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Homemade solar power

There is no doubt about the fact that a solar power genration technique costs a lot dollars to be built. It is also true on the other side that these costs are only one time costs and would make you get rid of the monthly electricity bills. But the amount involved in buying these systems is immense and it can normally be not afforded by average individual. These systems are only made by very limited companies and sold at a much higher rate to the normal individuals or to the government. Solar power is attracting to almost every individual in this world. Solar power energy system is very efficient and it produces the cleanest for of energy but the only factor which has never let the solar power energy generating techniques more popular is the fact that they usually cost a lot. These techniques cost a lot of money even to the government itself. Though there are many products being made by the companies for the normal use at home but these cost a loty of dollars and are therefore not affordable by an average individual. They include many products like the garden lights, swimming pool pumps and the water fountains.

The fact that they cost a lot is not because the technology used to generate the energy, but because of the technology known to very limited people. Since only few companies in the world produce these solar powered products therefore they sell it at a very high price as they know they do not have the many competitors. What interesting about the solar power products is the fact that you can even built some at home. Without any proper education and without being an engineer you can build a solar powered product.

There are many kinds of home made products available today. You can make a one by knowing the simple mechanism. It is also true that you can make one while using the material from your dump yard. The most common home made solar product is a hot water heater. It can be built with the help of simple wooden blocks, aluminum sheets and glass. This would be working as good as an ordinary solar water heater which costs thousands of dollars to be purchased.

Therefore learn the simple techniques and don’t waste your precious dollars on something which you can make yourself. There is no criterion of the education to make these products and anyone can build them.

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Solar power plants

Solar power plants are an image that most of us should get used too in a hurry. While they are not all that common now, they are coming. As of this writing 90% of the commercially produced solar energy is produced at just one plant in the Mohave Desert in Southern California. We can expect these numbers to change as the world discussion about climate change heats up along with the planet.

At 354 MW, SEGS (Solar Energy Generating Systems) is the largest operational solar thermal energy system, and the largest solar power system of any kind. It is a trough system which operates by linear parabolic mirrors concentrating sunlight upon a receiver running along the focal line of the collector. Each mirror has a diameter of almost 20 feet concentrating solar energy upon a 4 inch diameter specially-insulated tube filled with oil. There are seven different production units which include four hundred thousand mirrors.

Each mirror heats the oil to close to 750 degrees Fahrenheit. This oil circulates through a heat exchange and the last stage is akin to a steam turbine generator. This process is believed to be close too competitive with traditional peak generation as the costs of diesel fuel and natural gas increase. All the indicators show us that traditional energy costs will soon make solar power a hot commodity. As countries tighten up environmental standards it will make solar more inexpensive compared to traditional fuels. There are currently plans for solar plants in southern California that will dwarf all others currently in existence. As a matter of fact it will be larger than all the solar plants in the US combined. These plants will use an external heat engine and specially designed curved dishes to maximize the production. There is already a deal for California utilities to purchase the energy produced for twenty years. The beauty of this plant is the extremely low maintenance costs. There will be low manpower needs and the engine requires only a little water. It is an exciting time for solar power enthusiasts as oil and other traditional fuels are slowly becoming more expensive and will soon surpass solar. This is the day they knew was coming and those who made the investment in solar energy or solar power plants will see the pay off.

It is an exciting time for solar and those who predicted the need for solar before it was popular will be proven correct.

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Solar power information

Solar Power is an evolving science that promises to potentially answer the energy needs of a world in search of answers. While solar energy is still too expensive to answer the call yet, there are many smart people worldwide advancing the cause and the future looks bright. The call for clean, renewable energy is going to require that the responsible governments of this world collectively call for an Apollo type project. We need the whole world to throw resources at the problems involved with solar power and quickly find solutions.

We have all heard the term “money makes the world go round.” It is especially true in the case of oil. Threats of war used to be the biggest problem with oil but that is now becoming a lesser concern that global warming. If we do not find a way to fuel our world without destroying it at the same time, we face a bleak future. Solar power currently has a lot of problems, but the answers lie in this world and only wait for discovery. One of those large problems we are facing today is the high cost of silicon, the material that converts sunlight to electricity in most of the solar panels on the market today. There will be an answer to this someday. The solar power community is a bright bunch who has a vision of the future and will not easily be deterred. Even with all the challenges facing this renewable energy they are confident that it is only a matter of time before solar power becomes cheaper than fossil fuel. There are some on the opposite side of the issue that will argue that we do not yet know if there are hazards involved with collecting sunlight whose source of energy is hydrogen. Hydrogen, a highly explosive gas can produce dangerous fallout. Another concern amongst the disbelievers is the added exposure to sunlight. This seems a bit silly to me but the opposition groups must be heard if we want to address all the issues of solar power. Even in the environmental community there are a few stragglers that need to be further convinced on man made climate change so it is not surprising that not everyone is a convert on solar power.

