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Valentine day cartoons

Everyone has their favourite Cartoon character whether it be Charlie Brown or Snoopy, Fred Bassett or Garfield, Bart Simpson or Bugs Bunny, not forgetting Tom and Jerry or Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Paddington Bear, Asterix, Tweety and Winnie the Pooh. Whatever your age or sex you are certain to have at least one character who you think is fantastic. Everyone loves cartoons and everyone reads cartoons even the rather severe looking businessman on the commuter train, the teacher you loved to hate at school, the local hooligan, your Grandad or kid sister.

During the last twenty to thirty years fluffy stuffed toys have really taken off as popular presents for Valentine’s Day. Those representing Cartoon characters even more so. Holding hearts or flowers or wearing t shirts with messages on of affection and love, big ones, small ones, all sizes and all kinds, as the big 14th approaches they seem to pop up in shops everywhere. Valentine’s Day is a growth business involving billions of dollars in sales (over 1 billion cards alone are purchased each year) and everyone seems to want to outdo themselves in terms of imaginative and amusing cards and presents.

If you’re not into fluffy toys then you can buy t shirts, sets of glasses, cartoon books, towels, tea towels, aprons, pens, agendas, posters, underwear, mugs and lots of other things all decorated with your favourite Cartoon character. The list of items available seems endless with something for everyone.

If you are tempted to buy something connected with a cartoon character for Valentine’s Day or get a card decorated with one then why not go the whole way and send an e-card or Valentine Day cartoon as well using the Internet. Look up your favourite cartoon character on the Net, go to their website and browse through. For most of the famous characters there is a great choice of wallpaper, e-cards, screensavers or daily cartoons to download or send. There are also games to play, puzzles to do online (or print), pictures to print, download or send and gifts you can buy online and send around the world. On many sites you can even look in their archives and find old classics. Annual celebrations such as Christmas, Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Halloween and New Year always have their own special cartoons. Imagine their surprise when the one you love opens an email from you on the 14th February and finds a cartoon inside, it’s guaranteed to cheer them up and start their day with a smile on their face.

After all, isn’t that the idea of Valentine’s day? To show someone that you love and appreciate them and what better way than to make them smile with Valentine’s Day Cartoons. Nowadays sadly, like many other celebrations, Valentine’s Day has become maybe over commercialised, people are encouraged to spend more to show they care. Someone once said “It’s the little things that count” so send a Valentine’s Day Cartoon or e-card, it costs almost nothing yet gives a great deal of pleasure.

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Valentine day gifts for mom

“We love you Mom”. Some children write on creations cards or on the chart paper. But don’t you think this has become so common and predictable. Even moms are used to this but let’s come a cross. I know its not too much difficult to choose mom’s gift because you know most of the likes and dislikes of your mom. So task become easier to do.
Keep your mind set what type of gift you want to give it to your mom. More options will create actually more confusion. You don’t have to think that you should give some type of gift which will be useful to your mom. You can give her some beautiful show piece, a beautiful painting in which some deeply explanation about the importance of parents in our life.

Valentine’s Gifts Ideas

You need to make decision on your own but you can involve you friends. So they can give some idea about what to select and why?. A festive gift for parents is a green ‘valentine’ day plant or mini tree that is stern across with heart shaped notes of I love you. Also, family photos can be stuck on magnets and put on refrigerator, etc etc. It also depends on your mom’s nature and likings you can decide the gift depending on what your mom would like to receive as a gift from her children. If she likes some music you can get her a collection of her favorite music discs or an iPod full of her favorite tracks. But by guessing on the nature the task may become some what confusing but I assume that every child would definitely know the likes and dislikes of their mother.

Puzzle games are also one of the option to give, because your mom is tried of work. At that time some thing which make smile on her face.

Cruise tickets can go a long way for you mom, especially if she is tired and needs a valentine day getaway. Creating something for valentine day gift for mom, is generally an excellent idea, you can create a kiss basket, or maybe a painting or a charcoal sketch, or give her some freebie cards with I love yous written all over them.

