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Premier League – Anelka shines as Chelsea win


Premier League – Anelka shines as Chelsea win

Sat 12 Jan  2008

A depleted Chelsea side showed the stomach for a title fight with a 2-0 win at home to Tottenham as Nicolas Anelka made a sparkling debut.

2007-2008 Chelsea-Tottenham Nicolas Anelka - 0 

Chelsea made light of a host of absentees including Didier Drogba, Frank Lampard, Michael Essien and John Terry against a poor Tottenham side who rarely threatened.

It made a sedate return for Blues goalkeeper Petr Cech, hoping to stay fit after an injury-blighted season. The Czech’s work was restricted to a few catches and basic saves as Juande Ramos’s side were stifled.

Spurs were overmatched in midfield, with the central duo of Jamie O’Hara and Kevin Prince Boateng completely out of their depth. Both have promise, but neither is ready to take on the Premier League’s top sides.

The visitors had made a decent start, looking fairly comfortable for the first 20 minutes with Ledley King adding steel to the centre of defence.

Radek Cerny, controversially preferred to Paul Robinson in goal for Tottenham, caused an early alarm when he flapped at a free-kick but otherwise Chelsea produced little.

But that midfield weakness told in the 19th minute, when neither O’Hara nor Boateng saw fit to close down Belletti as he cut inside from the right.

The Brazilian had an age to set himself and let fly from 30 yards, powering the ball past the helpless Cerny and into the top-right corner.

Aaron Lennon proved Tottenham’s main threat as they sought an equaliser, tormenting Ashley Cole with his pace and dribbling.

Yet too frequently the England man’s delivery into the box lacked precision. When he finally did pick out his man, Steed Malbranque volleyed straight at Cech.

On the hour mark Chelsea’s new £15 million man came on to a rapturous reception, replacing the disappointing Claudio Pizarro. The Peruvian was given the chance to prove himself with Drogba away and Andriy Shevchenko injured, but was woeful.

The number of fans who had already bought shirts with Anelka’s name on the back were testament to his importance for Chelsea’s title bid.

He nearly made a spectacular impact, as Wright-Phillips found him with a deft backheel and Anelka’s left-foot shot brought a brilliant diving save from Cerny.

The Frenchman largely played – understandably – like a man who has barely met his new team-mates, let alone trained with them.

Pascal Chimbonda’s angled cross snuck just beyond the far post but it was not long until Wright-Phillips sealed the result for Chelsea.

Joe Cole twisted and turned past his man before laying the ball back to the winger, who fizzed a low shot into the left corner from the edge of the box.

Spurs boss Juande Ramos was ready to admit defeat, and brought on an extra defender – Younes Kaboul – for Boateng six minutes from time.

Wright-Phillips could have added to his tally late on from another Joe Cole assist but shot just wide of the left post.

There was still time for Anelka to latch on to a Wright-Phillips pass and crash a left-foot shot against the underside of the bar.

The ball bounced in front of the line and away, but even ‘Le Sulk’ could afford to flash a smile. This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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Seoul policeman comes out, fights prejudice

January 11, 2008
seoul policeman comes out, fights prejudice
By News Editor
Faced with either denying that he’s gay or having to come out, a police conscript chose the latter and spoke out against the discrimination and insults he was subjected to at work.
Vowing to fight social prejudice against sexual minorities, a conscript serving in the riot police came out by declaring his sexual orientation in an Internet post on the riot police community web site on Dec 30.


Private Kim Hyun-jong – a pseudonym used in a Korea Times report – is said to be the second policeman having done so after his squad mate Yoo Jeong Min-shik identified himself as being gay. He was however imprisoned in 2006 for refusing to finish his service term.

In South Korea, men between graduation of high school and the age of 30 are obliged to complete up to 28 months of military service, or in the riot police.

In his article, Kim revealed that he was forced to come out at the police station where he works after his colleagues read some private information he had saved on his computer. He said that although he had first denied it, he later made up his mind to come out and speak up against the discrimination and insults he was subjected to.

