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Celebrity bloggers

Online Diaries – also know known, as Blogs or Webblogs are the best things that happened to the economy of the world, in the past ten years or so. You must thinking I am crazy writing this, but really, Britney Spears’ opinion on the Sub Prime loan fiasco, could raise or drop the market points. Why? Simply because, normal people like you and me are interested in what Britney Spears has to say about it. Imagine, Her blogs about the economy of the country, brokers would have a field day. Don’t get me wrong this is not about any countries economy, but its about the most gratifying feeling, any human being has after he or she tells his or her story.

How? Well, using Blogs. Blogs are tools that help share our day-to-day lives with people around us. And with more and more celebrity bloggers using blogs and blogging, blogs promise to offer the everyday experience of stars from all walks of life, at our fingertips. This potentiality of blogs, is being used world wide by rooted main stream media based companies like CNBC, CNN and so on. So much so that, people today log on to blogs created by celebrity bloggers and read their dinner experiences, parties these guys are gonna be at, sunsets, the usual quotidian experience.

At the risk of rephrasing the old phrase of ‘one mans trash, is another mans treasure’; ‘one celebritiy blogger’s quotidian experience is another mans dreams’. Even though, these day to day events of celebrity bloggers might be inane, I mean no celebrity blogger ever faces a situation where in he or she has to, under normal circumstances, disarm a nuclear bomb and save the world.

Even those uneventful blogs, bogged down by celebrity bloggers are quite the general populations’ eye catchers, and this may be the sole reason for biggies like Coke, Durex and other companies to buy advertising space on such blogs. A very good example would be, to quote from Shatners Blog “We are preparing for our yearly charitable paintballing event”. Being an advent celebrity blog reader, I find myself in a fix, I mean, Sure I have to look for scoop, but What I have found out reading these blogs is that most of them are inane and mundane, and these are no different then our day to day life, citing another example from Britney Spears blog, where she squabbles over the fact that she needs to “potty train” the dogs so they don’t spoil her white carpets, I mean, if I had dogs and white carpets, I obliviously would need to do something about that, but still she had close to one million hits on her blog the first two weeks itself. No wonder, Media Channels are paying millions and millions of dollars to buy out advertising space on such blogs.

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Military bloggers

Blogging is one of the best outlets of expression; it doesn’t matter if you’re the CEO of a dog food company, a drunkard a bum, a teacher, student, hobbyist or even a soldier. Soldiers are not always at war on the battlefield they do get to have some time for personal stuff. And for most soldiers that would mean, doing their laundry, shooting hoops with fellow soldiers, working out, phoning home, emailing or blogging. Yes everyone can blog, no one is restricted from blogging, and hence soldiers spend a great deal of their free time blogging. One thing you will not find on a military blog is actual war strategies or tactics available for public scrutiny or discussion. In fact no military personnel would dare blog about something as valuable. Doing so will obviously give the enemy a blow by blow account on your attack strategy. Besides it’s unlikely for somebody to be that dumb and post an entry with such valuable information.

Anyway going back to military bloggers, what would they most likely blog about? The History Channel has recently delved into the matter. They have gone and documented the most inspiring blogs published by soldiers who are currently in the frontlines. The documentary tells about first hand experience of soldiers, they give in depth views of military blogs. Their battle experiences, stories about friendship, camaraderie, the people they meet along the way. They talk about their families, whom they miss the most; they talk about their old friends, they even talk about their pets and generally the lives they had left behind. These military blogs are far from the macho testosterone filled locker room stories, they are tales that soldiers wish to share while they still have time, while they are still able to do it. In a sense military blogs especially the ones done by the soldiers who are sent to the frontlines are done so that they have a legacy left behind. It is their way to let the world know what is going on, what has happened and what could happen if war issues go unresolved. Military blogs offer up close insights on the military life whether it is in training camp, the military base or in the frontlines. Military blogs allow civilian a closer glimpse into the trials, tribulations and triumphs that is part of being in the military and part of providing service for their people.

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Searching bloggers

The internet is an information super highway or gateway whichever term you prefer using. The best part about it is that the information is often toll free, rarely will you come across something that requires your Visa card not counting adult sites and service oriented sites, like deliveries, shopping sites etc. blogging is now know and familiar to everyone, even grandparents blog, politicians blog, clowns, actors, performers, athletes, priests , anyone can blog. Blogging has no restrictions at the moment there are no rules or laws that state that you cannot blog about a certain topic. If you want to blog about hairy asses, you can. If you plan to blog as your dog and his supposed point of view, you can. The point is blogging at the moment is the ultimate freedom of speech and expression.

Before the existence of blogs, bloggers or blogospheres, search engines are about the first known internet tool to be highly used. Search engines provide a person with any needed information; it can come as close as entirely accurate or something so remote its flying out of the left field and into the next ball park. Search engines are a plenty, that there is a given fact. They may not always be 100% accurate but they are however capable of delivering some results. Since blogging is now widespread like germs, one only needs to type in an area of interest in his or her favorite search engine, something like Google or Yahoo or MSN, Ask Jeeves, etc., etc. one can find a blog over such search engines which will show you the top blog pertaining to that certain area of interest.

