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People search uk

United Kingdom which includes great Britain and northern Ireland is one of the most populous and a very impressive country. England is the most populous and the most hi-tech country the United Kingdom. It is home to many famous institutions of the world and is regarded as a land of opportunities for its lifestyle and resources. Each year hundreds of people come to United Kingdom in search for better jobs and education. This has made united kingdom a notable place in the world.

Since there are so many people from different countries currently living in United Kingdom, therefore the urge to provide a system of searching people from United Kingdom can never be overlooked. Service providers have realized the worth of having a people search system separately for United Kingdom. Therefore today there are many sites which offer the service of finding and looking for person all over the United Kingdom.

These sites use directories from all over the United Kingdom. Websites from United Kingdom are searched in depth for the best results. There are many email service providers in United Kingdom which offers services like emails and other free services. The search engine looks through these files for the specific person. Like any other search engine you have to provide with the name of the person you are looking for. You have to write the full name of the person whom you want to search for. The full name includes in it the first name of the person, the middle name or initials and the last name of the person. The other fields include country and the date of birth. Country can be any country in United Kingdom (e.g. England or Ireland). Date of birth of the person is regarded as a useful and a very important clue while searching for a specific person. This field is not mandatory but if filled, it can provide with the best quality of results.

United Kingdom people search has gained a mass popularity in recent years and is now regarded as a useful tool for finding persons and locating your old buddies or friends. There are many different sites offering this service the best one among them is . This site can be used easily by paying a little fee in order to search for another person or for your old friend. So next time you want to search any person in united kingdom, you can simply do it on the internet.

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International people search

Most of the people search engines available online today are basically for users from countries like USA, England and china. This restricts the search to very few countries. Therefore you cannot search a person from a country like Iraq or Chile. By using services like Google and other known people search engines, results are displayed only from the major countries.

Therefore keeping in mind that the internet is available to each and every corner of the world, service providers felt the need to provide with search engines which contains the searching of directories from all over the world. This is known as international people search. Imagine that few years back you went to a country for your education (e.g. to write or do a thesis on something) and you made few friends that you still remember. You now want to contact them and ask what they are doing now but you don’t know how to find them since you have misplaced their contact numbers and addresses. You sit and wonder about ways of finding them but this looks so impossible to you. What can you do now? Well you don’t have to worry because with the help of international people search engines, you can search person from anywhere in the world within seconds. You can do this by typing the name of the person whom you are looking for and then looking through the similar results. This service has gained some popularity in recent 3-4 years. Before this time it was never given any importance and there was no considerable work been done on it.

International search engine uses international websites and email services to search for people. These are normally not free and you have to pay a little amount in order to register. The fields required by such a site in order to find a particular person include:
* First name of the person
* Middle name of the person (this is not a mandatory field to be filled but will help to provide with best results if filled)
* Las name
* Country (this is the country where you want to find the particular person)
* City (this is the city where you think this person lives )
* Date Of Birth (this is the date of birth of the person you are looking for even though it is not a mandatory field but it can provide better results if filled in)

A popular site for searching people internationally is

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People search by phone numbers

Searching people can at times be a very difficult and a stressful task. This can look like a very confusing and a very difficult task for a normal person. Normally you don’t have the sufficient time to open a telephone directory and then start searching persons through their phone numbers. This can be very time consuming task. Looking to find your old friend or any person with the help of a phone number is not a very easy task and you can probably not do it at your own if you have a limited time. People are always gathered by work and don’t have much time to waste on things like looking in the telephone directory to find a particular person. These tasks are not easy and cannot be done in a limited period of time.

Although there are other ways of finding people or persons, but they are not very reliable. Those methods are not considered as a very clever and precise method of providing you with the accurate results. They use very limited resources to search for you on the internet. Methods like searching a person by email might not give you a satisfactory result. The biggest problem is accuracy. They might provide you with the result but the results might contain too much of the similar data. Therefore you can not rely on these search methods for searching a person or a friend.

Therefore a new and a more reliable method of searching people through internet have been introduced. This is called people search by telephone number. This includes the searching of people by using phone numbers. This is a very efficient and a reliable method since a phone number is registered on the name of the owner usually. You have to provide with the phone number of a particular person and the result will give you name of the owner. This process is fast and is done by looking over thousands of numbers in the online directories. There are many service providers who are offering this service. The best ones include yahoo and the white pages. You can enter a land line or a cell phone number and the result will be provided to you within few seconds. This service has gained a considerable popularity especially in America. So next time if you want to look for a person whose phone number is still with you. All you have to do is enter the phone number and a result will be provided with his name and address.

