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Personalized valentine day gifts

Valentine’s Day is the day for celebrating love with your special person and need not cost an arm , to show some one that they are special and that you love them.We can say that each and every person in the world should celebrate the Valentine’s Day, because love means happiness and happiness means life. One great way would be to give them a Personalized Valentine’s Day gift.

Gifts from the heart for valentine day.

1. There are many places on the internet where you can find music to download. You can create a list of your loved ones favorite music and burn it on a disc and wrap it up in a cover with your own photograph or a photograph of you and your loved one together with a personalized message and express your feeling which you have for that person. Another way would be to load all these songs on an iPod or a Portable Music Player and to engrave your name or its initials on the back of it along with the name or initials of your loved one. You can also sing a song in your own voice that your partner loves in order to make it a personalized Valentine’s Day gift. I think recording your voice would be quiet impressive and would please that some one special.

2. You can also record your message of love on video or on a CD or DVD along with some beautiful moments which you may have captured on a camera or as a video. Because some special moments that come and go need to be captured as once passed they would never come again .You have to make your loved ones happy when you send them some personalized Valentine’s Day gift .

3. Writing love poems is one of the most romantic method of delivering the message or to tell some one that you really love them. You can take the help from the old photographs which you have, because it will refreshes your memory of the fond moments you spent with your partner. Some times people may find it a bit difficult to compose a poems, but this is alright because it’s the thought that counts. When your loved one realizes that the poem was specially written by you only keeping them in mind that will win their heart right away. This could be an excellent example of a Personalized Valentine’s Day gift.

4. You can create a collage of the photographs you have with your partner this would remind them of how long you’ll have been together and also remind them of the beautiful moments you’ll have spent together along with these photographs, you cloud also scribble some sweet messages or maybe even a poem in your handwriting since this would personalize it even more and make them feel important. Photograph selection is also important because it will express the perfect feeling and the message you would wish to convey to your loved ones. Once this collage is created you can frame it beautifully and gift it to them.

5. A digital scrapbook with photos of yourself with messages in between like this you can find many attractive programs that can be used to add borders, frames, etc to your photos to enhance them.

6. Humorous captions with photos of you and your loved ones in a scrapbook can create magic on your loved ones heart.

7. A love coupon book is another way to show your love. The love coupons could offer things such as a big hug, a kiss, massage, a cup of coffee. Your partner can cash them in any time they feel like any item in book. Coupon will not look as attractive as another gift but your partner would prefer this more than anything because it would enable them to get personal attention from you as and when they want .

So we have seen there are many ways to give personalized gifts to your loved one. Your feelings are also equally important with your personalized valentine day gifts. So think before taking any decision of going for a common gift.

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Flowers for valentine day

Valentine’s day is a special day on which inner feelings for loved ones are expressed. To express this kind of feeling, a very general and common, but nonetheless very beautiful way is to gift flowers for Valentine’s Day to your loved one. Once you have decided to gift flowers the other question would be to choose the right kind of flowers for Valentine’s Day. Before buying any color flower for some one who is special in your life, you have to set your mind about, “What kind of feelings you have for that particular person?” “How the person is special in your life?”

Let us describe some different flowers, their colors and their meanings. Roses, a lot of variety exists when it comes to them. Like gifting a red rose would reflect lots of love and affection for the person. Pink would reflect admiration and happiness in it and the yellow one would mean friendship. We believe that Valentine’s Say is a special day for all people whom feelings of love or affection or fondness for others. Now to celebrate and to share that love on this day is very special for those people. So we think that red rose is center of attraction on Valentine’s Day.

On Valentine’s Day gifting flowers is a common practice or a common way of expressing affection or love. Especially for men. Men give some kind of a bouquet to their Valentine and more often than not, expect a magical reaction from her side. Gifting Flowers for Valentine’s day to your beloved, will obviously make an impression and will definitely make, the both of you happy, even if its for a brief period of time. You can give cheerful flower to your mom or daughter like wild flowers, tulips, etc. You can also give flower to you dad or son because it shows appreciation in it.

