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Classy women new york

Here is what a girl confessed: I was “call girl” in New York, with my own agenda with clients. My men had careers in the fashion industry, banking, law and media. I have visited their homes, offices, and prestigious hotels like Plaza. I also worked for the brothels chiefs in the famous locals from the city. However, here, any resemblance is stooped between my experience and the mythic “call girl.”

I was an adolescent girl, not a sophisticated woman. I was not on my own, but checked up by a brutal pander who had an entire harem. People think that only that classy ladies who are on the street are dependent on drugs, but I took drugs when I was more than 20 years old. It was my only chance, which helped me stand the physical, emotional abuse, which defined my job.

All I have to say about my rich practices and luxury flats, is that it doesn’t matter if you are in a Holland Tunnel car or in Plaza Hotel you have to take off your clothes too, to kneel or to lie on your back and to let a stranger use you in any way he likes. Then you have to rise, to dress and to do the same with the following client, and with the following….In movies ,”call girls” make a lot of money which are invested in legal business when they “retire”. I needed twenty years to mend the evil which they done to me by prostitution. That not only I abandoned prostitution, but I was very detached from society.

Panders, clients, and classy ladies were the only people with whom I had contact for almost a decade. I was deprived of the basic education. I do not have qualification in any occupation. My health was very seriously compromised. I needed surgery and repeated medical treatments for multiple problems and I could not have children. Moreover, I had to cope with the traumas let by those years of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse, common in the classy ladies life. The women who abandon prostitution had to rebuild from basis their lives as in the case of the battered women.

The juridical settlement in the feminine prostitution in New York seems to be stricter and more inflexible than in the past. Local authorities until twentieth century saw prostitution as unavoidable, good for society, which must be tolerated not to trigger other severe behaviors. New York authorities of the contemporary period forbid prostitution completely. Excepting Nevada, actually, feminine prostitution is forbidden, and the brothels chiefs, the classy women, the panders, and even the clients are punished. Nevertheless, this is only the official side even in contemporary New York.

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Classy european ladies

Classy ladies can be found about anywhere in the world. Depending on your budget and your tastes, you can find about any type of woman to satisfy your hidden fantasies. In Europe, as everywhere, there are real actual networks, which deal with this type of business. For example, in Moldavia, twenty-five percent of the women are victims of the international human traffic according to official statistics. Prevention programs are developing to try to reduce the number of the illegal activities. There are people who traveled across Europe to study this phenomenon. Although it is known the fact that prostitution is one of the oldest ” jobs ” and way of life, lately, such networks, and this business developed so much that government programs, as well as non-profit organization programs could hardly handle. The number of the women involved in this sexual traffic is amazingly high and increasing day by day. As studies revealed, the most common reason that pushes women to be involved in such activities is poverty.

Indeed, poverty has reached incredible levels in some parts of Europe, and not only there. However, in Europe, according to studies, most of the women join the activity because they cannot get a decent job. Many of them, attracted by the “magic” of other countries, try their luck somewhere else, far away from home.

Well, as the market is “full,” changing the country does not necessarily mean more money or success. This way, most of them are forced to come back home and return to live in the poverty and the poor conditions they try to leave behind. The rehabilitation programs are few and they cannot handle the high number of women involved. Mostly, the reintegration of these women fails because they have neither other skills nor training, and even if they achieve them with the help of a program, they go back to what they were doing before because it is more comfortable to them, and easier, so they say. The network in Europe is wide and very well established. They lure young girls in general, inexperienced and less trained ones, especially poor coming from a poor environment, and tempt them with a lot of money and a luxury life in exchange of their body. The corruption method is very simple: first, the dealers put ads in the papers for job offers, in different parts of the continent, and offer great salaries. The candidates show up in a large number, they are selected, then, only the most beautiful and good-looking ones get to leave.

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Classy women with children

When you think of a classy woman and of her way of living it is difficult to think that they can educate children. However, some of them do give birth to babies and this is the beginning of a sad story for that innocent creature, who is a classy woman’s kid.
First, children can accuse their mother for her job and maybe they can never accept her in their lives or if they do accept her they can never forget the circumstances in which they were pro-created. In general, children come into this world out of love, their parents love, but there are situations when nobody asks a baby if he or she wants to be born. In this case, God has plans for everybody…
However, most of the times classy women’s children are taken by maternal assistants after police find them. In general, they cannot appreciate whom the father of the baby is therefore they cannot ask any man to give his name to the baby. These cases are the happiest ones, as other mothers can kill their babies after they give birth to them and of course finish their lives in prisons.
To continue with, there are thousands of women going to western countries as classy women, especially those women living in poor countries. If they give birth to children, their bosses can be happy especially if they are girls, because they can continue successfully their mother’s jobs. Sometimes, these children, at quite young ages are used by criminals from sexual point of view or they are forced to steal or to commit different crimes.

