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Solar power cars

For long the researchers have been trying to investigate if it is possible to run a car with the help of solar power. When the solar power system was first invented it was only used to generate electricity. Another use was to illuminate the street and the house lamps. The use of the solar energy was regarded costly and highly technical. Only the government used and purchased these solar powered systems in start. With the advent of more technology the need to develop more products powered by the solar energy was felt. There were more items created which were operated by using solar energy. These included systems for normal household items which run on electricity.

From swimming pool pumping systems to internal house lights, all these were operated with the help of solar power. The green peace groups have always been opposing against the pollution and damaged caused to the environment by the use of different pollution making products. Cars have always been though of as a pollution generating product and especially those which are run on diesel. It was this factor and the factor that these cars are run on petrol and the world is getting short of the oil and the prices of gasoline are always increasing, which led to the invention of a very unusual and a very fascinating product. Scientists were pushed to develop a car more environment friendly and less costly in terms of the running expenses.

Therefore in late 90’s solar powered cars were developed. They became popular in some countries but still are not used as a very common way of transport. The reason is their cost and some other factors involved. They are designed with the use of sodium metal in their body which absorbs heat in order to charge the battery and give the car current to travel. It runs on a solar powered battery and can reach a speed up to 50 kilometers an hour. They don’t use any petrol or any other duel to travel. They are wholly dependent on the solar powered battery for running. They can accommodate not more than two persons but usually it is one. Scientists are working on more ways to make these cars better and more users friendly. It is expected that in next 10 years there will be more solar cars invented which will be in the reach of an average individual and they will be more common among the normal people.

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Solar power inverter

Solar power energy is a very popular source of energy and is gaining more popularity. The fact that it is the most refined form of energy and the cleanest form of energy generation techniques has made the solar energy worth getting. Every government wants to have more solar power energy generating plants in the country and more people want to have solar power energy running their household items. Solar power energy is not only restricted to the roads and the gardens today instead it has a much wider meaning and has more uses. It is widely used in some homes across the United States. When it was first invented it used to cost a lot to have solar power generation systems and this was the only fact that solar powered energy generation techniques and tools did not become popular.

Then in early 90’s the researchers and engineers felt the need to have more solar power generating techniques which would cost less and therefore be available to maximum number of people. The key focus was and still is to provide these energy generating techniques to the average individuals of any country. Though it costs more then a simple energy generation techniques but this is only one time expenditure since you normally don’t have to pay the monthly electricity bills. But in some countries like United States there is big solar energy generation’s plants which provide electricity to thousands of homes and therefore those people have to pay the monthly electricity bills.

The key point to note is that the energy or electricity produced by the solar technique is direct current and it has to be converted into the alternating current using the solar power inverters. A solar power inverter is basically an inverter which converts the incoming direct current to outgoing alternating current using simple mechanism. Once it has been turned into a direct current only then it can be used in our homes. There are many different types of solar power inverters used today. A normal solar power inverter will probably look something like this:

This is a provat 12V power inverter.

This type of inverter is usually used in mobile homes and caravans. But they cost a lot. There are usually two types of power inverters;
* Modified sine wave inverter (MSW) these are the cheaper ones and they produce electricity which is not of high quality and can therefore cause damage to some appliance.
* True sine wave inverter (TSW) these are the more powerful ones and produce cleaner electricity then even the normal electricity.

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Solar power for RV’s??s

Imagine your retirement criss-crossing the country limited only to destinations that offer utility hook ups or nearby gas stations. That is probably not the unlimited freedom you dreamed of when planning your golden years. Noisy generators vibrating away your peaceful thoughts and adversely affecting the beautiful places you visit. There is an alternative. Solar power for RV’s is a quiet, clean and easy to use renewable source of energy. Considering solar energy offers the freedom and ease it is not surprising that more and more people are outfitting their RV’s with the necessary equipment and traveling to less-traveled places.

Solar panels require very little maintenance as there are no moving parts. Most require a simple cleaning to keep them running efficiently and a yearly check. Batteries do require a little more maintenance than the panels, such as checking the water level every several months. Solar energy is very safe as well, reducing the chance of fire or electrocution in your RV. Most solar equipment is so reliable that manufacturers offer twenty-five year warranties and expect the life of the equipment to be thirty five years. Getting started with solar power for an RV is simple. The experimentation has been done by those before you and they are more than happy to share their lessons with you. If you spend time online, you will find hundreds of solar power users and their advice free for the taking. Most will share their failures and successes and their suggestions for you to convert to solar. Learning how many panels you will need and the different types of batteries to store unused energy will depend on your usage and needs. This venture will seem like a hobby for a while if you want to do it yourself but you can also hire a company to do the work for you and give you some training. In light of the savings on gas, low maintenance requirements, cleaner environment, and the peaceful quiet operation of solar power it should definitely be considered.

