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Bass fishing basics

Bigger is not always better as the case for bass fishing is. Starting out with a seven foot platinum kind of fishing pole does that necessarily equate to a successful fishing trip.
The feel of having caught a fish is often lost to the size of the rod which defeats the whole enjoyment process.

Moving onto a smaller light reel with another Quantum measuring five feet gave a better feel on things. Even the 2 pounders felt like gigantic catches. The smaller rod allowed for a better fishing experience compared to the one previously used.

Beginners will be able to experience a greater thrill if they used smaller poles that will actually give the over all fishing feel. The learning about how a bass reacts and moves, thrashes and fights with you is the best learning experience there is.

Start out small and make your way up to bigger fishes and equipment. Don’t expect bigger fish immediately. These will come in due time. What beginners should do is seek out smaller fish and gain fighting experience. Practice makes perfect you will be able to handle the bigger fish if you get to practice often.

When starting out, do not go out and but all the fishing equipment in s sporting goods store. Obviously the salespersons’ goal is to make a big sale therefore he or she will try to sell you everything there is about fishing this especially when they realize you’re a fishing newbie.

When purchasing items start out with the necessities you buy things as you go along. Because only through experience will you realize the uses and importance of certain equipment. Chances are that whole load of fishing gear you bought will not all be of any use to you.

Before purchasing anything make sure that you have gone and asked your fishing enthusiast friends about some general information. Now if your stubborn and wouldn’t be labeled as wanting to keep up with the Jones’ there are a wide variety of books you can purchase or there are sites available online that will provide a quick rundown on must haves and must do’s.

When learning how to swim you start with the shallow part of the pool. This will be the same case when it comes to fishing you start shallow and gradually work your way into the deeper parts where you’d most likely be at the boat buying stage; until then gear up for some shallow water fishing for the time being. In learning anything, make your way up slowly; baby steps are better than gigantic leaps into mistakes.

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