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Classy sexy women

Classy is simply defined as anything or anyone who exudes elegance in a simplistic manner. Anything that is too showy or outlandish is never associated with class. In other definitions, classy or class shows the stature, level or hierarchy of a thing or person. Sexy according to our good friend Webster is about someone who is excitingly appealing, attractive, sensually captivating and glamorous.

For a woman to be classy and sexy at the same time is not always an easy task, since not everyone can easily achieve this look. Many women mistake skin exposure as something that would immediately equate to sexy. While this does prove to be titillating especially to the hormonally infested male for most in merely comes across as trashy. Skin tight clothing, skin exposure either via deep cut necklines that expose more than a woman’s cleavage, super tight not to mention really short skirt leaves nothing to the imagination. This leads us to conclude that only men who have no imagination whatsoever are the ones who are easily enticed by this kind packaging or lack of packaging.

Women who are classy and sexy are able to wear the most boring outfit but be able to stand out because of the way they carry themselves, the way they walk, they talk, and the way they are able to be confident even if they are only wearing a sack of potatoes. Confidence is the key to achieving a sexy classy persona, being able to walk the walk and talk the talk. Knowing that whatever situation you are in, you are able to come out at your best. Sexy is feeling comfortable with yourself and having a confident disposition,

While there is nothing wrong with showing some skin, or wearing clothes that fit you like spray adhesive, simplicity is still best. Showing less leaves more to the imagination. Knowing when and where to use certain outfits is also helpful in achieving that sexy classy image. An eyehole cut, a little midriff exposure, a hint of cleavage, some sliver of skin showing up in the most unexpected places of a very well covered gown, like say a hint of leg is more eye candy than one could ever imagine. Looking like a porn star is not remotely classy some however might perceive them as sexy but it is more logical to say that they are sexually stimulating than anything else.

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Classy woman

Everyone has their own idea of what classy is. The idea of what is classy changes with each generation. While the 50’s considered classy women those who showed a little calf, always wore a dress and had very few opinions, today’s world is changed in many ways for women. A woman who dressed and acted like that in this era would be considered a prude or backwards. However, there are some things that have not, nor in my opinion, will ever change as far as the main stream idea of what makes a woman classy.

There are three main staples in the timeless idea of what makes classy woman … well, classy! It is in the way she carries herself, the way she dresses and the way she acts.

A) How a classy woman carries herself
This is often confused how a woman acts, or considered the same thing. Nothing could be more incorrect. How a woman carries herself is how she actually carries her body. You will never see a woman who is classy slouch or slump over. She carries herself tall, straight and lady like. Perhaps she holds her little pinky out when lifting a cup of tea or coffee. Keep in mind, men of good breeding or good quality are going to be looking for these things.
B) How a classy woman dresses
Dress is very important. If you are not dressing appropriately for your body style and age, then the other qualities seems out of place. There is much debate about what is age and size appropriate, so here are some basics:
* There should never be any of your body actually hanging OVER your clothing. This makes you look like you can’t pick out the right size clothing, it is not sexy.
* There should never be any bare middle showing unless you are in a swim suit. Yes, I do know it is in style, however unless you are a college student (and even that is debatable) it gives the impression of easiness, which is not classy.
* If you do not have the legs for a shorter skirt, do not wear them.
* Do not squeeze your body into spandex that shows every flaw!
C) How a classy woman acts
How you behave is very important, though the main pointers are:
* Don’t swear! Quality men honestly don’t like it.
* Don’t hit! No one really likes being hit.
* Be polite. Even if others are not.
Pay attention, you will see that women who are considered classy in this society have nearly all these qualities … and then some. You can have them too.

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Classy ladies dress code

Sexy clothes show as much as they hide, regarding the personality of the classy lady who is wearing them and the body of that person. Dressing with clothes which mould on the outlines revealing the silhouette, constitutes one of the ways through which both men and women transmit sexual signals.

Fanciful clothes, regarding the sexual act, are something that attracts people, as a way of interpreting different parts of their personality, which they usually do not show. Women love to wear clothes, which makes them look sexy, in this way trying to obtain a positive reaction from their date, but sometimes they fear that the man with whom they share the bed is sleeping with their tights and garters and not with them.

If you adopt a special outfit, choose something that would be funny for both of you. The fantasies are reserved for love games and must not be transposed in our daily life. If a man likes the feeling of women, linens on his skin it is not fare to accuse him of being homosexual. This will only destroy his trust and increase his inhibitions. Similarly, the aggressions and deceptions within your relation must not be transposed in a fanciful situation, which must appeal only at the emotions and necessities characteristic for some daring dreams. Mania and violence can destroy the dream and even wounds the feelings of the partner, which you deliberately put in a vulnerable situation.