It is exciting to consider the limitless opportunities to tour unseen places without regard for hook ups or gas supplies. From the oceans to the mountains you will be free to roam and spend less money on gas all while doing your part for the environment. While getting started may seem daunting, once you jump in you will find a community of people to help and a worthwhile challenge for yourself.

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Home solar power

When solar power was invented, it had very limited uses and was thought to be useful for bigger industries or government only. The most common use of solar power back then was among the solar powered calculators only. Other then the calculators it was used by the government on few projects. The size of the equipment and the cost involved in acquiring a solar power system was very high and was out of the reach of an average individual. It was either seen in the calculators or on remote highways for the use of telephones. In last few decades the solar power was regarded as an important and a very vital source of energy.

After a while the solar energy started to become part of the normal households. Solar power systems costing not a lot of dollars and smaller in size were introduced for the house. Today there are numerous solar powered systems found in many homes across the United States. Today the most common use of solar energy in homes is the solar power lights. There are solar power lamps (light bulbs specially made to be compatible with solar power) which are found in many homes. They don’t cost a lot of dollars to be installed and are easy to use and deal with. They are made with such specification as to provide the best and the longest possible solar energy by using the radiation from sun. a rectangular wall is placed on top of the roof where no object is to stop the direct sun rays falling on the surface of that wall. The surface of the wall is basically very shiny steel like material which absorbs the sun’s heat and radiation and stores it to charge the battery. The battery supports the light bulbs connected to the system and turns them on once you turn on the switch.

There are many other uses of solar power system in the homes. A very important and the most useful function of a solar power system for the home is its function of water heating. There is solar powered water heating systems used in many homes today. This is not a very costly thing and is best for the places where there is no natural gas or electricity. This works the same way like other solar powered systems. It uses a shiny wall to absorb the sun’s radiation and then store it to charge the battery.

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Solar power tower

Solar power towers are on the rise. They were not built a few years back. The work on making solar power towers started in recent years. Solar power towers are an important and an effective way of capturing the suns heat and radiation in order to generate electricity for the common use. It can generate huge amounts of electricity for use by the common people and the government itself. This can have numerous advantages. The solar power tower was started in America only but today this project is wide spreading across the world and Europe in not far behind regarding this technology.

A solar power tower works pretty simple. Although the plant used to build a solar power tower and the size can be gigantic but it is not very difficult to understand how it works. Solar power tower is basically built by using photovoltaic tiles, high quality glass and sodium metal. The tower is built by using sodium as a metal. Sodium has a very useful feature. Its characteristics of consuming high amount of heat are very useful. The tower is a simple tower built with the sodium in its material. The height of the tower depends on the amount of electricity that is to be generated by the tower. The higher the tower the more electricity will it generate. The tower is surrounded by numerous blocks of glass like rectangular shaped photovoltaic tiles. They play a key role in generating the electricity. They basically attract the sunlight from the sun and reflect it towards the tower. They are placed in such an angle as to reflect the sunlight directly towards the tower. Since the tower is made up of sodium therefore it can be heated up to an astonishing amount of degrees. It can reach a temperature up to 3000 degrees. When the tower is hot the energy is stored in it and it can be used throughout the evening to supply electricity to the people.

Solar power towers require high costs to be built and they are not common because of this fact. But many governments are encouraging to make more solar power towers for their country. A solar power tower generates the finest form of energy which can be utilized by thousands of homes in order to run their electric equipments. It can support the street lights and a lot of other things. Solar power towers are here to stay and they will be increasing in regards to the quantity.

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The solar power generation

In today’s world using solar power makes you part of an energetic community that cares about the environment. There are organizations whose sole purpose is to convince the world’s citizens to make the change and reduce our dependence on conventional energy providers. If you make the changes in your life there are plenty of people in the solar power movement rooting for you and will help guide you through the process. You can attend festivals with vendors and like-minded people and gain new insights and have some fun in the meantime.

The solar power movement is all over the internet and most likely there are many members in your community. Some time spent online or in your local library will open up a world you may not have known existed. The recent discussions and attention brought to the climate change has energized the solar power enthusiasts and given new life to the topic. Solar power has been around for a long time but only recently has it become a familiar topic and environmentalists could not be happier. The realization that changes have to come, by a large portion of the world’s inhabitants, puts solar power back on the front burner and challenges us all to look at the process. There are advantages and disadvantages to all fuels and renewable energies but the time has come for all avenues to be investigated. The solar power movement is more than happy to step in and introduce those who want to learn to the current technologies available and their hopes for the future. They envision a day when all of us live with a variety of renewable fuels powering our lives and stopping the catastrophic events headed our way if oil and coal use is not lessened. They believe that even the wars that may have to be fought in the future to control oil can be avoided and lives saved. You have to respect this thoughtful group of people that care what condition the planet is in when it is handed to the next generations.

While you may not be ready to jump head first into a solar powered life, take the time to understand where this community is coming from. Their sole purpose is to ensure cleaner air, water and life for everyone. The technology has a ways to go but with determined people putting their money where their mouth is, science and manufacturing will catch up.

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