“Some almost put a restraining order on me, and I heard many talking behind my back describing me as a ‘dirty’ gay man,” the Times quoted Kim as saying.

“But I am a Korean man living in Korea and I have no reason to flinch. I will struggle against prejudice for all homosexual people and me,” he said, rallying others in the gay community to support his call for military camps to outlaw discrimination and harassment of gay servicemen.

The report stated that not only does the South Korean military ban sexual relations between males serving in the forces but also describes homosexuality to be a mental disorder.

Other related cases involve one soldier attempting suicide several times after telling his bosses he was gay after he was asked to submit photographs of himself having sexual intercourse with a man to prove he was gay. He was later forced to take an AIDS test and was publicly humiliated.

In another case, a mother filed a petition to the National HumanRights Commission last October alleging that 20-year-old her son was forced to get into bed with his superiors after he had come out.

According to the United State’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) World Factbook, some 345,000 males reach military service age annually in South Korea

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Photoshop styles

Photoshop styles are one way to use Photoshop techniques in order to save time in commercial applications. These styles are primarily used on graphics that appear on things like websites and brochures. Through the use of these Photoshop styles, a simple block of text can be made to look like something else for example gel, wood, or stone.

There are plenty of styles within Photoshop to choose from. They can save you time when it comes to creating your own. If you do not find what you are looking for within the Photoshop styles are available through the program itself. There are a number of websites that specialize in Photoshop styles. Some of the styles that you may find from third-party developers sites are things like the windows XP start menu bar styles or the Mardi Gras foil style.

SThe windows XP start menu bar style is used to re-create the windows XP menu bar for projects in which you may want to represent that particular style. In addition, of course the Mardi Gras foil style simply provides vivid colors with aluminum foil texture. Depending on the website, you are looking at when it comes to Photoshop styles. There may be free, styles and styles which, at an additional cost. As with most add-ons or additions to programming often times, the Photoshop styles are going to be more extensive and more professional looking than the ones offered for free. One site that offers both free and paid for products when it comes to Photoshop styles is Other Photoshop styles include layer styles and layer style effects. However, these are used for the same purpose in taking a particular object and enhancing it to take it from an ordinary mundane item to something that is eye-catching and can be used as a marketing tool. Photoshop styles can be used on anything from buttons to text to shape’s and even in the entire images can be altered through the use of Photoshop styles. While it is possible to create your own style with the tools that Photoshop offers using the pre-defined styles that come with Photoshop or have been produced by third party developers can be an effective way to save time, energy and frustration when it comes to adding a particular type of effect or style to a personal or professional project.

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Photoshop album

Photoshop album is an older Photoshop Adobe program, which is no longer in production. It however can still be purchased from places like Photoshop album systems requirements include an operating system of Windows 2000, Windows millennium edition or Windows XP edition and Intel Pentium three or four processor 128 MB of RAM, though 256 MB is recommended at least 250 MB of hard drive space, along with Adobe reader 6.0 Microsoft DirectX 9.0. If this is not already on your system, it is included in the application CD. Keep in mind that if it is not already present on your system and additional 175 MB of hard drive space may be required in order to install these additional software requirements.

Other system requirements include Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 with service pack 2, 5.5 or 6.0 along with any applicable service packs. A monitor capable of an 800×600 resolution CD-ROM drive, and if installing this on a handheld device the application requires Palm OS 4.0, 4.1, or 5.0 and Palm desktop 4.0 or 4.01. It is important to note that Photoshop album provides only little to support. In regards to network drives and cannot support camera raw file format video and video in PAL format can only be imported.

Any images extracted from these files cannot be used in creations. Photoshop album features include the ability to create custom slideshows, cards and hardbound photo books, a searchable calendar in order to be able to locate photos based on the keyword tags that allow the user to pinpoint a particular group of photos. As well, add digital photo editing effects such as red eye reduction lighting alterations in the ability to adjust for basic flaws.

