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Free people search

Searching you old buddies from the school and college can be very stressful and irritating. You have to go through so many records, it is very time consuming. Looking manually for your friends with the help of yellow pages is a very time consuming and absurd idea. You have to sit for hours and carefully search through the pages and hey you need to watch out the winking of your eye! You can miss the record! But thanks to the internet people search engines that have enabled us to look for our friends anywhere in the world within few seconds. There are hundreds of these websites which offer people search techniques.

Anyone can use them in order to find their old friends, school buddies and university friends. But a problem faced by a lay man is that these sites charge few dollars just for searching through the records. This is not regarded as a wise and a cost worthy thing by majority of the people. They want to use websites as a source of entertainment and don’t want to pay for using it. Therefore these sites which offer people search by charging few dollars are not very popular. Users are not interested in using a service for which they have to pay. Therefore this problem is covered by the creation of free people search. Free people search includes websites which offer free people search methods.

They don’t cost anything to a normal user. Normally these sites only offer people search, but there are some which offer additional services apart from searching people only. They offer services like acquiring a personal webpage once you have registered with the site. You can interact with you friend on the given web page by sending each other messages on it. There are numerous free people search websites today. Normally this service is largely available to United States only. Records are being kept of every graduate from the known institutes of America. Universities from every state are contacted to get information about their students. Normally the pattern to find people on these free people search sites include few fields which are to be filled before a result is given. A typical people search interface would include the following fields:
* First name
* Last name
* Sex
* State
* City
* P.O Box

On filling these fields and then submitting the form, you will be provided with the search results of all the people with similar credentials.

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People search engines

Since the internet has become a major part of life for any lay man. Therefore the need to make it serve as a joint platform for all the people of world cannot be ignored. There are millions of people using the internet. It is not restricted to wealthy families and individuals only. It is available to everyone. Therefore certain service providers have felt the need to provide with such a service, by which a user can find another user or a person can find another person.

It was this need that led to the arrival of people search engines. People search engine is software available on the web which helps you to find another user or another person by giving few commands to the system. This is a very easy system to use and any simple person who knows about the computer can access it. There’s no need to have a specific skill in order to use this system. It has a very friendly user interface and therefore any one can access and use it. The program has been designed with keeping in mind the urge of simplicity and the requirements of a simple computer literate person.

There is no hi-level computer language involved in it and therefore all you need to know is the “simple English”. A people search engine looks over a vast and numerous amounts of directories in order to provide you with the accurate results. You write a command and then press “ENTER”, it carries out the task in few seconds and provides you with the result. You have to provide it with certain mandatory fields in order to make search more precise and efficient. Atypical people search engine includes the following fields in it:
* First name of the person
* Middle name of the person (not mandatory)
* Last name of the person
* Sex of the person
* City where you want to find the person
* State where you want to find the person (applies to U.S.A only)
* Country where you want to search the person.
* Home address (this is not a mandatory field)

When you give a specific command to the search engines it displays in front of you all the results for that person. E.g. if you type the name john smith and choose California as the state, the search engine will provide you all the people in California who are named john smith.

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No cost people search

Do you need to do a people search? Are you fretting about costly private detectives? I say there really is no need to. Not when you hold tons of options for doing a no cost people search. How so?

You can simply use your Google search engine for a no cost people search. The problem is that the site will give you several results that will take you much time to narrow down. You’re even lucky if you do get to narrow them down to anything useful. There is still no need to fret. There are people search sites that offer more specific information. They usually specialize on information about people. One such site is the ZoomInfo.

For your no cost people search, you can also try tapping websites that specialize on accessing public records for the information that you need. These sites will give you info that is available to the public domain, information that you are likely to find if you do the search yourself. But with specialized people sites, you get what you need with just a few clicks on your keyboards and from the comfort and privacy of your own home. And you don’t have to spend a dime. You can try visiting Pretrieve to access such services.

Or you can try visiting for your no cost people search. The site also gives you information available to the public domain. The site offers such a wide variety of information that some people feel uncomfortable about having their own personal information available through such an easy access. This should not make you fret either. Zabasearch respects your privacy and gives you the option of removing such personal information from public access.

There are several specialized sites available for your no cost people search. They will give you access to phone directories and online obituaries. Also, aside from a people search you can also do a business search. You only need to type in the business name along with the state or city.

Or you can simplify your people search and go directly to your favorite MySpace. This is a good place to get in touch with high school friends, classmates in college, and other old buddies. MySpace is not a big hit for nothing.

You can also do a reverse phone number look up. Instead of finding a person’s phone number, you look for the person through his or her phone number. There are free reverse phone directories online available for free.