Well one more thing, which is very important, but many people do not notice that is the presentation of the flowers. People generally have a concept in their mind like giving a flower on valentine’s day is not the only thing they will be doing but if we notice, giving a flower for valentine day not only just implies the importance but also gives an impression of what you are trying to say something special or express your love and affection towards the other person, along with the flowers the presentation of the flower is also important. So the next step is to make an impressive presentation of the flowers. You can take advice from your friends who are closer to you, or you can also take the help of a professional or a florist, who knows how to implement beautiful and attractive bouquet designs.

You can just wrap it up in a simple manner and put some colorful if ribbon on it. Or you can mix the flowers with the perfect gift, making it complete. A Card is also one of the options for gifting but the most common and yet impressive way would be to gift flowers for Valentine’s Day. You can just write few words about the way you feel for that person.

It may be sometimes confusing to choose the correct flower for Valentine’s Day that can really express that way you feel for the person whom you are giving it to because picking the wrong flower would convey. On Valentine’s Day flowers are a common gift, but other options for gifting would also be a good idea. Flowers are not just a gift but also a way of symbolizing love, compassion and feelings of affection which one individual has for the other.

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Free email greeting cards for valentine day

Valentine’s day is a day of love where people generally express their love and emotions through different ways like exchanging card, gifts, flower bouquet, chocolates, etc. there is one more way to get the message across is by the means of e-cards. E-cards are specially designed such that people can mail greeting card to each other. These type of cards include good animation work, music, etc. it is designed in such a way that it will be cheaper or in many cases, say free of cost.

It has each and every feature, which a physical greeting card would have or sometimes even more as you can personalize the E-mail greeting card by recording your own message or attaching a video of yourself with a personalized message. There are many such websites available through which you can send free email greeting cards for Valentine ‘s Day. The greeting cards which you find on these sites are really great because these cards are full of features .You can also add your personalized text message in that card.

You can also make these type of greetings on your own. If you know how to use certain software applications like Paint, Photoshop, Flash, etc. Your loved one will be happier after knowing that you have made the greeting card on your own because it would make them feel special and important, since the fact that you have taken the effort to make something so special will definitely come to their notice. This will create a unique impression about you in your loved ones heart. So try to make the best one which looks very special to some one whom you love the most in your life. If due to some reason you are unable to make it on your own that’s absolutely alright because another option would be to use the free email greeting cards for valentine day since these will also give you a wider variety to choose from and a plethora of various designs and features. Because of the ease and convenience of these cards any one can send the greetings, which are available on greeting card sites, and the best thing about them is that they are completely free of cost. You will find billions of greeting cards on internet all you need to do is either visit some of the ‘e-greeting’ website or just open any search engine and search for “free email greeting cards for valentine day”, and you will have an endless list of options to choose from.
From which you can select the best suitable Valentine’s Day card and send it to your loved one. If we talk about the other occasions then after Christmas & Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular day’s to celebrate.

We can say that sending greeting cards is a very common and popular way of wishing some one special or a loved one on Valentine’s Day. The greeting cards have lots of variety and themes to choose from. These greeting cards are divided in to different categories like animals, special days, mothers day, etc. you just need to search on the specific day or festival and you will get the best results for the same. You may sometimes think that it may be difficult to find certain sites or cards for certain occasions but actually there are thousands of sites ready to serve your need and offer exactly what you want. This can be possible with a few clicks on net and by visiting a few popular e greeting websites. It is a good practice to send online greeting cards because it saves the paper work, which also helps preserve the environment.

