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Tiger Butterfly

The tiger butterfly, named for its yellow color with black stripes, is mainly found in the forests of Central America. Other locations for the tiger butterfly include the Eastern United States and Canada. This particular species of butterfly loves the warm, moist air as well as plenty of food. They need to bask in the sun in order to be able to fly as their wings will only work if their body temperature is above 86 degrees Fahrenheit. They are among the fastest species of butterflies, with a speed of up to 30 miles per hour.

Their favorite food is the nectar from the abelia shrub. It is also a very strong butterfly with wings that flutter almost effortlessly through the air. They are commonly referred to as swallow tails because they feature long, pointed tails on their hind wings.

The Tiger butterfly has very bright colors, but it doesn’t have to worry too much about predators. This is because eating this particular butterfly will leave them very ill. While it won’t kill them, they definitely remember the affects and avoid eating it again. Their main threat is actually humans because the Tiger butterfly is often sought by collectors.

The Tiger butterfly is very popular throughout the United States. In fact, it is the state insect of Oregon, Virginia, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, and Delaware. The wings of a Tiger butterfly are much stronger than many other species. Some scientists believe this is because of the fennel that they eat. It also helps them to survive in harsh winds and even through difficult winter months.

At one time the Tiger butterfly was dwindling in numbers. This is because in the caterpillar stage it was not able to blend well, resulting in being eaten by predators. To protect its existence, they were populated in butterfly gardens in various locations. The best protection was offered to help them thrive.

Today there number of Tiger butterflies is back on a good note, but they continue to be a favorite in butterfly gardens because of their unique yellow and black stripes. You can tell the age of a tiger butterfly by their coloring. Older ones feature faded colors instead of a bright, vivid yellow. They also have wings that appear to be ragged.

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Monarch Butterfly

The Monarch butterfly is the best known and most popular butterfly. This is because it is the most commonly found and it also offers the most gorgeous colors you will ever find on a species of butterfly. This particular butterfly is commonly called the milkweed butterfly because they are commonly found eating this variety of plant. This is also the location where most Monarch butterfly eggs are laid. In fact, many people choose to plant them in their garden just to attract beautiful Monarch butterflies. The majority of Monarch butterflies are found in North America.

Many people do not realize that Monarch butterflies migrate, following the same pattern year after year. They move to warm climates including Florida, Texas, and Mexico during the winter months. You will see them doing so in very large groups. You will have to look close though as you can easily mistake them for a bunch of autumn leaves! This is because the Monarch butterfly adapts to the environment and blends in for protection.

Generally the Monarch butterfly doesn’t have to worry too much about predators because they are known for being a very toxic meal. This has to do with the milkweed they so frequently eat. This food may also be the reason why so many Monarch butterflies develop parasites that cause them to lose weight, have weak wings, and die sooner than the average life span. Their numbers have drastically dropped in recent years due to deforestation in many regions.

Monarch butterflies are known for their bright colors and are the most popular species of butterfly. You will commonly find them in warmer climates and it areas where there is plenty of milkweed. If you enjoy these beautiful creatures, then you can create a butterfly garden very easily. This is because they will return to the same location year after year. Since they commonly eat and lay their eggs on the milkweed plant, this is the most successful way of attracting them.

This particular butterfly is the state symbol for Alabama, Idaho, Illinois, Texas, Minnesota, and West Virginia. Since 1989 it has been the National insect of the United States. It also holds that title in Canada.

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Butterfly Wings

Most of us has watched in wonder as beautiful butterflies flutter their wings to move about. Have you ever wondered how those wings work? If you look very closely at butterfly wings, you would soon realize that they are very different from each other.
The wings of butterflies are covered with a mosaic of various color patterns

While there are many different varieties of butterflies, each with unique wing designs, they all have similarities. Each butterfly has four wings – two forewings and two hind wings. A butterfly has very strong muscles in the thorax that allow the wings to move up and down. This is also the power source for a butterfly to fly in a figure eight style.

The wings of a butterfly develop while it is in transition from the pupa stage. The butterfly is not immediately able to fly away. This is because the wings are wet and wrinkled. Before it can fly, the butterfly has to hang upside down so that blood will pump into the wings. They also have to dry before they can be used for flight. Each wing is very delicate and the butterfly has to use them with care as any damage that takes place to them can’t be repaired.

