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Hurricane season in the carribean

Caribbean islands are one among the most storm- prone areas in the world. Hurricanes can affect the lives of natives in the Caribbean as well as the tourists traveling in the Caribbean islands, so before planning a trip to the Caribbean islands it is necessary to get information about the hurricane season in the Caribbean. Having information about the hurricane season help the traveler to consider the possible dangers and difficulties associated with travel in Caribbean and can be prepared to face the difficulties or to avoid traveling during the hurricane season.

The hurricane season in the Caribbean islands extends from the beginning of June till the end of November. The intensity and the chances of occurrence of hurricanes are changing every year and for the past few years there is an overall increase in the quantity as well as intensity of the hurricanes in the Caribbean Sea. Hurricanes can cause damages to the lives of people and destruction to the property by causing high winds, storm surge, heavy rain and floods, tornadoes and landslides. The inland areas of Caribbean islands that are located far from the sea also get affected by the hurricanes and tropical storms.

When a hurricane or the tropical storm strikes the Caribbean, there will be shortage of habitable areas, shortage of food and drinking water, shortage of power supply, lack of transportation facilities, impaired communication and lack of proper medical facilities in the country. Hurricanes can result in the closing of airports or the cancellation of flights due to flooded or damaged run ways and shortage of electricity. Those who are trapped in the hurricane affected regions will have to spend their time in the emergency camps with limited food and water supply. So considering the hurricane factor before deciding on the Caribbean is necessary.

One advantage of hurricane season is that the price ranges for the stay in Caribbean drops considerably from the month of June to November. Tourists traveling in Caribbean islands during the hurricane season should monitor about the weather conditions every now and then by using a radio or any other information source. Even minor tropical storms can develop in to hurricanes within no time and it is very important to follow the instructions of the local officials if any weather emergency occurs. it is better to avoid touring in Caribbean during the hurricane season as so many risk factors are there and one cannot enjoy the beautiful beaches in the rainy season

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