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Pirates of the caribbean

The “Golden Age of Piracy” was the beginning of colonial era in Caribbean. The great era of Caribbean piracy started in the 1560s and ended in the 1720s. Caribbean Sea which was thousands of miles away from European control was a haven for pirates who used to patrol the seas to steal. The Europeans could not afford to send the naval forces to these waters and hence in order to control the pirates, they issued “letters of marquee” which gave the private ships permission to attach ships that were from rival nations. The captains of these ships were called “privateers” and these legal pirates would turn over a portion of their loot to the government that was sponsoring them.

Piracy was flourishing in the Caribbean because of the British sea ports like Port Royal in Jamaica and the French activity at Tortuga. The Caribbean islands after being colonized became a center of European trade and this gave an incentive to pirates to be more active in the Caribbean Sea. Some of the most famous Caribbean pirates are Blackbeard, Henry Morgan, Edward Low, Bartholomew Roberts, Charles Vane, Stede Bonnet, Anne Bonny and Mary Read. Most of these famous pirates were active during 1640 to 1680 and were feared by the people who traveled the seas. This was also the period when the pirates were more successful.

Buccaneers were pirates who were specific to the Caribbean. They arrived in the 1630s and were very active till the 1730s, which was the effective end of piracy. The decline of piracy in the 1730s was because of the increased activity of the naval forces in the Caribbean Sea. The British Royal Navy had a major hand to play in bringing the piracy era to an end. But there was one pirate who made his presence felt in the 20th Century. John Boysie Singh who was also known as “the Rajah” was a successful gangster and gambler. He then turned to murder and piracy and from 1947 to 1956 used to terrorize the waters that were between Venezuela and Trinidad.

Starting from the Early Seventeenth Century and through the golden Age of Piracy, pirates were one of the most feared people in and around the Caribbean. It took some cohesive naval force from the European countries to bring the era of piracy to an end. Pirates who had once controlled the waterways of the Caribbean have made a name for themselves in the History of the Caribbean.

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Royal caribbean voyager of the seas

Royal Caribbean is a spectacular engineering miracle with excellent features such as ice skating rink and a rock climbing wall for the beginners. The Royal Caribbean houses ‘Voyager of the seas’ with innovative ideas as a constant process as this is considered to be the largest ship of the globe. They thus enhance facilities and uplift the ship with improved staterooms and superior large dining facilities explicit recreations and entertainments.

Some of the ship highlights are In-line skating, Italian restaurant, 9 hole golf course, Casino, lounges and themed bars, fitness center, day spa, basketball court, and many more. Voyager of the seas was launched in the year 1999 on November 21. It can carry 3114 passengers. The gross weight is 138,000 tons with draft 29′, length 1020′ and the cruising speed is estimated as 23.7 knots. This voyager is facilitated with meeting space, leg rooms as well as reception areas to house 400 people. This has executive boardrooms, well equipped presentation rooms; wireless remote controls, colored touch screens, and advanced teleconferencing equipments.

Various attractive activities from dawn to dusk keeps waiting for your attention on this Royal Caribbean cruise vacation. Attend art auctions, dance in a night club, swim or go for a relaxing massage on board and off board there are excellent land excursions such as Alaska glacier trekking, swimming with dolphins, and many more attractions. Other entertainments include onboard parties, contests, ice skating shows, theme nights, games, tournaments and Internet caf‚. Voyager of seas offers you a fantastic opportunity to go skating on ice to bathing in the Caribbean sun. Some of the ice shows cannot be missed in the evenings.

Luscious cuisine in the dining room, a dreamy Italian dinner associated with games or with simple wine tasting. Singing at the piano bar or enjoying a cocktail, everything gives immense satisfaction as nothing is impeded onboard on these mammoth cruise ships. A spectacular area for shops and galleries are offered that cannot stay without luring. Kids are facilitated with specially designed play groups and the young adults have lounges as well as clubs especially for teens only. Families can enjoy by dancing at a class night club, relishing ice creams and Seattle’s excellent coffee, have a burger with fries, and learn skating backwards and many such things that cannot be easily adapted on the land all under one roof.

You can stay constantly connected with people on land through mobile phone and internet even on board. The staff of the voyager of the seas sees to it that you experience every moment of your voyage and this ship allows you to explore it.

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Development of sociology in the caribbean

Development of Sociology in the Caribbean has made many changes over the years. There use to be a time when outside influences really didn’t have an impact on the Caribbean community, but that is changing too. Development of Sociology in the Caribbean is affected by many things and it seems more and more is coming from outside influences than ever before. Countries such as the United States are putting more of an influence than ever before on Caribbean countries. Is this a good thing or bad thing? Development of Sociology in the Caribbean will continue to grow without influence or not. Outside sociology that is brought into the Caribbean still have to prove it has value before it’s ever accepted. Of course big countries such as the United States do have influence, but it can also work on the opposite way as well. Many Caribbean countries and their people don’t like the influences from outside sources. This means not every sociological idea is accepted by everyone.

