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Hurricane season in the carribean

Caribbean islands are one among the most storm- prone areas in the world. Hurricanes can affect the lives of natives in the Caribbean as well as the tourists traveling in the Caribbean islands, so before planning a trip to the Caribbean islands it is necessary to get information about the hurricane season in the Caribbean. Having information about the hurricane season help the traveler to consider the possible dangers and difficulties associated with travel in Caribbean and can be prepared to face the difficulties or to avoid traveling during the hurricane season.

The hurricane season in the Caribbean islands extends from the beginning of June till the end of November. The intensity and the chances of occurrence of hurricanes are changing every year and for the past few years there is an overall increase in the quantity as well as intensity of the hurricanes in the Caribbean Sea. Hurricanes can cause damages to the lives of people and destruction to the property by causing high winds, storm surge, heavy rain and floods, tornadoes and landslides. The inland areas of Caribbean islands that are located far from the sea also get affected by the hurricanes and tropical storms.

When a hurricane or the tropical storm strikes the Caribbean, there will be shortage of habitable areas, shortage of food and drinking water, shortage of power supply, lack of transportation facilities, impaired communication and lack of proper medical facilities in the country. Hurricanes can result in the closing of airports or the cancellation of flights due to flooded or damaged run ways and shortage of electricity. Those who are trapped in the hurricane affected regions will have to spend their time in the emergency camps with limited food and water supply. So considering the hurricane factor before deciding on the Caribbean is necessary.

One advantage of hurricane season is that the price ranges for the stay in Caribbean drops considerably from the month of June to November. Tourists traveling in Caribbean islands during the hurricane season should monitor about the weather conditions every now and then by using a radio or any other information source. Even minor tropical storms can develop in to hurricanes within no time and it is very important to follow the instructions of the local officials if any weather emergency occurs. it is better to avoid touring in Caribbean during the hurricane season as so many risk factors are there and one cannot enjoy the beautiful beaches in the rainy season

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Pirates of the caribbean online games

Online games are interesting as it allows one to play actively and to take a guise according to his wish. Taking an individual persona helps in enjoying the game as a third person and also comprehending it as you are involved in it personally. One of the interesting games is the Disney’s ‘Pirates of the Caribbean online games’. It pushes you in the fun world to explore. ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ are identical to ‘Toontown’ games with a slight difference of employing swords but for pies and squirting flowers.

The process of operating the Pirates of the Caribbean online games is very simple. Registering and downloading the client in the game gives you an opportunity to craft a unique character. This helps in downloading various data for numerous ports of call. Infinite options are provided for altering the face alone. The paradox of this game is that Disney prefers to keep the game and its neighborhood community clean and friendly. Use a character name as your pirate name and get it approved. Selecting a pirate lady is also allowed. Entering the game leads you to other features of the game such as owning and crewing a ship, magic use, pistol play, swashbuckling, casual games and Pvp options. Your combat is also well equipped. Second time you use your sword you acquire bonus attacks. The simple way of playing this game is by grouping as you acquire group bonus for the whole group.

Killing zombie pirates is as amusing as looting navy vessels, and is enjoyable as well. But having more characters in any area can result in the decrease in the graphic quality and the loss of control of the game. The free games option is not a big problem, but a reminder to pay the fee for each month appears during the exciting parts of the game. Though, paying the monthly fees is not mandatory, it unlocks better ammunition and skills of the player. It also saves waiting to play cost free games, especially during the time when there is a lot of traffic. Playing the game even once is highly addictive and makes the player yearn to build himself a ship and his own crew at least in the imagination empire.

Although the game is based on a children’s movie as the theme, its awesome graphics, mind blowing sound effects are sure to make it an all time favorites even for the adults.

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Map of the caribbean

You may need a map of the Caribbean if you want to spend your holidays in a special way. Spending holidays in Caribbean is a good choice. With oceans filled with waves and beautiful looking islands, you can enjoy your vacations more than anywhere else. Caribbean is a beautiful place from sunrise to sunset. Gentle waves and vibes make the atmosphere more pleasant. So if you are willing to plan your holidays in islands of Caribbean, you should get map of the Caribbean first.