Regardless of your view on renewable energy it cannot be argued that all avenues must be explored. There is so much information concerning solar power that it becomes a bit of a hobby once you start, albeit a valuable hobby.

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Solar power panels

You have probably seen solar panels in use on calculators or emergency road signs. These items never need batteries and will even run when there is no sunshine. The process of converting sunshine into energy can be performed by these simple panels which combined with energy store batteries even store energy for use when there is no sunlight. These panels are not yet terribly cost effective which is one of the current setbacks of solar power but with the increased interest we can hope that manufacturers will get on board and see profit potential.

Solar power panels work through a process of converting photons from sunlight to electrons. These panel use semiconductors like silicon to absorb light and knock electrons loose allowing them to flow. The panels have electric fields that direct the electrons to flow in a certain direction which allows for a current. By capturing that current electricity is produced and used externally for energy. To take advantage of solar power panels for household use, you have to take into account the orientation of your roof to ensure maximum sunlight. The panels should never be placed near shade trees or buildings that may shade them. Deciding if your energy use is heavier in the morning, afternoon or evening is the most important factor in placement of panels. There are many organizations and vendors that will assist you in all aspects of your installation of solar panels. There is a host of problems to overcome depending on the weather in your area and how much energy your household uses. Consult your utility bill to find out the average use throughout the year and use this information to decide how many panels you will need. There are also energy storage batteries available for storing energy during the day for use at night. One option to increase the cost effectiveness of solar energy is too remained tied to the utility grid and use electricity when needed and sell it to your electric company when you produce more than you need. Your local utility will probably offer a somewhat lower price than what they sell it for but this is still an option to recoup some of the cost of installation and equipment. The life of solar panels is long and the storage batteries generally last twenty years. So making the investment now will pay off for many years to come.

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How does solar power work

Solar power fascinates almost every individual no matter how young or old he is. Solar power is in fact the most cleanest and viable type of energy available to the human beings. When the solar energy was first invented it was costly and it used to be very huge regarding it system. It was only common among the government or some science affiliated industries. With the passage of time researchers started to work more on the solar energy in order to make it more cheap and a better source of consuming energy. 2 decades back it was used in californium for generating electricity for few homes but today it has a much wider use. It is widely used in the homes around United States and more people are working on improving the solar energy systems and making them available for the use of general public. It was extremely costly. Not only the system was costly that you had to acquire in order to make your home or streets illuminate with solar energy but also there were high amount of taxes put by the government on the use of solar energy.

Solar power energy is often regarded by some individuals as a very complex system which gives energy to run your electric equipment by using the sun rays only. It fascinates many children and adults. Majority of individuals are not aware of the details about how a solar power system works. Solar power system is an easy thing to build and the concept is very easy. The way it generates energy and supports your electric equipments is an interesting fact.

Solar power energy is usually generated with the help of photovoltaic tiles. These are the tiles placed on the rectangular walls which are placed in front of the sun rays. These are shinny steel looking tiles. They attract the sunlight and absorb the radiation to generate electricity. They have layers of silicon between them which is protected by the glass. As the protons from the direct sunlight falls on the surface of photovoltaic tiles it causes a reaction with the neutrons present in the silicon. They are trapped inside the glass with the help of silicon and therefore if connected with wires to a terminal electric current is generated.

This is usually the direct current and in order to use it for our household item we need to convert it into alternating current to provide electricity to our household items.

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Solar power training

Solar power systems are not very common among the normal people and among the people in their homes. They are a bit different and somewhat difficult to operate0by a common person. This is due to their non popularity among the people. The case of not being popular is mainly their high costs and their hi-tech gadgets and parts which generates electricity. Electricity is produced with the help of a solar power system.

Not every person ca operate the solar power system only those individuals who have a know how of the solar power system and know how they work can operate the solar power systems. Although solar power systems are safe to use and there is basically no danger involved. The risks are less as compared it the other form of electricity produced by the normal method and which travels through high tension wires. But if not dealt carefully they can at times be dangerous or they can even become useless if defected once. Since their cost is high and they are very expensive therefore they are preferred not to be dealt without proper attention and knowledge.

Keeping this in mind many firms and organizations give solar power training in order to teach a layman more about using a solar power system. Solar power systems are basically required to be checked regularly for the maintenance. If the owner of the house does not know much about the solar system and he has never used a solar system in the past, he might not be able to use it correctly and efficiently. His lack of knowledge might be costing him less energy being produced or high amount of expenses if the system is damaged due to his mistake. Therefore any person who wants to acquire a solar power system must be having the proper knowledge to do so.

These firms which give solar power training are usually the ones providing the products for the normal household item. These training session do not cost a lot and are often offered free of cost. There are trained professionals who give these training sessions to the individuals. Therefore if you have a solar system in your house or you are planning to get one but are not familiar with how the solar system installed in your house or to be installed in your house works then you can get these training sessions and you must get one.

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