More and more of development of sociology in the Caribbean is home grown. Outside influences are welcome, but it’s tough to change their social patterns unless they want to. People from Caribbean countries sometimes have different values and goals than others. This doesn’t mean that one is right or wrong. Development of sociology in the Caribbean continues to grow and evolve depending on the country and the ideas they already have. People’s sociological ideas change all the time and influences come from all directions in the world. Structure of the society changes and social causes would vary from country to country and that is why development of sociology in The Caribbean is ever changing. Human behavior changes just as much and that also will have an effect on it. No matter how much you try to block out outside influences they will always creep in. This is why development of sociology in the Caribbean is growing so rapidly like never before.

Over the years the Development of sociology in the Caribbean will continue to change and people and groups will have a big influence on how social changes and reform are implemented. The Caribbean countries have different values and social reforms peculiar to them. It is also worthy to note that many of the Caribbean countries are tourist sites which attract people from all over each with their own unique sociological traits.

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Pirates of the caribbean 3 download

The great thing about movies these days is how easy it is for us to get them. There is an endless assortment of ways that you can get a movie into your home and enjoy a relaxing evening in front of the screen. Take for example, a movie like Pirates of the Caribbean 3 – At World’s End.
There are many choices for getting this movie at home so you can watch it comfortably. You can rent it on your way home from work from the DVD store, rent it from an online store and have it delivered to your home or best of all: download it right onto your computer. Since it has already been released for quite a few months there are more and more sites that offer this movie to be downloaded.
Of course if you are willing to pay for the download of At World’s End, then you should have absolutely no problems getting this movie on your computer. Just go to any online DVD store, put in your credit card info and download the movie. However, if you are looking for a download that won’t cost anything you will have to do a little more searching around.
Getting free movie downloads is not as easy, but still not really difficult. Unless you use some file-sharing program, finding the movie to download right off the Internet is not so easy. Some sites may offer “free DVD downloads” but really mean they are free, after you pay. Others may have you clicking through endless links that lead you anywhere but to a free movie download. Therefore the easiest way is if you find someone with the movie through your file-sharing program
Of course, this does not mean that downloading Pirates of the Caribbean 3 off the Internet is impossible. Just keep searching, type in the right keywords and you’ll have the movie downloaded onto your computer in no time. Keep in mind the longer you wait, the easier it will be to get this movie.
If you’re looking for Pirates of the Caribbean 3 to download and you find that you download a lot of movies each month, why not join one of the movie download sites. They offer memberships at very reasonable prices. Find a package that gives you unlimited downloads, then you’ll never have to worry about finding out where to download the movie you want from anymore.

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Poverty in the caribbean

There are so many people who died of hunger and lack of proper medical facilities. Many infants and their mother die because they don’t get proper medical care or they lack the same. The rate of dying is so high that according to United Nations in every 3 seconds a person dies of some disease or hunger. Unfortunately children die more often.
Although it seems that the world or at least a few parts of it not having enough food but the reality is entirely different. If we talk more specifically the poverty in the Caribbean is resulting into these unwanted deaths in that area. The problem of severe poverty in Latin American and Caribbean region restrict them to buy enough food to nourish them. As they are continuous improperly fed; resulting into loss of health and weaken body.
A fact about poverty in the Caribbean is that the poor are found every where; in developed and developing countries. Caribbean countries lack in infrastructure and may be considered as middle income countries as, per capita income is as less as a dollar a day. It is also worth telling that in some countries like Bahamas, the Virgin Islands, and in Barbados have less poverty than countries like Guyana, Haiti and Suriname.
Official and unofficial surveys have revealed the fact that how badly the poverty in Caribbean has affected the lives of the commons. Considering the basic requirements of healthy living like financing the food for the family, education and other must haves, the situation is not good in almost all the countries of the Caribbean. How severely does the poverty in the Caribbean has affected the lives there can be concluded from the fact that almost 63% of the population in Haiti and 61% in Suriname are living below poverty line. Whereas in countries like Belize, Grenada, Guyana, St. Kitts, Dominica, almost 35% – 45% of the total population is living below the poverty line.
These surveys not only depict the bad condition of the common people in these countries but also the unavailability of basic needs a human deserves. It also concludes that the poverty in the Caribbean countries is mostly found in rural areas.
Poverty eradication is a very long-term process in Caribbean. The governments have to concentrate on giving a boost to the rural economy to enable the poor to see the ray of hope. Otherwise all efforts would result into disappointing failure.

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