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Teddy bears for valentine day

Baffled by what to get your girl for Valentine’s Day? As Valentine’s draws up close the maximum articles sold as gifts, are Teddy Bears. Teddy bears for valentine’s day are considered to be the easiest item to sell, and all toy shops would vouch for the fact that the maximum number of teddy bears are definitely sold in the first two weeks of February.
Teddy Bears symbolise that special warmth associated with childhood which is somehow lost during those teen years. The huge Cuddly Wuddlies are considere to a part of those extra sacred memories that once formed her childhood, which she would want to hold on to. This toy is a symbol of comfort for her. The whole idea behind gifting er a nice big boulder of a teddy bear is that this bear is a symbol of protection.
A symbol that will in turn represent you, as her love, and her security. She may the most independent person in town, but she is sure to appreciate a nice cuddly innocent looking teddy with big warm eyes and may be a bow – tie. A teddy bear for valentine’s day would be giving her a certain level of security in addition to the adorable token of love that would be portrayed.
Teddy Bears may be personalised to her name, star sign, favourite colour, or even, if you are lucky may be made by a favourite brand. Teddies have been around for generations and generations. These adorable toys are made all over the world and even have special brands making them like ToysRUs, Vermont Teddy Bear Company have ranges and ranges of different teddy bears as teddy bears for valentine’s day are by far the safest gift you can choose. There is a Pooh made by Fischer-Price that can actually say your name.
When the whole concept of Winnie-the-Pooh was introduced, there was a revolutionary change in the face of teddy bears all over the world. Cartoons such as Care Bears made history in the late 80s and early 90s, and till date people, and by that I mean children as well as adults enjoy watching these cartoons.
When choosing a Teddy Bear you have to make sure what you are looking for is what you are getting. For example if you are buying a child her first valentine’s day present you have to be careful that the fibres are safe for her, there are recommendations made on each label generally for the minimum age to allow a child to play with it. If you are buying one to be used on the bed as a night buddy it must be safe and soft and not lead to asthma attacks if the child is prone to infections.
Luckily there are so many different varieties of teddy bears that if one does not suit a child there will be a million more to choose from. Teddy bears for valentine’s day are an ideal gift be it to a baby or a teenager or a full grown adult.
Teddy bears for valentine’s day are just right for gifts needing to show affection, these bears have be the symbols of love for the past few centuries, hence the term….BEARer of Love!!!!

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St valentine day massacre

This name was given to the massacre of 7 men which took place on St Valentine’s Day, 1929 in the SMC Cartage Company garage, Lincoln Park, Chicago North Side in the state of Illinois, USA. 6 of the seven men were members of George ‘Bugs’ Moran’s gang, the seventh victim was an innocent garage mechanic.

At this time there was a conflict between the two Chicago gangs. On the North Side was the Irish/German Gang whose leader was ‘Bugs’ Moran. On the South Side was the Italian gang led by Al Capone. It is believed that the St Valentine Day massacre was carried out by members of Al Capone’s gang for reasons of retaliation. The North Side gang had tried to kill South Side gang member Jack McBurn earlier that year and had succeeded in murdering Pasqualino Lolordo and Antonio Lombardo, both members of Capone’s gang. ‘Bugs’ Malone was also trying to take over a dog race track in the Chicago suburbs owned by Al Capone. There was also general rivalry between the two gangs who both wanted control of the bootlegging business in Chicago during this era of Prohibition.

On the morning of the 14 February, 1929, four men arrived at the premises of the SMC Cartage Company garage in cars similar in appearance to those used by police detectives; two were dressed as police officers. Inside the garage were six members of the North Side gang and a garage mechanic. The ‘Police Officers’ holding shotguns entered the building and told the 7 men to stand against a wall, the phoney Police Officers then let in the other two men who gunned down the seven in a hail of bullets. A total of seventy machine gun bullets and two shotgun blasts were used in the massacre according to the coroner’s report. After the shooting, to belay suspicion, the two men in plain clothes were led outside with their hands in the air by the ‘Police Officers’.