The hardcore internet nerd, geek or expert will go through the search using a different method. That is via web surfing, this can be a trial and error method or it can simply be one than involves a lot of extra time and not to mention luck. Most web surfers have developed their own methods in finding interesting sites. Because of technology browsers have developed an easier way of web surfing. The use of such features like Stumbleupon or communities like Del.icious can easily provide a surfer with blogs that fit their fancy. Yes even hairy asses. Simply put, blogging is know well known and widely accepted and used that it is pretty impossible for a person to have difficulty in finding a blog or blogs. The key is perseverance, patience and a good amount of link clicking.

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Bloggers 4 labour

Bloggers 4 labor are bloggers that looking for work. These bloggers post about everything and anything and are knowledgeable on a variety of subjects. These bloggers can post about any topic given. This helps websites inform everyone that visits their site to know all about a variety of issues. . Cyberspace is now rule by the Creative Commons Law or the Creative Commons License that is typically found in connection to photos. Creative Commons is generally a non profit organization whose goal is to make certain that legal rights are kept and upheld especially over the wide expanse that is known as the internet. Creative Commons allows copyright owners some freedom to manipulate certain licenses, rights and restrictions on certain works that are displayed over the internet and are available to the public. It is easy to create a bloggers 4 labor ad for blogger jobs. There are job sites that bloggers 4 labor can look for jobs. There are blogs that post what they are looking for on a bloggers 4 labor site. Posting everyday makes for a good income and you also earn a good reputation as a knowledgeable and respected blogger. Most often, bloggers create blogs so they can present a bloggers 4 labor site.
When bloggers sites offer paid upgrades as well, or you can opt to find a webhost and use a publishing tool like wordpress to help you out. If you are or know someone who is a layout making genius, have that person design a layout for you that’s simple and yet eye catching. Web surfers will not wait for a page to load, make sure your blogsite can load in seconds, don’t add too many frills on the site that’s unnecessary. You can always do that later after you have developed a regular audience
If you have thought about becoming part of the bloggers 4 labor community, you need to create a bloggers list. It saves time, and you will know where to go to make more money. That way when you have the job you know immediately which sites want bloggers 4 labor site. Talk to other creators of bloggers 4 labor sites and find out where they go to post for a job. It pays to pick their brains a little to get the information you need. Make sure to stay on top all sorts of subjects and learn it.

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Bloggers guide to using news photos

Bloggers everywhere use different media additions or resources to their entries whether it be a private post or a public one. The most common addition to a blog post or blog entry is a photo. The common mistake done with these additional resources would be the failure to credit the source. Any source for the matter should be given proper credit. Cyberspace is now rule by the Creative Commons Law or the Creative Commons License that is typically found in connection to photos. Creative Commons is generally a non profit organization whose goal is to make certain that legal rights are kept and upheld especially over the wide expanse that is known as the internet. Creative Commons allows copyright owners some freedom to manipulate certain licenses, rights and restrictions on certain works that are displayed over the internet and are available to the public.

Not everyone on the internet is a thief; most people even kids are unaware of the rights they violate by using images, text, data or any other resource from another individual without that persons consent or permission. This concept is similar to an act of plagiarism or piracy. Bloggers must be constantly aware of their rights as well as the rights of others around them especially over the internet.

There is no known manual or user guide published at the moment pertaining to how bloggers are to conduct themselves in cyberspace especially with the availability of various resources. Below is a short unofficial list or guidelines a blogger must be aware of regarding the use of various media resources especially of news photos.

When using other people’s work, check for any available info regarding its usage. Did the owner state specific requirements regarding the use of their work? If there is nothing stated look for this person or this company’s contact information, email them. Ask permission, it is better to ask now that receive complaints about it later from its original owner. When adding words of wisdom or another person’s exact word per word though, quote them, this shows your respect for their work and your good intentions of merely using their thought and not claiming it as your own. The same is to be said with news photos, look for the publisher, photographer or the original owner, if there isn’t any available contact information again quote them for their work. Give credit where it is due.

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Customer service automation

If you do any type of shopping online or in stores that you no doubt have noticed that customer service automation is on the rise. More and more companies are automating their customer service departments to run more efficiently and to handle higher call volumes.

When you call into a company to speak with their customer service department, chances are you will go directly to a self help customer support system. This will allow you to make choices over the phone as to what your problem or concern is. After a series of questions and troubleshooting with the automated system you can then be transferred to a real person. Many companies have found that this has cut their calls down considerably.

Many times when a person calls into the customer service department of a business it is because they are having trouble with an item that was purchased. Many times all it takes is educating the customer about the product that they purchased. This helps the customer better understand how to work the product and saves them the time of having to try to explain he situation to a real person. Many customers find this a blessing and it saves them time as well as they do not have to wait on hold to resolve their issue.

The cable company even offers over the phone automated trouble shooting from their customer service department when it comes to resetting your cable box. The automated system can even reboot the system for you and it walks you through the entire process. All without having to talk to a real person. Now the customer service department is still there should you need them but with automated systems such as these, it helps to cut down on the calls that can easily be handled with some simple instructions.

Many of the customer service departments run on automated systems that are installed right on the reps desktop of his or her computer. They simply have to type in the issue that the customer is having and then the answers pop right up for them to read off to the customer. This not only saves the rep a great deal of time it also saved the company a great deal of money as they do not have to train as much for their new reps to get started. All the information and tool that they need is right at their fingertips. Customer Service Automation is changing they way we all experience customer service departments.

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