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Teenage obesity

The number of people being obese has risen steadily since the 1990’s and this holds true for people of all ages including teens. The National Center for Health statistics collects and analyses data on obesity each year in hopes to help lower the rate of obesity in people such as teens. Teenage obesity alone has increased by 9 million. That means that at least 15% of children and teens, ages 6 to 19 are currently overweight and that rises each year. Not to mention the other 15% that is considered at risk for becoming overweight.

Experts define obesity as Obesity as a person who has excess fat on his or her body. This boils down to people being at least 20% more then their ideal weight for their body. If you are overweight then that means that you are in excess any amount of weight that is past the specified weight range for your age and body type. It has been shown that obesity is a frequently seen in adolescents or teens.

Teens are at a high risk for health problems when they are obese. Yes the risks are lower then obese adults but the risks as still there. If they start out at a young age being overweight they are more prone to go on into being an obese adult with any number of health conditions. No matter what your age is if you are obese you run the risk of having such problems as: high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, stroke and some types of cancer.

Obesity in teens can be detrimental in more way as than one especially for a teens personal well being and their over all physical health. It can shorten their actual life expectancy. Studies show that overweight teens are more prone to being picked on by other kids who can wreak havoc on their self esteem damaging them even further. This can lead to mental illness and social disabilities as well.

If you or someone you know is having problems with their weigh you should seek the advice of a trusted adult, family member or a physician. Together the two of you can work on a plan to get you where you want to be with your weight. Don’t think that you are alone as there are many people out that that can help. It is important to talk with someone to find out if there is an underlying cause that can be triggering your weight problems.

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