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Slavery in the caribbean

Caribbean Islands are one of the most beautiful places on the earth. Caribbean is that region of earth which is sometimes referred to as West Indies but, actually West Indies (Lesser Antilles); itself is a part of Caribbean. This region came into world’s knowledge when Christopher Columbus visited these Islands and mistakenly thought that he had reached Asia (India). And so the name West Indies came into picture.

Caribbean has always been a point of attraction for the rest of the world. Not only its interesting culture but its natural resources attracted the people from European and American countries. Caribbean is well known among ourselves for its rich agricultural products specially sugarcane.

To promote trade between the European, American and Caribbean countries it became necessary to employ large man power to cultivate some considerable amount of sugarcane and other crops. As the demand increased the requirement to fulfill the need of sugar the want of man power increased proportionally. As the awareness of usefulness of Caribbean resources increased more and more sugar and other relevant firms were established. This led to the procurement of man power from outside. The reason was the indigenous people not suitable for slavery in the Caribbean for their resenting of such an act.

As the trade became popular slavery in the Caribbean started spreading its roots. Now, as the indigenous people were not suitable for slavery in the Caribbean the owner of plantation decided to import them from coastal regions of West Africa. For this very purpose Africans were forcefully made slaves and being tortured to cope up with the increasing demands.

In the beginning of 15th-century the owners of plantations who employed slaves mostly were only the small part of the commodity and service production. Slavery in the Caribbean was promoted due to the fact that African natives were so easily available and their feasibility of being accommodated in the new land.

According to some reliable report about 6 to 13 million Africans people were imported to the America’s Caribbean region during last 300 years. The choice for slavery in the Caribbean was those people who could successfully survive during their way to their destination. Also young people from the slave crowd were selected as they were more likely to survive and benefit the requirement.

Slavery in the Caribbean region of America had shown inhumane attitude of owner of plantation. Families of the imported African Slaves were split up, and were not allowed to pursue education. Along with that they were made to work more for almost no food. They were only meant for working like animals.

As the time elapsed the revolts of victims of slavery in the Caribbean increased in frequency and Europeans had to spend more money in so called “Slave Maintenance”. It is worth mentioning here that the population of the slaves increased the population of whites. Ultimately the Caribbean region became the state of black people imported from Africa

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Jobs in the caribbean

Each of us would like to live better, with no worries for the next day. Therefore, many people would like to work anywhere, they would be happy with any jobs in the Caribbean for example. Jobs in the Caribbean sound wonderful, but when you live far from your home and your family the happiness of finding jobs in the Caribbean can be slightly blurred.
Jobs in Caribbean are diversified. You can choose land jobs in Caribbean or sea jobs in Caribbean. Irrespective of the job that you choose or you are fit for, jobs in Caribbean also offer you the opportunity to spend your free time in heaven, the heaven of Central American islands. Therefore, people who choose jobs in the Caribbean will work, but they will also relax.
Jobs in the Caribbean can be associated with high wages and with unpredictable experiences. For example, there are young people who are fascinated by the mysteries of the islands more than by the job offer and they go there first to do something unique in their life.
Women have more opportunities for jobs in the Caribbean, as waiters or dancers or house cleaners in luxury hotels.
Jobs in the Caribbean are available on different web sites and if you are interested in it, you can send your CV and wait to be invited for an interview. Before applying for jobs in the Caribbean, do not forget that you will go to a remote place, which can be very different from your home, which can be extremely fascinating, but quite dangerous in the same time if you are not prepared for it. Therefore, you must be very careful because there are so called companies, which promise to find for you jobs in the Caribbean for a certain sum of money, but they have sold you only illusions. That is why you must be clever and careful when you go to an interview for jobs in the Caribbean. Exotic places have always been an attraction and human nature is sometimes so vulnerable that many people can take advantage of them.
Besides, for jobs in the Caribbean, you must be healthy and always fit; because a disadvantage of hot weather is that it can be associated with specific, diseases transmitted by particular insects for example malaria or other dangerous tropical diseases.
Overall, jobs in the Caribbean are suitable for people who enjoy adventure and who are not afraid at all of the unknown.

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Popular culture in the caribbean

The Caribbean region is a collection of small island countries and each island’s culture is different from the other, as it has been influenced by either European colonialists or African slaves or the native Indian tribes. There is no doubt that the lifestyle and the culture of all the Caribbean islands have music and cricket to be common and this is what unites the Caribbean people. The Caribbean music and dance has made a great influence in the world music scenario. The Caribbean music is a nice blending of the European and African music and the best known musical styles are Calypso and Reggae.

The most popular island in the Caribbean is Trinidad and it is the place where Calypso music originated. The annual Trinidad Carnival is the most sought after attraction by the tourists as well as locals and Calypso music is an inevitable part of this carnival. Reggae music has been developed in Jamaica and is another popular music form that is part and parcel of the Caribbean culture. The Reggae music has taken shape from the Calypso music as well as rock and blues and the person who made the Reggae music very popular all over the world is Bob Marley.

Steel drums are the basic instrument that is used in all forms of local Caribbean music like Soca, Ska, and Zouk as well as in Reggae and Calypso. Dancing is another very important aspect which comes to one’s mind when one thinks about Caribbean culture. The well known dances like Rumba and Mamba have originated from the Caribbean islands and are characterized with quick hip and butt movements. The very famous Limboing is also a very popular dance form that has its origin in Africa and was developed by the Trinidadian people.