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People search sites

Searching people by using internet has become a very popular and somewhat a very technical service. Numerous service providers are providing this service. You can now find any of your old friend or a person you knew a decade back by using this system. This system was introduced by Google. Google was the first ever search engine to provide the service of finding people online on the web. Today as computers have become a major and a vital thing in the life of every person, the need of having a system of finding someone by using a computer is a notable one.

We have seen in the Hollywood movies how James bond tracks a person millions of miles away with the help of hi-tech gadgets. Well this is not only restricted to Hollywood now. These days searching a person system is available for every single individual. Anyone can find anyone by sitting home. This service is available with the help of various search sites. These sites offer this service to any individual. No matter which country you belong to or which country the person you want to find belongs to. All you have to do is to type the name and place that search lives in and you will be provided with the results in just few seconds.

These sites are usually easy to use. There nothing technical about these sites that you should know. These sites offer services by charging a little sum of money to the user but there are few of them which offer free services. Websites like yahoo offer free service of finding a person by using phone number, email address or just by name. Apart from yahoo there are many other websites which helps to find people all over the world.

Another search engine for searching people is This is regarded as the best and the most reliable search engine for searching people. It is free to use and any one can use it by just going to the website and entering person’s name. Other engines like Google have provided various facilities too. Google is regarded as the most innovative company. Their recent introduction of Google earth which uses a satellite to capture images of anyplace in the world is regarded as a very exciting and innovative technique.

Peoples search sites are increasing in numbers and the race is on to provide with the best and the most precise search techniques on the web.

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Military people search

Military is perhaps the biggest organization of any country in term of human resource. More people are employed in the military than in any other field. Be it a third world country or a super power, military is always regarded as the organization with maximum number of people working in it. We can look at the United States military which has 2685713 personnel currently working in it. This is a huge amount!!

When you get into military you know different people and you work with different people for limited time. You are not posted at a single place in fact the military keep on changing your position. Be it air force, army or the navy. You have to do various courses while your stay in the military. You are made to go to different places in order to do these courses, where you meet new people from your organization. Suppose that after your retirement you think of your friend who used to be with you in a specific course. How will you find him with such a huge number of persons working in the military?

The answer is simple. You don’t have to go to a military base and ask for the records. All you have to do is to sit in front of your computer and search through the website. Today there are websites specially dedicated for finding military personnel. These sites look over the various amounts of data for the military personnel and then provide you with the results. Most of these sites offer this service for free. A typical military people search engine would include in it, the following field:
* First name of the person you want to find.
* Middle name of the person you want to find.
* Last name of the person you want to find
* Rank of the person you want to find
* Year in which that person got commissioned.
* Year when that person joined the military.

These are the basic fields that any military search system would include in it. Other helpful fields which can be included in it are;
* Home town of the person you want to find.
* Memorable services of that person.

A military people search system is very useful to find you friends and buddies who had served with you in the past. Searching a friend who you came to know during a war can be done through the military people search.

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People background search

Background search tools allow you to retrieve information and records on an individual. These tools allow you to trawl through phone directories, death and marriage certificates, and public records.

Most sites charge for their full service, but will allow you to access a limited amount of information. If you require more, they will then invite you to sign up for a paid membership that allows you to access the full range of information available for a background search. Although these services draw on public sources of information, charging for them quickly vets out the petty criminal who’s looking to cause harm through getting information on someone.

Background search sites will first allow you to locate the person you’re looking for by narrowing down the results using location and approximate age. Once you’re sure you’ve found the right person, they will then compile you a dynamically generated report, which draws on credit ratings, criminal records, and address history.

These tools are especially dangerous in the new world of blogging and on-line journalism. It’s far too easy to pay a mere sum and dig up dirt on someone to ‘spice up’ a news story or blog post. With this relatively easy phenomenon comes the even more ubiquitous culture of litigation. One dubious or doctored background search can result in a quite public and serious lawsuit.

Background searching can be a dangerous tool in the hands of less than honorable people. Countless companies live off the back of providing incomplete or inaccurate information. These companies will often tout that they have full access to nationwide or even worldwide data, when in fact they’re reselling information bought from 3rd parties. It’s a very shady market, where a high level of discernment is much needed.

An unlikely sector where background searches have cropped up is on-line dating, which has been fraught for years with dating horror stories. Sites like and allow concerned individuals to perform background checks on people they’re talking to or dating on-line. For some, it seems like an unnecessarily paranoid thing to do, but for those burned by on-line dating, it provides an assurance that they’re not talking to someone who can potentially cause them great harm.

Aside from malicious companies and the dangers of misusing this kind of information, background searches still are much needed in areas such as recruitment, risk assessment for companies where security is tantamount, and investigative journalism.

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