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Popular culture in the caribbean

The Caribbean region is a collection of small island countries and each island’s culture is different from the other, as it has been influenced by either European colonialists or African slaves or the native Indian tribes. There is no doubt that the lifestyle and the culture of all the Caribbean islands have music and cricket to be common and this is what unites the Caribbean people. The Caribbean music and dance has made a great influence in the world music scenario. The Caribbean music is a nice blending of the European and African music and the best known musical styles are Calypso and Reggae.

The most popular island in the Caribbean is Trinidad and it is the place where Calypso music originated. The annual Trinidad Carnival is the most sought after attraction by the tourists as well as locals and Calypso music is an inevitable part of this carnival. Reggae music has been developed in Jamaica and is another popular music form that is part and parcel of the Caribbean culture. The Reggae music has taken shape from the Calypso music as well as rock and blues and the person who made the Reggae music very popular all over the world is Bob Marley.

Steel drums are the basic instrument that is used in all forms of local Caribbean music like Soca, Ska, and Zouk as well as in Reggae and Calypso. Dancing is another very important aspect which comes to one’s mind when one thinks about Caribbean culture. The well known dances like Rumba and Mamba have originated from the Caribbean islands and are characterized with quick hip and butt movements. The very famous Limboing is also a very popular dance form that has its origin in Africa and was developed by the Trinidadian people.

Another important ingredient of the Caribbean culture is cricket and is a very popular sport all over the Caribbean. The exotic and beautiful beaches are the practice grounds for many local cricketers and some of the very famous cricketing personalities from the Caribbean region are Vivian Richards, Brian Lara, Courtney Walsh, Clive Lloyd, Sir Garfield Sobers, Everton Weekes and many more. Cricket is a very passionate sport for many West Indians and there are plenty of picturesque cricket grounds all over the Caribbean islands. The Caribbean people adopted the game of cricket from the British people who ruled the islands for a long time.

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