Choosing the correct island for your vacations might need a little bit research. It is required to take a look at the map of Caribbean for different islands. You can go to library or internet for this purpose. A virtual exploration on the internet will lead you to the right way. Holiday trip makers can suggest you a better option for your holidays on Caribbean. However, you can choose any of the places to visit. Each and every part surrounded with the Caribbean islands is beautiful. So you may simply put your fingers anywhere on map of Caribbean to choose which place you will spend your holidays.

For ideal vacations, you should move your steps towards Virgin Islands. Virgin Islands are made up of three beautiful islands namely St. Thomas, St. Crox and St. John islands. St. Thomas is known for its historical importance. Bluebeard’s Castle, the Seven Arches Museum, and Fort Christian Museum were built in 1672 in St. Thomas. The less crowded but the most beautiful beach of Caribbean is placed in St. Croix. 2/3rd portion of St. John’s island is a national park and it is the smallest of all islands.

If you want more than this, you should find Bahamas on map of the Caribbean. You can find yourself more pleasurable there if you are interested in fishing, boating etc. You can also find casinos and cays for your privacy. Bahamas keep yourself away from the traffic jams and gives a break to your hectic and stressful lifestyle. Sunset points are the most beautiful place to visit for the lovers of natural beauty. There are some more beautiful places like Barbados which you will easily sort out in the map of the Caribbean.

Making your holidays pleasant and wonderful is the wish of every person. You can accomplish this wish by visiting Caribbean islands. Stay away from the stressful life and visit Caribbean to find out extreme joy and beauty.

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The caribbean

The Caribbean is that region of the earth which consists of the Caribbean sea, Islands in that sea and is surrounded by north America in north and north-west and by south America in south. The Caribbean is often referred to as West Indies. But reality is that the Caribbean is a group of islands and the lesser Antilles is called as West Indies. In south the Caribbean is surrounded by countries like Venezuela and Mexico. Each island is different from other in shape and orientation.
As I have stated earlier West Indies is one of its parts; the islands are divided into following groups: the Greater Antilles, Lesser Antilles, and the Bahamas. In October 1492, Christopher Columbus approached to a small island of the Caribbean and called it San Salvador. Columbus was under impression that he had reached the Asia (India). And up till he lived he believed to have discovered the Asian region and Indies but actually he had discovered the Caribbean.
A few thinkers believed that the Bahamas are not the part of the Caribbean but now there is no confusion regarding their belonging to the Caribbean . It is a group of 700 islands located at north coastal region of the Caribbean Sea. Only 30% of the Bahamian Islands are livable. The Greater Antilles; in South of the Bahamas are the largest islands of the Caribbean. The Greater Antilles consists of Cuba, Puerto Rico, Jamaica and Hispaniola. Most of the area of the Greater Antilles is covered by rain forests. Heavy rainfall due to presence in the Ecuadorian region has made the land fertile and lush green.
When the people of the Britain, France and Holland came to know about the new found land of the Caribbean they joined the party with Spanish, already there. The reason of showing such an interest and curiosity was that they wanted to exploit the natural resources of the new found land of the Caribbean. The fact that the culture at the Caribbean is very different from anywhere else in the world holds true because of the arrival of different cultured people from all over the world.
But the Caribbean also faced the evil acts of the newcomers to exploit the land resources and slavery for establishment of sugar plants. People from West Africa were brought to the Caribbean. But as the time traveled the states of the Caribbean are now becoming hot spot for tourism. And people from rest of the world are appreciating and enjoying the Caribbean culture and environment.

