable in her skin. A Classy red lady has different reasons for dressing and acting the way she does. A Classy red lady is self confident, open to challenges and expresses her personality through her looks, mannerisms and dress.

A Classy red lady has sexy eyes, attracting every man around them. She is seductive picking and choosing who she wants when she wants. Her mannerisms indicate she knows what she wants and how to get it. If a Classy red lady appears indifferent or bored, it is because she knows who she is and what she wants out of life. She is irresistible, charming and mysterious.

Try these makeup tips for a Classy red lady. Apply a few foundation drops on your forehead, nose, cheekbones, chin and neck. Using a sponge, spread the foundation with circular movements towards the exterior of your face. Use a concealed for under eyes circles and darkness. Apply a slightly shimmering blush peach shade for example with a brush for cheekbones.

To be more like a Classy red lady apply on the arc, immediately under the eyebrow bone a soft and gentle shade. To make your eyes look more flirtatious use what goes well with your eye color. Use darker but still soft colored eyeliner to contour your eyes. You can also apply over the liner a soft color eyeshadow. Apply mascara to extend eyelashes and make them fuller, choose volumizer mascara for more volume.

Use a matte or flat lipstick is recommended, preferably. This will complete your unique look.

It is all about the attitude with a Classy red lady. Varieties of personalities are used from sweet and demure, to mildly aggressive and flirtatious. The setting is anywhere that is classy and elegant from a tea room to an elegant home setting. This is the art of seduction. A Classy red lady wears sexy, lacy intimate underwear. Sometimes it is just a matter of seduction.

A Classy red lady can be a bit of a wild child the bad girl style who offers plenty of unexpected adventures.

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Classy wild women

Wild and sassy seem like a good pair of words to put together. Now classy and wild, what on earth would that mean then? One can only fathom a guess as these two seem like opposite ends of the pole. Oh wait! They are opposite ends of the pole. Classy by definition means, a rank, a hierarchy, a grade, style or measure of elegance. Wild however is simply categorized as something unruly, undomesticated, bothersome, loud, sometimes obnoxious, untamed, unbroken, turbulent, and my favorite definitions are insane, savage and barbaric. Wild is a term often used for something or someone that is rather unstable, wild is nearly a very negative term. Hence coupling Classy together with wild is a rather curious concept.

What makes classy a seemingly good pair for wild? Perhaps this is only to show the two side of the coin? Classy and wild are simply not to be put together to describe one thing at the same time. Especially not women because you are either classy or you are wild. That’s almost like saying Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Tara Reid can compare to say, Queen Elizabeth or the late Princess Diana. That right there is good examples of the wild and the classy but can you ever picture Queen Elizabeth shaving her head like Britney or partying on some beach in a teeny tiny bikini? Let’s forget the part that the Queen is about twice to three times their age roughly. Simply let us imagine the Queen in her teens with a crown a top her lofty head acting the way these pop tarts do, its pretty unimaginable. You cannot simply be both classy and wild. Man or woman, child or adult it’s near impossible to do both. Unless of course you a have multiple personality disorder of some sort. No matter what angle you look at it, classy can go with sophistication and wild can go with sassy. Sassy can also go with sophistication as sass is more attitude than the entire persona.

Classy women are a cut above the rest. They are not goddesses, they are but mere mortals however by social standing, education, manners, breeding and by choice they are icons for most people. The wild child, as opposed to the classy runs her life the way she chooses to, by her unruliness, and near barbaric nature. Right there is the difference, its refinement versus barbarism.

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Classy lady interests

The race for money has become at least during the last years a phenomenon, which has extended, particularly in the case of young girls with “high aspirations” in life. The methods used by classy ladies to earn a lot of money, are not always too ethical so that, even in the most civilized countries a veritable market of classy ladies is developing.

These classy ladies, who know their interests very well must be nice and stylish, and some of them come from the modeling world. Thus, some of the modeling agencies who claim to be serious, actually round up their income through other methods than the official ones, like classy ladies companionship for clients who belong to the high life of the cities. If you talk with such a classy lady, who practices this job for some time, you can find out what actually means to spend time with rich men and to have sex with them for a lot of money. Most of these classy ladies have families with modest financial possibilities so they must find a method to make money to support themselves. They can usually get to a modeling agency and this is the first step of their …career. This is the story of many girls who arrive to earn their existence out of this job. A girl must have special qualities to belong the superior category of the classy ladies: to be beautiful, intelligent and last, but not least, stylish.

From modeling to classy lady “business”
Physical beauty usually helps them enter the modeling world very easily. Some of them may not have much activity in the fashion world, because of the competition between models, so they sometimes did not manage to earn too much money.

Then, the impresario of those agencies, being aware of the girls’ financial problems, often proposes them a business, through which they will be able to earn money for both of them. The business is simple. It means to cheer up men. Most of them accept such proposals and are ready to start work the next day or even that day.

With the first client, she can meet in a restaurant from a luxury hotel from a capital city for example, and this can be fascinating for young girls. He can be a young man, with a lot of money, maybe a chief executive officer of a prestigious car agency for example.

The girls can spend with their customers about three hours, or so, while they are having sex or only fun, and the payment is advantageous for the girl. This can be called interest.

