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Classy corporate women

aClassy corporate women are special and most desired by men. Here is the way classy corporate women begin working from the perspective of one of their representatives. At first, she sold her body cheap abroad, but she returned in her country and contacted a classy ladies agency. Although she was sharing the money she was wining with that agency, it was easy for her to work like this, because she did not think of negotiations or selecting her clients. In present, she is independent. Has her clients, most of them strangers.” I was lucky, because I met only reasonable men.” “Remorse? I had at first, she says smiling. Now I do not have…and it is silly to feel something like if you live in a poor country. It is known that the majority of beautiful girls from here are prostitutes off the record. Even our stars do it during holidays in exotic places or in the desperate attempt to grab men with money.” There is no way to stop now. “Making money easy creates dependence, like a drug.” She will do it at some time and she will have two children too, a girl and a boy.

Forgiveness. A silly question, but I could not stop it. “Would you ever encourage your daughter towards such an easy job?” She smiles ironical: “I know what you mean. You too have the same conceptions. Why everybody thinks that we, classy ladies, are not normal? That we do not walk with our boyfriend in the park. That we do not hang out with our friends. That we don’t like love movies or that we don’t have moral values? No! I wouldn’t let my daughter do that for no reason.” Will she have the courage to confess her past to her children? Yes. She wants this and she will do it, although she fears their reaction.

In this century, this is no more so tragic. On old times the courtesans were condemned by the society and were paying hard for their past, living their last years with no love, tormented with remorse and loneliness. Nevertheless, nowadays lots of things are accepted. Young men encourage their girlfriends to become classy ladies and live with the money they win. Married men are programming their holidays as naturally as they can first with the wife, second with the lover. Women go shopping, massage, or ask for a Ferrari when they find out that they are cheated. Millionaires get married with prostitutes, not even classy, and make them respectable ladies. So? How hard would it be for some children to forgive the past of a mother?


January 15, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Classy Woman

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