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Luxury pet gift

You have looked after it, you have caressed it, you have fed it, and you have taken it for a walk in the park. However, your pet needs to be spoiled, it wants to play, therefore why not to buy it a little gift, even if it is a luxury one? You can tie it with a little red ribbon and put it under the Christmas tree. If you do not have any ideas for luxury pet gift, you are provided some below.
For your dog
You can buy for your pet a toy bone or a leather boot (a special one for dogs) which it can chew when it likes, thus saving your shoes, slippers or gloves. Besides, you can purchase a new luxury bowl for food or for water, a collar, or a luxury leash. If your dog is small and needs a coat in the winter, you can buy a luxury one with all your love. In order to combine pleasure with use, you can purchase a luxury brush or glove for grooming. For a playful dog, you can purchase a luxury rubber ball, or a tennis ball, plush cuddly toys or rubber toys, which your dog can chew quietly.
For your cat
In order not to scratch the sofa or the armchairs, buy a luxury little straw mat, attach it to the radiator with some laces and show the cat what it has to do. Scratch gently with your fingers, then take its little paw and mime the scratching gesture with it. An intelligent animal will get immediately what it is used for and you can save the furniture in your house. In addition, there are special buildings, as luxury little houses which have stuck on them pieces of rough material where cats can sharpen their claws.
To continue with, for your tomcat you can purchase new luxury little bowls for food and water and an anti flea leash with a little bell, in order to find it more easily when it is hiding in the closet. For fluffy breeds especially, a luxury brush or a glove will make its fur soft and silky.
If you want your cat to get rid of the bad habit of occupying your favorite armchair, you can purchase a luxury osier lined basket where it can sleep. Your cat will feel like a princess there and you will have your armchair back.
In order to watch it playing happily, but not with the precious objects purchase a luxury toy mouse made of rubber or a furry toy monkey, made of plush which it can play with.
For your hamster
Your little hamster will be happier in a larger luxury cage, with many toys in it (slide, little house, wheel and of course fresh saw dust).
For your turtle
You can purchase a luxury larger aquarium, a plastic island where it can have a rest or a system, which can heat water, shells, or different plants and your turtle will feel very happy.

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History of bloggers

“Webblogs” also known as “blogs” started appearing back in the year 1998. The name was given by Jorn Barger in 1997. Infosift, an information and web based magazine’s then editor, Jesse James Garrett, started building of websites that were based on the whole idea of Bloggers and Webblogs. After the compilation was complete, he send in the list to the then editor of CamWorld, Cameron Barrett and Cameron, then published it. Within the month of publishing the URLs Cameron started receiving other Links and URLs of websites that were similar. Jesse’s original list, which was supposedly completed in the year 1999, contained 23 websites.

Within the next four months, a community of bloggers, sprang up. The name Bloggers and Webblogs, originates from Peter Merholz, who proclaimed Camerons’ list to be a collection of ‘wee-blog’ and immediately the word was shortened to “blog” with the webblog editor being known as a ‘logger’. This encapsulates the basic History of Bloggers.

After the terms ‘blogger’ and ‘webblogs’ caught on, people from all over the world jumped in and starting writing and creating webblogs or shortly put, people started ‘blogging’. Today, there are so many of them, that its’ hard to track them and/or read them, for that matter.
Today, many webbloggers and other ‘experts’ on blogging, have stated some standards that a “Blog” is suppose to adhere to, and which site can be called as a webblog or a blog. In 1999, the only standard that covered a webblog, was that these websites need to have had dated entries or dated content, which still prevails today too.

By the year-end of 1999, there were many who proclaimed their websites to be blogs. This phenomenon was further given impetus by the introduction of ‘Pitas’, the first ‘Create your own blog’ website. After the introduction of Pitas, there were scores of people who jumped in, on to the I-am-a-Blogger bandwagon. In 2000-2001, the bandwagon became an explosion of sorts, with corporate and other domain owners trying to market and use blogs and bloggers for capitalization.
Within no time,, now owned by and also known as,, and other popular ‘brands’ of webblogs came up, each one of them with their own pros & cons and offers. Today, nearly 3/4th of the world blogs on topics from books to kitchen ware, bloggers today discuss ideas, have meetings and generally get around to getting their tasks done using webblogs.

This entails the whole History of Bloggers.

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Bloggers for hire

Whether you already have a job and just need extra cash or you are in need of a job, blogging is a good option. When it comes to blogging, a blogger must be familiar with the common and some extra internets know how. Coding, terms and internet etiquette is a must, having patience especially when doing research as well as having the knack for writing is helpful when one wants to start a career in blogging.

There are two ways to make money via blogging, one is to setup your own blogsite. Look for an area of interest that has either no provider or has very little. Once you’ve found your niche, decide if you want to avail of free blogging services or hosts like blogspot, livejournal, xanga etc. These sites offer paid upgrades as well, or you can opt to find a webhost and use a publishing tool like wordpress to help you out. If you are or know someone who is a layout making genius, have that person design a layout for you that’s simple and yet eye catching. Web surfers will not wait for a page to load, make sure your blogsite can load in seconds, don’t add too many frills on the site that’s unnecessary. You can always do that later after you have developed a regular audience. Once you have your blog set up, start posting. Successful blogs post a minimum of 3-5 entries per day. If you have a growing audience this means you probably need to hire someone to help you or do the blogging for you.