Another great feature of Photoshop album is the ability to design personalized keepsakes such as photo albums, cards, calendars. It also allows users to print individual photos contact sheets or even picture packages of the photos in a wide variety of sizes. Photoshop album starter edition 3.2 is a Windows only freeware version of Photoshop album. If you are someone who takes a lot of photos, and once a tool that can quickly and effectively organize photo collections along with the ability to cross tag photos in order to more quickly locate exactly the photo or groups of photos you are looking for. Then considering Photoshop album as an addition to your digital photo software package may be worthwhile.

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Photoshop filters

Photoshop filters are one way to take a complex series of tasks and turn them into an easy and simple step. For example, usually changing the color or altering part of an image requires knowledge of several different tools and functions within Photoshop. Using Photoshop filters a user simply has to click on the filter in order to see what happens to the image without having to spend a lot of time learning a complex series of steps.

Initially Photoshop filters in their name from photography filters are usually something film or another material that is placed over the lands in order to create a particular a fact.

Making something brighter for example or fuzzier blurring the edges of something in Photoshop, Photoshop filters do the same thing. However there is more variety and more options on what can be created with Photoshop filters and with the filters you find in photography Photoshop itself comes with dozens of built-in effects that can be used through filters to make the image you are looking at go from upper-class classic to down-home grunge. If the Photoshop filters found in the standard Photoshop program are not to your liking that are a number of free filters available on the web and a number of third-party developers, which produce filters at an additional cost.

In order to use a Photoshop filter, simply open Photoshop. Pick an image and enter the filter menu. From there, you can choose from any number of effects and filters that can create a variety of different changes to your image. Photoshop filters for example can take a standard snapshot and turn it into a picture that looks like was done in watercolor or oils filters include the stained glass filter, the graphic pen filter, as well as various others. These are artistic or art simulating filters that are also other types of filters.

For example, useful as Photoshop filters may clued a set of tools that provide subtle but vastly improving aspects to images such as blur and sharpen. Useful Photoshop filters can be used with artistic Photoshop filters in order to create a better-looking image. There are also unique Photoshop filters like the plastic wrap filter, which makes your image seemed like it is placed underneath plastic wrap or the filter that makes the image you’re looking at look like is being viewed through fun house mirror

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Photoshop cs3

If you are looking for a professional product to protect your images Adobe Photoshop CS3 may be a software application for you. It offers productivity workflow enhancements and new editing tools and compositing capabilities that far surpassed its predecessors. Some of the new features that Photoshop CS3 offers a smart filters the ability to quickly select and defined edge tools, advanced composition in streamlined interface raw image processing and improved bridge for Adobe products enhanced finishing points, 32-bit HDR support and black-and-white conversion.

Photoshop CS3 like all of the Adobe Photoshop products pass a free trial such you can determine if Photoshop CS3 is the program for you before purchasing it. It is a professional software, and comes with a professional grade price. Photoshop CS 3 comes in two versions of Photoshop CS 3 and Photoshop CS 3 extended. They both have the same system requirements in order to effectively run Photoshop CS3 or Photoshop CS3 extended. You will need a Pentium 4, Centrino, core duo or comparable processor.

Other system requirements include windows XP service pack two or Vista home premium, business ultimate, or enterprise for the operating system along with 512 MB of RAM, 64 MB of video RAM, and 1 GB of available hard drive space. Additional free space may be necessary during installation, 1024 x 768 resolution with 16-bit video card DVD-ROM drive and QuickTime 7 software. If you are running a Macintosh system you will need a PowerPC GT four or five or a multicore Intel processor, Mac OS 10 512 MB of RAM 64 MB of video RAM 2 GB of available hard drive space with additional free space required during the installation process. 1024 x 768 monitor resolution, DVD-ROM and QuickTime 7 software. Photoshop CS3 also comes in 21 different languages including a central European and Middle Eastern language version, which is available through Winsoft. Photoshop CS3 addresses the needs of photographers with powerful and comprehensive tools including color correction, cloning, sophisticated composites and healing tools as well as tools that allow a user to automatically align and blend layers to form superior photographs. Photoshop CS3 also offers a workspace that is more streamlined in order to maximize usability. These are just some of the features which set Photoshop CS3 apart from other members of the Adobe Photoshop family as well as comparable competitive products available on the market.

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