Moreover, some of the classy women simply sell their newborn babies for a specific sum of money. The world we live in is sometimes horrible. Sexual fantasies sometimes exceed any imagination and pimps must find ways to satisfy them. For example, there are countries in which sex with pregnant women has become a trend. Up to now, classy women were beaten if they got pregnant and they were forced to abort. Nevertheless, times changed and our society is decaying. Of course sex with pregnant women is better paid. If men do not use condoms while having sex with pregnant women, the risk of contracting AIDS increases for both mother and child, and this is not the end of the nightmare, as these children are sold.
Officials from all over the world must stop these murders and these sources of insanity until it is not too late. Children must grow up with parents, not in an abominable world…

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Classy black women

Halle Berry even in her rather kinky and fetish and bondage induced portrayal of Catwoman is still one of the classiest African American woman, or in more simple terms, a classy black woman. Halle is the first African American woman to have won an Oscar for her portrayal in the movie Monsters Ball. While achievements does not make a woman classy her amazing ability to conquer roles of different nature and genre while still maintaining her unique and simplistic lifestyle is what makes her classy, this is not in anyway an article about Ms Berry, she is however one of the best examples of a classy woman.

Women are defined classy by the simple way they are able to carry themselves. The way they can confidently walk into a room with a garbage bin on as a fashion statement and still be able to hold a decent and not to mention relatively up to date and interesting conversation. A woman regardless of the skin tone or melting pot she has come from is classy in all aspects of the way she can carry herself. Classy is in the way she is confident about her looks, about her style, about her knowledge and is confident about herself in general. Classy is simplistic, natural, and basic while being unique and an eye catcher.

Black women are classy in the way they are able to express themselves, their attitude, their ideas, their beliefs. Think Oprah, she is probably the most well known African American woman who is classy in every way. Her sense of style, her career choice, her home, her ideas, her aptitude to help out those in need without discriminating them because of their color. Most would assume that Ms. Oprah would most likely extend her helping hand out to those of her “skin type” excuse the term, she however has extender her hand to anyone who is in need. Young or old, black, tan, white or yellow, Oprah is a classy black woman because of her insatiable desire to help out without asking for anything in return. Her being truthful, her open mindedness, her generosity and her honesty about her past is what makes her classy and loved by all. Oprah accepts everything, she is thankful of her past and present, and she constantly remembers what it was like growing up and constantly reminds people not to be ashamed of their beginnings.

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Classy lady vintage cars

Classy is an attitude, the confidence and simplistic manner a person can carry or conduct himself or herself in public. Classy, stylish, elegant and fashionable can be simply defined as anything or anyone who exudes sophistication in a simplistic manner. Anything that is too flashy, gaudy or outlandish is not to be associated with classy. In other definitions, classiness shows the stature, level, intensity or hierarchy of a thing, individual or group of individuals.

A classy lady vintage cars is someone who like Hilary Clinton is able and capable to maintain poise under pressure and public scrutiny. During her husband’s scandal while in office, Mrs. Hilary Clinton was the picture of class and dignity. Her ability to surpass that incident and rise over it is what makes her classy. A woman can by fashion sense be considered as classy. Audrey Hepburn during her hay days was the epitome of class. Like Jackie O her taste and sense when it came to fashion meant understated elegance. Simple pieces, that were basics easily found in every woman’s closet. Usually classified by the use of solid basic colors such as blacks and whites, other equally somber hues like grey, tan, beige and even deep reds can be worn. The key to achieving a classy outfit is keeping it simple, not too many prints, no assortment of colors, just simple colors that exude refinement and elegance.

Classy lady vintage cars or any other nationality for the matter is woman’s capability to be comfortable and confident in any given scenario or situation. Again it is grace under pressure. Commonly the word classy is associated with a person who is by birth born into a wealthy or famous family; this is not always the case. Heiress Paris Hilton for one is born into such a family however her choices and the lifestyle she leads does not epitomize any classiness. The name does not make the person; the person makes the name or in this case can possibly ruin a name. Classy is not merely a birth right, classy is an attitude a manner a person conducts himself in public with dignity, refinement and elegance. American women are classy because they are educated and mainly because the country is well off and is progressive hence it is in their nature to be able to adapt to changes in which the people they interact with exude a refined and elegant stature.

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Classy french women

A tres chic! The French women are known for their air of elegance and sophistication, perhaps this is done in association to their country and their culture. France is after all a country filled to the brim with elegance and sophisticated beauty. Its architecture is known all over the world, its landmarks, its sculptures, its paintings even French cuisine is an art form on its own.

Class is defined as a social structure, a group, a sector or measure used to identify quality or hierarchy. A classy person therefore is someone of good social standing, someone who is known for it or exhibits attributes that make him or her classy. Perhaps the most common reason why French women are often found classy is because of their choice of clothes, the labels on their backs, the ones on the soles of their feet. From head to toe, the French woman via merchandising can definitely be described as classy, Hermes or Vuitton, Lacroix, Louboutin, Dior and many more. All French, all adored by women but revered and widely used by French women the most. Perhaps the runway fashion that is often simple staples to the closet of every woman not counting haute couture of course is what makes the French women classy. The way they are able to throw on all these big names and yet still look like their wearing something so basic, so simple and still so chic.

There’s also that curious way how French women are able to remain slim and svelte even after all the succulent, rich and flavorfully infused food that they have. One book says the secret to why every French woman’s slim figure is all about their eating habits, the wine sipping, the gossip during meals, the small bites, the little entrees. Just about everything in moderation, classy is availing of the less is more outlook. By less we mean the most basic not less as in fewer clothes, its practicing moderation, that there is classy. Consuming only what you can and leaving room for other things. Only get what you can handle, more does not always mean its good, allowing extra breathing room shows good breeding and a desire to pace oneself accordingly. Its confidence and comfort in oneself without having the need to constantly adapt to every detail in its environment. French women are classy because of the confident way they are able to express themselves in any given environment.

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