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Classy corporate women

aClassy corporate women are special and most desired by men. Here is the way classy corporate women begin working from the perspective of one of their representatives. At first, she sold her body cheap abroad, but she returned in her country and contacted a classy ladies agency. Although she was sharing the money she was wining with that agency, it was easy for her to work like this, because she did not think of negotiations or selecting her clients. In present, she is independent. Has her clients, most of them strangers.” I was lucky, because I met only reasonable men.” “Remorse? I had at first, she says smiling. Now I do not have…and it is silly to feel something like if you live in a poor country. It is known that the majority of beautiful girls from here are prostitutes off the record. Even our stars do it during holidays in exotic places or in the desperate attempt to grab men with money.” There is no way to stop now. “Making money easy creates dependence, like a drug.” She will do it at some time and she will have two children too, a girl and a boy.

Forgiveness. A silly question, but I could not stop it. “Would you ever encourage your daughter towards such an easy job?” She smiles ironical: “I know what you mean. You too have the same conceptions. Why everybody thinks that we, classy ladies, are not normal? That we do not walk with our boyfriend in the park. That we do not hang out with our friends. That we don’t like love movies or that we don’t have moral values? No! I wouldn’t let my daughter do that for no reason.” Will she have the courage to confess her past to her children? Yes. She wants this and she will do it, although she fears their reaction.

In this century, this is no more so tragic. On old times the courtesans were condemned by the society and were paying hard for their past, living their last years with no love, tormented with remorse and loneliness. Nevertheless, nowadays lots of things are accepted. Young men encourage their girlfriends to become classy ladies and live with the money they win. Married men are programming their holidays as naturally as they can first with the wife, second with the lover. Women go shopping, massage, or ask for a Ferrari when they find out that they are cheated. Millionaires get married with prostitutes, not even classy, and make them respectable ladies. So? How hard would it be for some children to forgive the past of a mother?

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Classy modern women

Many people wonder what the purpose is in this world of classy women, modern or not. Many people blame them and men adore them. This is a controversial issue of modern society and not only as you all know that being classy is woman the oldest job in the worlds.
Therefore, why do men need classy women as long as they have at home what they need? Alternatively, maybe they do not have…A wife needs flowers and comprehension and she usually satisfies your personal needs without any comments. However sometimes you meet a classy modern woman and you feel irresistibly attracted to her. Classy modern women are always irresistible…They are sweet temptations and in general, married man has to overcome their basic instinct. Sometimes they want to go away from classy women, but they simply cannot. They become infected; the magic of a forbidden relationship is overwhelming so he just cannot refuse her. Classy modern women’s eyelashes are the most wonderful when they want to be loved; they only want love and no man can resist.
Actually most women and men of course consider that the condition of classy woman is flattering, because they have always something more than ordinary women do. They are attractive, sexy, young, fascinating, delightful…
A wife has had her charm years before, but she risks to be replaced if she is not able to keep the eternal flame of love burning.
You all know that man go through mid-life crisis and if they do not have children up to that age, they may feel desperate and choose a classy woman in order to help him meet his main purpose in life that is to have descendants. Nowadays many marriages break because he has just found a younger and more beautiful classy woman able to offer him the baby he wanted. This is a reason why classy women are blamed and even hated by the other women, the decent ones.
No classy woman is guilty because she makes love with her customers. This decision is made by both of them. Actually, a man has the freedom to choose and he may choose a woman able to do the housework and another woman to make love.
This is quite an alarming issue of our modern society, especially for married women who appear not to have chances after the age of 40 for example, to enjoy a happy marriage.
Is there any valid solution in this case? Should classy women be shot? Maybe it is not necessary as long as wives all over the world learn to behave like classy women only for their husbands…

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How to be a classy woman

Depending on how you currently behave, it may require very little or a whole lot of self change! If you are tired of the kind of men you are attracting, or want to be taken more serious in the business world, then this article is for you.

In The Classy Woman, we covered the three main things that make up a classy woman. Now, let’s transform you into one. You will need to pay attention to a number of things during your transformation.

How do you carry yourself? Do you have pains or aches in the middle or lower back? Chances are you are slumping/slouching when you sit/stand. The simple way to change this is be aware of your posture. Your body should be straight up and down, shoulders aligned with your neck and buttocks aligned with your shoulder blades. Posture is very important to how people view you. Someone who slouches/slumps is generally seen as having a low self image, and classy women are always sure of themselves, even when seated. Don’t sit with your legs wide open (even in pants), don’t walk with a wide gate, and don’t swing your arms long and wide. Think dainty.

How do you dress? Most women can not afford to go out and have custom made clothing. You can find good, quality clothing that are classy at discount stores or even used clothing stores. The biggest thing is to make sure your clothing both fits your age and your body type. If you are not sure what is appropriate, you discover what professionals think is the right style for you online (key words dressing for your body/age).

Perhaps most important is how you act. Cursing seems to be all over our society. However, this is a deal breaker with a quality man of or a job worth having! Try getting a special note pad and keeping track of how often you curse. I did this and found out that while I knew I cursed, I had no idea how much! By keeping track of it, I became aware of when I was doing it and was able to stop the majority of it. Another thing to keep in mind is hitting, or acting like a tom boy. If you want to be one of the guys this is fine. If you want to attract a quality man, or want a promotion, behave in a lady like manner. This includes being polite even if others are not, and a calm even toned voice no matter what. Scream in private if you wish.

These suggestions will be a big help in becoming a classy woman.

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