Cake with the shape like that of your Moms can definitely be prepared. Yes cake is also one of the option to go for because cake is having the taste of sweetness.

Valentine’s day Gifts for Mom

There are so many different types of gifts available in the market it doesn’t matter which category you choose. But how you present the gifts that is more important part. Card, flower, I Love You posters, bangle box, necklace, treasure box, coffee mug is good for use. Three incense sticks or maybe even matches that can spell Mom, which can burn burn for some time is ideal for celebration. These are just few ideas what you can gift to your mom.

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Valentine day candy

The way people celebrate Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc with the same zeal, zest and enthusiasm people in love celebrate Valentine’s Day. Valentine day is a day, which is specially kept for love. Many people in real world think that love means life. People generally don’t always get time to express their love with to partner. This is the day on which you need to keep any other activity aside and need to get involve to celebrate such valentine day. This is the day, which makes people to come closer to each other. Valentines Day is a Roman Gift.

From the early 17th century, People world over have been sending feelings of love, friendship and thankfulness on valentines day, expressing these feelings to each other. The first commercial greeting card was produced by Holland in the early 18th century. And the even though receiving a beautiful cards is wonderful, people wish to show their love by many other means which may include giving their loved ones gifts, flowers, jewelry, taking them for a nice vacation etc. One very popular gifting item is gifting candy or chocolates. If we talk about the festivals like Christmas many people do believe that exchanging cards are one of the most beautiful way to express or the way to show your emotions and feeling for those people another way is by gifting sweets and chocolate since they are sweet and everyone loves them.

Off all gifts exchanged on Valentine’s Day. One of the most popular item is candy. Gifting chocolates and cards and flowers is common but very exciting as it lets our inner child out and also enables us to express our feelings of love to our loved ones. Confectioners from all around the globe, start getting ready and start manufacturing more candies and chocolates around the globe from the last week of January itself. You will find many candy lovers, who use the same gift, same concept every year but still it feels great. They are really happy when they give or get candy. Lovers like to receive the Valentine’s Day candy since its already sweet and it becomes sweeter with lots of love added to it.

There are different kinds of candy available out. You just have to keep your eye on the best one, which you want to buy for your loved one and since you are buying it for a loved one I’m sure you would very well know their preference. That’s right; the Valentine’s Day is nothing more and nothing less, its all about mush, its all about that funny tingling feeling called love.

There are many suppliers available they have amazing products in heart shapes or in the shape of cupid specially created keeping the Valentine’s Day theme in mind, such chocolates or candies come in specialized packages known as Valentine’s Day candy packs.

Just like in the past, women still wait to get their favorite savory goodies and gifts on Valentines Day. So celebrate a candy filled Valentines Day this year!

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Preschool bible lessons on valentine day

Valentine’s Day is a aide-memoire that sometimes, it is absolutely OK, to have a relax in the bath tub with a glass of rich red wine, to eat candy and last but not the east to cherish love and friendship. But, according to our bible study as taught to us at our Sunday bible classes, Valentines’ day was named after the famous Saint Valentine, who was a Christian priest and was a scientist too. In Saint Valentines’ era, many Christians practiced in absolute secrecy, their religion. There are several spins of the same story that were told to us, hence the preschool bible education is a must. Here are some of the variants of the story told to us, when we were kids.

Children all over town adored St. Valentine and these kids would send him letters in which they would express how they felt for him – This directly relates to us sending valentine day messages- i.e., cards gifts tokens etc. Based on the above, Christians are taught / preached to, that the actual and true meaning of love, friendship, understanding, hatred etc. during pre-school bible lessons. And that is the reason why, it was initially the Christians who started celebrating valentine’s day the world over. And slowly and surely, it is also being celebrated by non-Christians also. It has now become an integral part of festivities all over the world as people have begun to (only in the recent few decades) realize the vitality and the importance of expressing one’s innermost feelings and love.

