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Chinese love test

If you look very closely at the Chinese character, or Hanzi, for love you will notice a heart right in the middle of it! It is also not very hard to pronounce. It sounds like the English word “I” or “eye”, in both Mandarin Chinese and Japanese.

It is also a very well known Chinese symbol and even people who have no Chinese origin or background have been known to tattoo it onto their bodies or use it as a love sign between them and their partner.

There are various forms and types of love tests all over the world, in every place imaginable. The Chinese love test is a very popular test and can be found in books, magazines, articles, newspapers, and the internet and in many other forms of literature.
There are lots of different tests but Chinese writing, symbols and love tests are becoming more and more popular. There are also many forms of Chinese loves stories which entice us to become more aware of their love views and tests provided.

Some are based on the Chinese zodiac and The a Better Chinese Astrology uses the theory of balancing the Yin-Yang Five Elements to help people find their lucky time and place and choose the best (luckiest) environment for the rest of their lives. In Chinese Astrology, the Five Elements are Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. It is believed that everybody should have at least one lucky element which benefits them throughout their life. The Chinese also believe that the Ming is controlled by your horoscope. They also believe in various signs and symbols representing elements in your life pertaining to love.

Who should take these tests? Everyone should try taking the test as so much of the world is based on history of China and the people in it and we can be sure that love is by no means, any exception to that rule. If we aren’t Chinese ourselves that is no reason to run because we should all be open to different types of tests. When it comes to matters of the heart it holds no rules and nothing can be lost by seeing what the answers are for you.

Why are people using these tests? People are using these tests to find out every aspect of love. Some answer the question will we remain together for ever? Others answer questions, when in the month is the luckiest for love and others simply help you see that you are not alone. It has worked for many people and it can work for you too, all you need is to give it a chance and have faith.

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