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People search by social security number

Nothing is more important to an American national than his/her social security number. Most of the people are not familiar with the term “social security number”. Social security number is actually a number given to each and every American national. This number serves as the life line for his whole life. This number is very important for living in United States. This is like a simple identification number but it has more then one purpose and plays an important role in the life of a normal American citizen. Be it the process of buying a new house, buying a new car or a medical check up. You have to show your social security number or you will be deprived of the due benefit. Anyone can steal your social security number and could cost you a considerable amount of money. This is the case in mortgage situation where a social security number can be stolen from an individual and sell to a mortgage company who can use it to run the credit of that person.

Whether you are refinancing to get a new mortgage or to have a new loan, you have to give out your social security number. Your credit history is feeded to a database and recorded according to your social security number. Therefore if you have a bad credit score or you are a defaulter you wont get a new loan since the company will come to know about your past credit position by getting your social security number. At the same time you can not get a free medical treatment until and unless you provide the authorities with your social security number. But there is another very classical use of social security number today. This is to find a person with the help of a social security number.

People search by social security number is a very easy one. Whenever a person changes his house, migrates to another state or changes his job, all of the new information is feeded in the social security database system. Therefore whenever you want to find a person through his/her social security number all you have to do is to type in the number and you will be provided with a detail about the person including his current home address and phone number.

Searching a person by his/her social security number is a very easy and fast process. This is available free of cost on the internet.

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People search by cellphone number

A reverse look up allows you to do people search by cellphone number. What is a reverse look up? It is a means by which you search for a person using his or her phone number as a reference. It carries the name “reverse” look-up because it is the opposite of the traditional means by which you search for a person’s cellphone number by using his or her name as the reference, basically what you do when you are using the white page directory.

You can do your people search by cellphone number using your Google search engine. You simply have to type in the cellphone number and the site will look up both residential and business listings for any possible owner of the number. Be careful when typing in hyphens though. The search syntax has a specific requirement and typing in unnecessary hyphens will cause errors. Also, be sure to include the area code as well as the spaces between the blocks of numbers. A people search by cellphone number requires that you be a little attentive to details. If however, you wish to have your own name removed from the list, you can visit the Google Phonebook Name Removal. Then you can go on ahead and search the Google Maps for the address that come with your people search by cellphone number.

There are other sites you can use for an easier people search by cellphone number. The list includes,, Lycos People Search and the Yahoo People Search. You can simplify your people search by putting in the number on a search engine. Again, be attentive to details. Make sure that you have the proper quotes in place (around the number). This way, you are sure that the search engine reads the whole number, and not mere parts of it.

If you are unsuccessful with your attempts, you can go for the paid option. The paid option will give you an actual trace with the aid of an investigative firm. You will have to pay out $7-$100 for the service. But so long as you deal with reputable sites, you will get your money’ worth. Look for sites that guarantee a refund in case they are unable to give you the information that you need. There are sites that offer a partial or sample research. The paid option is especially helpful if the cellphone number you are using in your search happens to be unlisted.

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People addon information source search

Looking for a people addon information source search? The People Search and Public Record Toolbar 1.0 may be what you’re looking for. This people addon information source search will give you access to Firefox’s most popular and effective people search and public record websites.

The Firefox Version 1.0 people addon information source search serves as an easy to use menu tool for reporters, investigators, online researchers, legal professionals, or just about anybody interested in doing their own background look up. This people addon information source search will also aid you in your search for a long lost friend or relative, past classmates, old military buddies or simply run background checks on your current employees or on business establishments or companies.

The wonderful thing about a people addon information source search is that you get access to tons of useful information with a few clicks of the keyboard and without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

You can visit a variety of sites for your people search. The list includes 411, ZoomInfo, International Phone Directories, Zaba Search, Riya Photo Search, Google Image Search, and the White Pages.

For your reverse phone number lookups, you can visit DA Plus, Google or the White Pages. As for reverse addresses, you can turn to Mail Drop Search, Whois Lookup, DA Plus, Google, and the White Pages.

For your local searches, you can log on to yahoo Local, Google Local, White Pages Yellow, and the DA Plus Yellow. If you wish to access public records, you can do so by visiting the Search Systems Public Record Directory, Skipease Public Record Directory, NETRonline Property Records, Zillow Property Values, Social Security Numeber Searches, NACO US County Information, Yahoo Real Estate, and Trulia Real Estate Search.

If you wish to do a criminal search, you can use the National Sex Offender Registry or the Inmate Locators. If you are interested in maps and satellites, you can visit Yahoo Maps, Google Maps, Google Earth, Terra Server or Map Quest.

If you want to gain access to US government search engines, you can do so through the Google Government Search or through FirstGov. Government Phone Directories are also accessible through the US Blue Pages or through the Canada GEDS.

Or you can sign up as a member of to obtain information on millions of Americans in a matter of minutes. The site’s Private-Only Members Area provides a functional and well-organized database that will make you an effective detective.

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