These wings are actually membranes that get their nourishment from tubular veins that also provide them with oxygen. You will have to look very closely to see that each wing has thousands of colorful scales with tiny hairs on them. The amazing colors that we see on a variety of butterfly wings is the result of ultraviolet patterns that we can’t see. This helps the butterfly to blend into to various surroundings for protection. These colors also help attract other butterflies for mating.

The wings on a butterfly are their life force. Without them, they are unable to move and unable to survive. While the wings are very small and very thin, don’t let this fool you into thinking they are weak. Butterfly wings are very beautiful but they are also very powerful. They protect the butterfly as well as give it the attractive feature that draws so many of us to their beauty as they flutter freely around the area.

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Butterfly Designs

Butterflies are one of the most colorful creatures on Earth, giving people of all ages plenty of viewing pleasure. You can find a variety of butterfly species around gardens and flowers, generally in areas of warm weather. Since people love butterflies so much, it is not uncommon to find such designs in many aspects. They are a symbol of freedom and beauty.

Tattoos have become more popular on women over the past decade than ever before. One of the most popular designs is that of a butterfly. Women like it because it is a very tasteful tattoo that looks good in any location. The larger the tattoo size, the more detailed the butterfly can be. An expert tattoo artist can make a butterfly design with multiple colors that are vivid and blend well together. A tattoo artist can help you design the perfect butterfly to suit your tastes.

Butterflies make a great choice for home décor as well. You can find everything in a butterfly pattern to decorate your bathroom including a shower curtain, pictures to hang on the wall, rugs for the floor, toothbrush holders, soap dishes, and more. You will be able to select from a variety of colors as well as butterfly species.

Butterfly designs are also a great way to decorate a nursery or a room for a young girl. You can get butterfly decals that can be applied to the wall or use stencils to color your own. Many places carry butterfly design wall border as well. Outside, butterfly status and wind chimes add flare and style to any type of décor.

Since butterflies come with a warm feeling as well as offer some gorgeous color, it is no wonder people use them for a variety of decorating ideas both inside and outside of their home. Butterfly designs also are very popular for art and for tattoos because they symbolize freedom.

If you are interested in various butterfly designs that are available, the internet is a great place to start. You can get wonderful decorating ideas as well as search for a particular one you are interested in. Home improvement stores and craft retailers are also great places to look for butterfly designs.

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Butterflies are very colorful and intricate creatures that flutter freely among the beautiful flowers and shrubs on warm days. There are many varieties of butterflies, but the most colorful and popular is the Monarch. The butterfly has one of the most unique life cycles of any creature on Earth. Each one goes through a variety of physical changes, starting out as only an egg and ending as a beautiful butterfly.

A butterfly may lay a single egg or several. It depends on the type of butterfly and the nutrition she has had prior to conceiving. The better health a butterfly is in, the more eggs she will lay at a time. The eggs are laid on various food plants, in areas that are well hidden to protect them from the elements and predators. Most eggs will hatch in approximately ten days, with a small green caterpillar emerging from it. The eggs shell serves as the very first meal for these young caterpillars.

It is amazing just how much food a small caterpillar can consume on a daily basis. The jaws of a caterpillar are very powerful and it is not picky when it comes to nibbling on a variety of foods and plants. Most anything that is edible will be consumed by a caterpillar. As it grows larger, the caterpillar will shed its skin. This will take place several times in its life as a caterpillar.

After a caterpillar has become fully grow, it will enter the next stage of life called pupation. During this time the caterpillar spins a silk pad and then hangs upside down from it. A hormone in the caterpillar begins to make physical changes take place. The caterpillar will remain in this state for approximately two weeks. What emerges is a beautiful butterfly with wings ready to continue life in this new form.

Regardless of the species of butterfly, each one lives a very remarkable life featuring dramatic changes that very few creatures go through. The metamorphous of a butterfly from a caterpillar that hatched from an egg is an unbelievable spectacle to observe. It does make you stop and watch in awe as this new life form emerges.

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