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How to be a classy woman

Depending on how you currently behave, it may require very little or a whole lot of self change! If you are tired of the kind of men you are attracting, or want to be taken more serious in the business world, then this article is for you.

In The Classy Woman, we covered the three main things that make up a classy woman. Now, let’s transform you into one. You will need to pay attention to a number of things during your transformation.

How do you carry yourself? Do you have pains or aches in the middle or lower back? Chances are you are slumping/slouching when you sit/stand. The simple way to change this is be aware of your posture. Your body should be straight up and down, shoulders aligned with your neck and buttocks aligned with your shoulder blades. Posture is very important to how people view you. Someone who slouches/slumps is generally seen as having a low self image, and classy women are always sure of themselves, even when seated. Don’t sit with your legs wide open (even in pants), don’t walk with a wide gate, and don’t swing your arms long and wide. Think dainty.

How do you dress? Most women can not afford to go out and have custom made clothing. You can find good, quality clothing that are classy at discount stores or even used clothing stores. The biggest thing is to make sure your clothing both fits your age and your body type. If you are not sure what is appropriate, you discover what professionals think is the right style for you online (key words dressing for your body/age).

Perhaps most important is how you act. Cursing seems to be all over our society. However, this is a deal breaker with a quality man of or a job worth having! Try getting a special note pad and keeping track of how often you curse. I did this and found out that while I knew I cursed, I had no idea how much! By keeping track of it, I became aware of when I was doing it and was able to stop the majority of it. Another thing to keep in mind is hitting, or acting like a tom boy. If you want to be one of the guys this is fine. If you want to attract a quality man, or want a promotion, behave in a lady like manner. This includes being polite even if others are not, and a calm even toned voice no matter what. Scream in private if you wish.

These suggestions will be a big help in becoming a classy woman.


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