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Latest research finding relevant to child obesity

There have been alarming reports about food and children according to the latest research finding. Relevant to child obesity is more than one factor. It is becoming increasingly common to see young children who are overweight. Children are no longer being monitored by a mother who is at home. More often than not, children go home and take care of themselves. Parents have little control over what their child eats during the day. When parents do have control they are too tired to prepare a meal. The average American child lives on fast and pre-packed food.

It is true fast food need not be unhealthy. However, fast food in America is food that is ordered at a drive-through. Within minutes we have a meal. The only way the food is prepared in minutes, is if the food is partially pre-cooked. Then, when it is ordered, it is cooked again. The nutrients left in such food must be nearly zero. What are left in the food are bad fats and over-refined carbs. This highly processed food is eaten on a daily basis by the children of America. These shocking facts are emerging due to the latest research finding. Relevant to child obesity is the belief that fast food manufacturers know about nutrition.

This is correct, food manufacturers do know about nutrition. However, profits are more important. Parents must take responsibility for what their children consume. To make a healthy sandwich or a salad takes a few minutes. Shopping for fresh produce must be seen as a necessity for the good of the family. Shopping is not a chore to be avoided by using fast food joints. There is so much to be gained by a family preparing food together. It is a time to teach children how to shop and what to buy. These are lessons they pass on to their own children.

Preparing and serving a wholesome meal is more important than a fast pizza in front of the TV. Conversation round a family table is more important to children than many adults realize. If at all possible, a brisk walk after dinner will make a difference to the weight of children. It may be the only exercise a child gets. Small beginnings can change a lifestyle. Lifestyle can make or a break the coming generation. It is possible in the future, for the latest research finding relevant to child obesity to be obsolete.

January 31, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Obesity

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