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Environmental causes of morbid obesity

It is without a doubt that being excessively overweight is influenced by environmental causes. Of morbid obesity patients, those who follow a sedentary way of life are the ones who struggle the most. The western lifestyle has been the main contributing factor to morbid obesity. A typical day in the life of an American will be to eat a sugar loaded cereal or take-out. Walking has become obsolete and families have more than one vehicle to prevent even the shortest walks.

Snacks filled with more sugar and fat are consumed by adults and children alike. Lunch is either more unhealthy snacks or a fat laden take-out. Even more unhealthy snacks follow until a take-out is once again ordered for dinner. Coffee and sodas are drunk instead of water. All this is being done because people believe that manufacturers will never sell them anything bad. All that is needed as proof is to look in the mirror.

Most of America and the western world are experiencing the environmental causes of morbid obesity. Any person who wants to get rid of excess body fat is going to have to change their surroundings. This is going to make it a lot easier to change a lifetime of bad habits. If you spend most of your time sitting in front of a TV, get rid of the TV if you have to. You will soon begin to appreciate activities other than watching TV.

It is the lack of physical exercise that contributes to morbid obesity. Long before being diagnosed with morbid obesity the person would have stopped walking. Prior to this condition the person would have started sitting around. This may have started in childhood. Living in an environment where physical exercise is not encouraged will lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. Living in a home where there is no knowledge of nutrition or constraint will lead to environmental causes of morbid obesity.

These are all factors that will eventually catch up later in life. Accumulative environmental causes of morbid obesity can only be dealt with by taking action. The excessively overweight person must assume responsibility for what he or she does. This may take some counseling as a person in this situation needs encouragement and care. This individual also requires knowledge. Knowledge about the benefits of exercise and the nutritional value of food is essential. Understanding what is being done and why is a positive means of breaking bad habits.

January 31, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Obesity

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