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Slavery in the caribbean

Caribbean Islands are one of the most beautiful places on the earth. Caribbean is that region of earth which is sometimes referred to as West Indies but, actually West Indies (Lesser Antilles); itself is a part of Caribbean. This region came into world’s knowledge when Christopher Columbus visited these Islands and mistakenly thought that he had reached Asia (India). And so the name West Indies came into picture.

Caribbean has always been a point of attraction for the rest of the world. Not only its interesting culture but its natural resources attracted the people from European and American countries. Caribbean is well known among ourselves for its rich agricultural products specially sugarcane.

To promote trade between the European, American and Caribbean countries it became necessary to employ large man power to cultivate some considerable amount of sugarcane and other crops. As the demand increased the requirement to fulfill the need of sugar the want of man power increased proportionally. As the awareness of usefulness of Caribbean resources increased more and more sugar and other relevant firms were established. This led to the procurement of man power from outside. The reason was the indigenous people not suitable for slavery in the Caribbean for their resenting of such an act.

As the trade became popular slavery in the Caribbean started spreading its roots. Now, as the indigenous people were not suitable for slavery in the Caribbean the owner of plantation decided to import them from coastal regions of West Africa. For this very purpose Africans were forcefully made slaves and being tortured to cope up with the increasing demands.

In the beginning of 15th-century the owners of plantations who employed slaves mostly were only the small part of the commodity and service production. Slavery in the Caribbean was promoted due to the fact that African natives were so easily available and their feasibility of being accommodated in the new land.

According to some reliable report about 6 to 13 million Africans people were imported to the America’s Caribbean region during last 300 years. The choice for slavery in the Caribbean was those people who could successfully survive during their way to their destination. Also young people from the slave crowd were selected as they were more likely to survive and benefit the requirement.

Slavery in the Caribbean region of America had shown inhumane attitude of owner of plantation. Families of the imported African Slaves were split up, and were not allowed to pursue education. Along with that they were made to work more for almost no food. They were only meant for working like animals.

As the time elapsed the revolts of victims of slavery in the Caribbean increased in frequency and Europeans had to spend more money in so called “Slave Maintenance”. It is worth mentioning here that the population of the slaves increased the population of whites. Ultimately the Caribbean region became the state of black people imported from Africa

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