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Obesity opinions

There are several obesity opinions circulating in the media as well as by word of mouth. It seems that a lot of the times obesity opinions state that the commercials, television programs, movies and other items kids and adults may watch or learn from are the target of the obesity opinions, but is this necessarily the truth? Is the media, television, internet, and other media sources liable for the increase in obesity?

The truth seems to be in the middle of the obesity opinions. There are still health conditions that tend to cause obesity in individuals. Most of these conditions are genetic and very hard to avoid. On the other hand you have obesity opinions that state commercials with fatty foods, the stores full of unhealthy eating, and the life style changes that have occurred in the last twenty years are actually a cause for the increase in obesity. The truth is life has changed. This means that obesity is more prevalent not due entirely to media obesity opinions, but because the time for creating a home cooked meal that is healthy and exercising has been reduced.

These of course are often seen as excuses in the obesity opinions, and they are. Most often we say we are tired and that is why we haven’t exercised or eaten properly. Or sometimes we just don’t have the time for a meal in between our meetings and therefore we grab an unhealthy snack. The choice is really ours to make. We as human beings have to realize that exercise will help us sleep better and reduce the feelings of being tired as we get rid of the toxins we have in the body, making us feel off. We also have the choice of the food we buy. There are plenty of health food snacks that can be grabbed in a hurry as long as we stock them at home. We can grab yogurt, precut carrots, and other foods that will help us eat better, and ignore the sweets.

So you have to realize that with obesity opinions it is really just subjective. There are excuses, blame, and not too many solutions being handed to those who struggle with weight gain. You also have to realize that knowing about the disease and what causes a person to be obese or what characterizes them as obese is also important to battling the issue and therefore is the place to start.

January 31, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Obesity

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