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Monarch Butterfly

The Monarch butterfly is the best known and most popular butterfly. This is because it is the most commonly found and it also offers the most gorgeous colors you will ever find on a species of butterfly. This particular butterfly is commonly called the milkweed butterfly because they are commonly found eating this variety of plant. This is also the location where most Monarch butterfly eggs are laid. In fact, many people choose to plant them in their garden just to attract beautiful Monarch butterflies. The majority of Monarch butterflies are found in North America.

Many people do not realize that Monarch butterflies migrate, following the same pattern year after year. They move to warm climates including Florida, Texas, and Mexico during the winter months. You will see them doing so in very large groups. You will have to look close though as you can easily mistake them for a bunch of autumn leaves! This is because the Monarch butterfly adapts to the environment and blends in for protection.

Generally the Monarch butterfly doesn’t have to worry too much about predators because they are known for being a very toxic meal. This has to do with the milkweed they so frequently eat. This food may also be the reason why so many Monarch butterflies develop parasites that cause them to lose weight, have weak wings, and die sooner than the average life span. Their numbers have drastically dropped in recent years due to deforestation in many regions.

Monarch butterflies are known for their bright colors and are the most popular species of butterfly. You will commonly find them in warmer climates and it areas where there is plenty of milkweed. If you enjoy these beautiful creatures, then you can create a butterfly garden very easily. This is because they will return to the same location year after year. Since they commonly eat and lay their eggs on the milkweed plant, this is the most successful way of attracting them.

This particular butterfly is the state symbol for Alabama, Idaho, Illinois, Texas, Minnesota, and West Virginia. Since 1989 it has been the National insect of the United States. It also holds that title in Canada.

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