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Democracy in the caribbean

Democracy is a word that means free will of the people being expressed in the government. A Government governed by Democracy will have the voice of the people heard and the governmental principles will be set by the voice of the majority in a democracy. However, the basic human rights of the minority will also be protected in a government run by democracy. In a democracy, there will be elections in 4 to 5 years where the eligible voters in that country will be able to vote and pick representatives that will represent their interests, ideas, and beliefs. Thus, a country governed by Democracy will have some sort of a Parliament. In addition, a democracy will have an elected official (a Prime Minister or a President depending on the type of the republic/Federation)

There are many countries in the world that are governed by democracy. Some countries as an example would be United States, England, France, Germany, Italy etc.. Although most of the Western countries are governed democratically, Democracy in the Caribbean is not a phrase that we can use easily. Unfortunately, the countries that are governed in the Caribbean have had a military dictatorship for years. Even the ones that are holding elections and electing a Parliament, unfortunately are having problems in their transition to Democracy.

Although almost all the countries in the Caribbean have been the colonies of major western powers like England, France and Spain; unfortunately democracy in the Caribbean has not taken a hold. The Spanish speaking countries like the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico have made some significant progress, but Cuba has been the anti-thesis of democracy in the Caribbean and in the whole world. In the French speaking region of the Caribbean, Haiti has been the focal point of turmoil in the Caribbean. Especially the military dictatorship that has ruled Haiti for decades have destabilized democracy in the whole Caribbean region. After the active intervention of the United States, Haiti has become much more stable and some semblance of democracy has returned to Haiti.

The Dutch speaking Surinam have also been riddled with a coup-de-tat and has struggled to return to democracy. Perhaps the only two countries that are symbols of democracy in the Caribbean are Jamaica and Puerto Rico. If you consider Puerto Rico as the Territory of the United States, then definitely, only Jamaica can be given as an example of long lived democracy in the Caribbean. However, in general, even with the influence of the United States, the Caribbean Region is far from achieving the level of democracy that Western countries enjoy today.

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Best beaches in the caribbean

When you think about Caribbean what readily comes to your mind? No doubt a lot of people would say beaches, endless sand, crystal clear waters and sweet clean sea air. All the islands of the Caribbean boast of pretty beautiful beaches except maybe Saba where the beaches have rocky shores and Dominica Island where few beaches there have black sand that absorbs the heat of the sun. December to May is considered to offer the best beach weather while the month of May might be the best economical time to visit.
A lot of people would probably argue if asked to name the best beaches of the Caribbean as there are a lot of pretty beaches there. Here is a list of the top beaches to look out for.
Shoal Bay is a beach in Anguilla that offers a tempting stretch of silvery sand and that helped put the country in the world-tourism map. Schools of fish continue to attract snorkelers. Close to it is the less famous but also pretty Katouche beach.
Apart from Shoal bay Antiguilla also boast of many other beaches. The locals even claim there is a beach for each day of the year. Unarguable the two of their best beaches would be Dickenson Bay and Half Moon Bay.
Palm Beach is located in the island of Aruba and is also a renowned tourist attraction. Its claim to fame includes white sands and clear waters. Some publications claim it is one of the twelve best beaches in the world. It is crowded at winter.
The gold coast is in Barbados. This country is home to some of the world’s finest beaches. Among these list would include Brandon’s Beach, Paradise Beach, Paynes Beach and Brighton Beach all open to the public. These are also homes of some of the most plus hotels in this parts.
Cane Garden Bay is in Tortola, among the British Virgin Islands. This is famed as one of the most spectacular beach sites in the Caribbean. It has white sand stretching about 2km making it a jogger’s first choice. A more crowded alternative but surprisingly less prettier choice is the neighboring Magens Bay Beach on St. Thomas islands.
Seven mile beach located in the Grand Cayman of the Cayman Islands stretches for about 9km. It has condos and plush resorts along the beach. It also offers a host of water sports activities and the waters are translucent aquamarine in color.
Other equally famous and pretty beaches of the Caribbean would include the beaches in the Dominican Republic, Grand Anse Beach of Grenada, and Seven Mile in Negril, Jamaica, Diamond Beach of Martinique and Luquillo Beach of Puerto Rico. Do not forget to add the Beaches of Tobago, Canouan Beach of the Grenadines and the Beaches of St. Maarten a popular nudist beach.

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