This leads to being a blogger for hire. Suppose you are not gifted or equipped with friends who have the html knowledge or you’re really hopeless with technology, even preset blogs and such confuse you. Then don’t fret because you can still make money by being a blogger for hire. Start by making an info sheet, stating referrals, and skills other than the general contact info of course. Be prepared with sample work that you can easily show to would be clients. Familiarize yourself with useful tools like Copyscape, answers and wikipedia, and search engines these sites will aid you in your work. Post your credentials on jobsites. If you have found a client, iron everything out before accepting the work. This means the pay, the work hours and other work requirements they might have. if you have trouble finding work, try and try until you succeed.

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Student bloggers

Since the rise of blogging, people or bloggers young and old have popped out of the woodwork. What makes blogging appealing? Blogging is a way to express yourself about certain matters or just to talk about random events or daily events in a person’s life. Blogging can be done publicly or privately. Blogs can be like personal diaries or it can be your own media portal, gossip column, advertising page, personals or your own news coverage. The beauty about blogging is the flexibility it allows bloggers, the ease and manipulation availability. The blogger has control of what he or she wants to write about unless they are being paid to blog for someone which is an entirely different matter altogether.

As mentioned there is now a wide array of blogs depending on your interest on the internet. The average blogger happens to be a student. This is mainly because they need an outlet to express some incidents while being discrete about it or because they need to find someone out there who can easily sympathize with them. Students are also away from home they are away from their families and friends; hence they need an outlet to express emotions or thoughts that they are incapable of expressing to others whom they have no close affinity to. A student blogger will most likely blog about their daily school life, their classes, their classmates, the terrorizing professor, the difficulties and triumphs they encounter and achieve. Because they are uprooted from homes, student blogs will also commonly talk about the loved ones, family and friends they have left behind. They will reminisce about the times spent with these people, the treasured memories and comparison to new found friends and events.

Student bloggers blog to be able to connect with others, to update people they have left at home via their daily entries or to find others who can relate and give their insights on certain matters that only another student can understand. They will talk about events and circumstances which they are hoping to share or shed a light on if they are somewhat troubled or confused Student bloggers are not necessarily loners; instead they have too many thoughts that they are most capable of expressing via words. Blogging allows a person to read what their own thoughts are, it allows for additional personal insights and understanding. It opens up opportunities to meet new people beyond their local community or their campus.

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Top bloggers

In the blogging scene, the top bloggers delve with up to date entries, it could be tech related, gossip related, personal lifestyle, special features, so on and so forth. For those who are unfamiliar with the term a blogger is someone who owns a blog or posts entries on a blog. Going farther to explain a blog is a website, more relatively known as an online journal. Entries are posted in reversed chronological order, showing the most recent post at the top of the page or on the first page. Blogs may carry various subject matters or area of interests. There are not blog restrictions. Anybody can blog; blog about anything for the matter. Blogs are the biggest forms of freedom of speech and expression. Blogs can come in different formats, it can be your typically written entry, it can be done via video, photo or the latest addition via podcast. Video blogs are mainly footages of the blogger or of what the blogger wants to discuss or express. Photo blogs are photo documentations that can be accompanied by some text or can merely be a compilation of photos that clearly depict an event or events. Podcats are taped or aired broadcasts, it is basically a voice recording done by the blogger or author of the blog.

A site called Technorati is now available to help bloggers boost their blog ratings or statistics; it also showcases the top blogs in an area or in a bigger landscape like say the entire world. Nowadays the top bloggers are tapped by big companies like Amazon or Ebay, what happens is that these companies offer to pay the bloggers in exchange for allowing them to advertise on the specific blog. Top bloggers can be popular in their own chosen field or are top bloggers in a general sense because of the amount of traffic their site generates. In cyberspace traffic refers to the amount of visitors a site gets whether it is old visitors or new ones. Statistical tools also available online can be used to help track down the amount or direction of traffic in a page. Gossip blogs aside from tech related blogs are popular blogs. They give up to date, fresher than the press inside scoop on the latest things. Top bloggers can also be called as one by the amount of profit their blog produces, some money making blogs are accidental some are intentional. The key to a top blog, find a niche to fill.

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Quilting bloggers

The blogging community has gotten so diverse that bloggers have expanded their once daily blogging entries into certain areas of interest. A simple google search will lead a person to the top blogs pertaining to that certain subject matter. Both young and old have gone and partaken in the blogging trend. It is not surprising that arts and crafts interest groups have also gone and undertaken blogging as an outlet to teach share and simply discuss arts. One of the most popular arts and crafts blogging interest is quilting.

A great deal of middle aged bloggers most of which are housewives have gone and blogged about quilting. Quilting is a craft and hobby that has been around for ages, quilting is a sewing method that is done either by hand or with the use of a sewing machine. The process involves joining two pieces of material often times are leftover fabric with the use of a needle and thread. Quilting began as a utility rather than serve decorative purposes. The use of old or leftover fabric helped in creating objects by recycling. This idea not only answered the clothing needs of most poor families by providing them with clothes as well as blankets to keep them warm during wintry months.

Women who have time to spare often enjoy doing these hobbies and quilting projects. It can be done alone or be done in groups where family, friends or neighbors gather together and piece together one giant quilt. The activity is fun, relaxing and promotes unity and cooperation amongst the quilters. Quilting or quilts are often found in the form of bedspreads, wall hangings, art pieces a variety of textile products are also employed in the art of quilting. Going back to the blogging community of quilters, the concept is the same as the traditional quilting group so to speak. Quilting bloggers share ideas, projects and even go to great lengths of documenting their projects via blog entries, photos and even videos. Quilting bloggers can now happily share their quilting talent, tips, tricks, patterns and projects to other people.

Blogging allows people to connect, to share and teach others about certain subject matters. It helps people young or old remain updated with the latest trends or at least be familiar with the current technological advancements. It strengthens existing communities and builds bridges to form new ones with people in other parts of the world who share the same interest.

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