Sexy shoes are an important part of the “special” clothes. Sandals with delicate strips combined with polished nails, exotic night shoes conceived more for the lady’s closet than for the asphalt, mould boots made of leather with high heels, all this deserve their place in the wardrobe destined to sexual fantasies.

Which is the reason for a men getting excited at seeing a woman on high heels? Well some say that they like the idea of being treated severely by a tall woman wearing some aggressive shoes, with “nail” heels. This reminds them of childhood, when sexual pleasures were associated with punishment. Mostly the high heel shoes confer an appetizing silhouette. For contra balancing the bending produced by the heels, the woman must arch her back, which presumes projecting the abdomen and breast in front and revealing the waist and posterior. The muscles of the shank are contrasting once with the lifting of the heel, which creates a new curb. The wiggling walk of the woman, which wears high heels determines a sinuous movement of all corporal curbs and suggest certain vulnerability along with sensuality.

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Classy intelligent ladies

Classy intelligent ladies are what elegance and class is all about. Their looks are original and classic with elegance and charm of their European ancestors. They care about current trends from Europe from the clothes, hairstyle and makeup. The classy intelligent ladies have strength, personality, intelligence and prefer to be the way they are. They are their own women strong, independent, and aggressive. Classy intelligent ladies like who they are and comfortable in their skin. Classy intelligent ladies have reasons for dressing and acting the way they do. Classy intelligent ladies are self confident, open to challenges and express their personalities through their looks and dress.

Classy intelligent ladies have sexy eyes and either fuller figures or extremely thin figures attracting every man around them. They are seductive choosing who they want when they want. Their mannerisms prove they know what they want and how to get it. If classy intelligent ladies appear superior, it is because they know they are alluring and charming. They are charming, flirtatious and mysterious.

These makeup tips are the best for the classy intelligent ladies look. Apply foundation on your forehead, nose, cheekbones, chin and neck. Using a sponge spread the foundation with circular movements towards the exterior of your face. Use a concealer for under eyes circles and darkness. Apply a rich colorful blush that matches your skin tone apply with a brush for cheekbones.

To be more like classy intelligent ladies apply on the soft classic shades that are rich and intense immediately under the eyebrow bone. To make your eyes look more flirtatious and intense use what goes well with your eye color. Use darker colored eyeliner for your eyes. Apply over the eyeliner a rich and intense eyeshadow. Apply mascara to extend eyelashes and make them fuller and longer, choose mascara that lifts and separates for more volume.

A matte or flat lipstick is recommended with a slightly darker lip liner. This will complete your unique classy intelligent ladies look.

It is all about the attitude with classy intelligent ladies. Personalities are the most important confident, flirtatious with just a touch of arrogance. The setting is anywhere that is classy and elegant from a tearoom to a five star hotel, or resort. This is the art of seduction. Classy intelligent ladies wear sexy, black underwear. Sometimes it is just about seduction.

Classy intelligent ladies are the bad girls who offer plenty of unexpected adventures. Classy intelligent ladies are a type of classic and less than subtle elegance. When you see them, they instantly demand respect and often are a bit intimidating.

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Boutiques for classy ladies

When you think of a boutique for classy ladies you may think of sexy underwear and other accessories, for all the seasons, with trends and fashion parades.

Nowadays, intimate underwear does not have only utilitary purpose; it is also created to highlight women’s bodies, especially if they are classy ladies. Intimate underwear has the purpose to seduce, to surprise, to make a man crazy.

Not only women go to boutiques for classy ladies for shopping. Men are also interested in different products there especially if they want to impress the woman of their dreams, no matter if she is a classy lady. They usually try to satisfy their fantasies purchasing the sexiest products for their partners.
As far as shoes in boutiques for classy ladies are concerned, there are some interesting aspects that can be interesting for you. There are different aspects concerning the footwear, beside heels, which have sex appeal. The simple act of wearing a shoe is itself a sexual symbol. It is not at all a coincidence that the union between Cinderella and her prince was performed this way. The top of the shoe is a phallic symbol and some men wore in the Middle Ages, some shoes that had the top so long that it needed to be filled with something to maintain it straight. Sometimes it was curbed up and backwards, being tied with a little chain by the ankle.
The sandals with cut up top, worn by the women from our days have a similar sexual connotation. The fact that Cinderella’s shoe was made unsuitable from glass is debt to a transcription error from the original manuscript, where it was described as being not “de verre” (from glass), but “de vair”(from leather), which would have been more adequate as symbol and much easier to wear.
The shoes with strips and buckles have connotations bounded up with bondage practice, while the shoes which show the woman’s “plantar arcade” or the toes “cleavage,” remind us of the corsets which put in evidence and in the same time hide the breasts. Although men who have a true shoe fetish are few, the sexual potential of the shoes act upon all humans and therefore deserve to be valued for pleasure increase.

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