The seven victims of the massacre were James Clark, Peter Gusenberg, Frank Gusenberg,Adam Heyer, Reinhart Schwimmer, John May and Al Weinshank.

Capone gang members charged with the crime by the Police were Jack McBurn and John Scalise. John Scalise was murdered before the trial. Charges against Jack McBurn were reduced to violation of the Mann Act after he crossed the state lines to marry the main witness against him, Louise Rolfe. He was later murdered on Valentine’s Day, 1936, ‘Bugs’ Gang was believed responsible. Al Capone was on holiday in Florida at the time of the massacre so was not charged.

The consequences of this event changed the lives of many of those involved and brought about a stalemate between the two gangs. Al Capone came under serious scrutiny by the Federal Government, was later charged with income tax evasion and jailed for 11 years. ‘Bugs’ Malone suffered a serious blow to his power and eventually control passed to Frank Nitti in the 1930’s. One of the gunmen, Fred Burke, was later sentenced to life imprisonment for another crime and died of heart disease in 1940.

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Valentine day party favors

14th February is most probably the important day in everyone’s life who is in love or who is being loved. St. Valentine’s Day is by far one of the most celebrated days in the year and to that one can without doubt add that it is probably the day most looked forward to the most. Valentine’s day is a day of the heart, for the heart ,and by the heart. It is a red rose giving day. It is the day to proclaim and profess one’s love, one desire. It is a day for celebrations. It is day of gifts and tiny pleasures. It is the day of real love, where the truest form of love is expressed and that too – expressed to each other. Everyone looks forward to meet their valentine. It is day of love expression and happiness. But to show your feelings you need something special-a token – and through that small, miniscule token- you can enter in heart of your valentine. What can be the best thing other then red roses and red heart shaped balloons? Choose your party favors wisely when planning your Valentine’s Day party, you never know when your Valentine might come around the bend and take you by surprise!

Here are some more ideas for your valentine party favor. There are actually many different ways through which you can spend your valentine’s day. You can add basket of chocolate with centre toping of diamond ring. A sparkling diamond will shine in the eyes of your valentine. You can gift it during a memorable candle lit dinner. You can add heart shaped candles to your list.

You can create your own valentine day party favors idea by giving heart shaped cookies or brownies as a gift. You can decorate them with a strawberry flaoured red coloured icing or cream. Small decorated cakes with red roses on them. Use small red hearts as centre toppings of cupcakes. Make circle of basil leaves around red heart. It will give very attractive look when red and fresh green colors are together on cakes or other desserts. Thus creating scrumptious edible V-day party favors.

Nowadays valentine’s day is popular amongst children as well. So isn’t it a good idea to plan party for them??!!! You can arrange party at their school with the help of faculty and other parents aid. However home is by far the best place to arrange such a party. It is great fun for them. To invite them one can use home made invitation cards. Take red color card paper. Cut out large heart shapes. Write invitations on it with glitter pen. Decorate with stickers, lace, glitters, and fresh red roses and many more things you can use to decorate card. Give this card with little cute teddy bear to them. And see how they are shining!!! It is easy to arrange party for them. And easier to arrange the V-day party favors!

Arrange games for them. Children will be happy if you can arrange some good games. A Valentine Day treasure hunt will be the best game for them. Hide all Valentine’s Day inspired items. Give them time of half an hour to search for the favors. And who ever searches maximum items – he or she will get best prize for it. It can be huge white teddy bear with shining red heart at chest. The children enjoy the excitement tied hand in hand with a theme. As Valentine’s Day is a theme centering around love and affection, compassion and passion they ought to be given a chance to make the best of it. Valentine party favors give these children a chance to remember these parties teaching them about the importance of love and compassion.

This is about our children. But how can we forget our grand parents. Valentine day is for all and it’s not specific for only boyfriends and girlfriends. Give them a chance to celebrate this special day. Or instead celebrate it with them. Give a heart shape photo frame with a touching photo inside. And just watch their reaction.

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