Another important ingredient of the Caribbean culture is cricket and is a very popular sport all over the Caribbean. The exotic and beautiful beaches are the practice grounds for many local cricketers and some of the very famous cricketing personalities from the Caribbean region are Vivian Richards, Brian Lara, Courtney Walsh, Clive Lloyd, Sir Garfield Sobers, Everton Weekes and many more. Cricket is a very passionate sport for many West Indians and there are plenty of picturesque cricket grounds all over the Caribbean islands. The Caribbean people adopted the game of cricket from the British people who ruled the islands for a long time.

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Urbanization in the caribbean country

Urbanization in the Caribbean country brings many advantages along with it and of course disadvantages. Many Caribbean countries for a long time were much undeveloped, but that is changing all the time. More urbanization in the Caribbean country is going on and improvements can be seen in many places where there was nothing before. One of the new things in the Caribbean country that is happening is urbanization and more people are embracing while others are not too keen to leave their former ways.

Urbanization in the Caribbean country can do many things and one of the most important is the creation of higher paying jobs. Many jobs in the Caribbean are low paying so the urbanization of the Caribbean will bring more high paying jobs, but it’s not the only advantage either. It gives residents in these countries more opportunities and the ability to buy products and services that can make their life easier. When urbanization comes more businesses outside of the Caribbean look towards these areas and spends billions of dollars. This means these Caribbean countries will see much rapid growth than ones that don’t. Urbanization in the Caribbean country has and advantages, but with every silver lining there is always a drawback and there is with urbanization too.

Urbanization in the Caribbean country has one big disadvantage that goes along with the growth and money these countries are seeing which of course is crime. Crime will increase as people go to where new things are being built and area where people tend to know little about the laws or customs of a country. This is the big disadvantage of urbanization in the Caribbean country. This places more of a strain on police departments and less protection of the people of these countries. The question than arises is if urbanization in the Caribbean country is really worth it. That depends I guess who you talk to.

With declining revenue more Caribbean countries are embracing urbanization to get more revenue, but they are also realizing that crime is one of the things that they will also have to deal with. A major source of income for many of these Caribbean countries for many years has been tourism. The visit of plenty of tourist and foreign investors in the industry has also fueled urbanization. The government and people also see it as a means to make the country more comfortable and attractive to visitors.

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Hurricane season in the carribean

Caribbean islands are one among the most storm- prone areas in the world. Hurricanes can affect the lives of natives in the Caribbean as well as the tourists traveling in the Caribbean islands, so before planning a trip to the Caribbean islands it is necessary to get information about the hurricane season in the Caribbean. Having information about the hurricane season help the traveler to consider the possible dangers and difficulties associated with travel in Caribbean and can be prepared to face the difficulties or to avoid traveling during the hurricane season.

The hurricane season in the Caribbean islands extends from the beginning of June till the end of November. The intensity and the chances of occurrence of hurricanes are changing every year and for the past few years there is an overall increase in the quantity as well as intensity of the hurricanes in the Caribbean Sea. Hurricanes can cause damages to the lives of people and destruction to the property by causing high winds, storm surge, heavy rain and floods, tornadoes and landslides. The inland areas of Caribbean islands that are located far from the sea also get affected by the hurricanes and tropical storms.

When a hurricane or the tropical storm strikes the Caribbean, there will be shortage of habitable areas, shortage of food and drinking water, shortage of power supply, lack of transportation facilities, impaired communication and lack of proper medical facilities in the country. Hurricanes can result in the closing of airports or the cancellation of flights due to flooded or damaged run ways and shortage of electricity. Those who are trapped in the hurricane affected regions will have to spend their time in the emergency camps with limited food and water supply. So considering the hurricane factor before deciding on the Caribbean is necessary.

One advantage of hurricane season is that the price ranges for the stay in Caribbean drops considerably from the month of June to November. Tourists traveling in Caribbean islands during the hurricane season should monitor about the weather conditions every now and then by using a radio or any other information source. Even minor tropical storms can develop in to hurricanes within no time and it is very important to follow the instructions of the local officials if any weather emergency occurs. it is better to avoid touring in Caribbean during the hurricane season as so many risk factors are there and one cannot enjoy the beautiful beaches in the rainy season

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Pirates of the caribbean online games

Online games are interesting as it allows one to play actively and to take a guise according to his wish. Taking an individual persona helps in enjoying the game as a third person and also comprehending it as you are involved in it personally. One of the interesting games is the Disney’s ‘Pirates of the Caribbean online games’. It pushes you in the fun world to explore. ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ are identical to ‘Toontown’ games with a slight difference of employing swords but for pies and squirting flowers.

The process of operating the Pirates of the Caribbean online games is very simple. Registering and downloading the client in the game gives you an opportunity to craft a unique character. This helps in downloading various data for numerous ports of call. Infinite options are provided for altering the face alone. The paradox of this game is that Disney prefers to keep the game and its neighborhood community clean and friendly. Use a character name as your pirate name and get it approved. Selecting a pirate lady is also allowed. Entering the game leads you to other features of the game such as owning and crewing a ship, magic use, pistol play, swashbuckling, casual games and Pvp options. Your combat is also well equipped. Second time you use your sword you acquire bonus attacks. The simple way of playing this game is by grouping as you acquire group bonus for the whole group.

Killing zombie pirates is as amusing as looting navy vessels, and is enjoyable as well. But having more characters in any area can result in the decrease in the graphic quality and the loss of control of the game. The free games option is not a big problem, but a reminder to pay the fee for each month appears during the exciting parts of the game. Though, paying the monthly fees is not mandatory, it unlocks better ammunition and skills of the player. It also saves waiting to play cost free games, especially during the time when there is a lot of traffic. Playing the game even once is highly addictive and makes the player yearn to build himself a ship and his own crew at least in the imagination empire.

Although the game is based on a children’s movie as the theme, its awesome graphics, mind blowing sound effects are sure to make it an all time favorites even for the adults.

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