In a relationship, between two adult individuals, one must learn to love the other for what one is, and not what we want them to be according to our likes and dislikes, wants and priorities. One must see them for who they are and love them for what they choose t be, yet have they any serious vices aid them realize the dire consequences of their actions. Hence by teaching children while their minds are open to change one sees the advantage of pre-school bible lessons.

Another story also tells us that valentine was working effortlessly to cure and tend to a boy who had lost his sight and when he was suddenly, caught by the roman soldiers on the pretext that he was acting as a disguised priest. Thereafter valentine is sentenced to hang. Before his execution, he states to the boy in a letter that Jesus’ undying love for him, and the letter also contains a small sweet treat for the child.

Now what is important here, is the fact that as soon as the child eats the candy, his eyesight is magically mended and the child now is able open his eyes and the see the outside world and read the letter sent by Valentine, no sooner the child reads valentine’s note, the same instant the ” disguised priest” is executed. To reciprocate our love for each other, in the similar manner as Jesus dies for his love for us, we have to love, share, trust each other and support too pays a vital part in a relationship. Without a balanced and well formed mixture of these no relationship can be complete, which is also a part of the teaching sessions at pre-school bible lessons.

Children are also taught to make cards using angels quotes to give away to their school friends on valentine day as also every child is asked to read one quote each week, this is a great way to keep the spirit of love in their hearts, and in this way they can spread the message of love, once children learn this at pre-school bible lessons they are able to in the later and more formularize years realize the vitality of these concepts.

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Valentine day gift

Generally good gifts for him include socks, a tie, or shaving kit, which unfortunately have become very common and rather un-innovative. You can choose the ideal gift, by knowing the person and knowing about what kind of activities he does in his day-to-day life. You can also gift him some sports items, if he is interested in playing different kinds and types of sports. A briefcase or a sweatshirt or simply a well-crafted mug can express a lot of thought and sentiment. A Valentine’s Day gift for him is not an easy decision to make, but think from your heart and you know you will find it. It is not impossible to choose a gift, so go ahead and take a chance you’ll be surprised how much he’ll appreciate it, and more than that how much he’ll appreciate you for thinking of it.

There so many ideas and options that is available to you. You can decide the gift depending on the attitude of your love. How the person behaves in his general life what he likes and does not like, his taste, his wants, his little obsessions, those things he wants for himself but sidelines because of responsibility, those are the things that are laying there- out of his reach but within yours -to pick just for him. So depending on these thoughts go out and do something extravagant this Valentine’s Day, make him realize the difference he makes. And make that difference for him.

There are different Valentine’s Day gift items available if you look in the market.

There are many ways in which you can treat your guy right; affirming words, admiring words, and heart felt compliments would definitely boost a guy’s self-worth. Make a card, write a letter tell him about these things. Some men appreciate hugs, kisses, messages and every other kind of affection. It’s all about giving the right balance of beautiful ideas. Find out what he really likes. It is not important how much you spend on your valentine day gift for him but your feelings and actions are way more important to the person whom you are giving the gift to, with love.

Some of most unique valentine day gifts for your man are likely to require a budget. If you feel for you the good stuff is -power tolls, a magazine subscription, DVDs, ticket to favorite sports game, a ring, a wall painting with a customized message or a pup or a bowl of fish. Each symbolizes his personality. It symbolizes him. And if you can find that thing that he holds close to his heart – you’ve found the perfect gift.

You can give him CDs, which he is bound to love. But for that you need to make your mind set before taking any decision regarding your valentine day gift for him. You can wrap your gift beautifully, designing it and using colorful paper, which reflects the perfect presentable gift. You can tie up with ribbon which has heart card attached to it. Put some message on it.

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Valentine day gift for her

Thinking of what would make the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift For Her? Dumfounded at the question of what she’d want? Racking your brains as to what will make her happy? And what will make this exceptionally special day more spectacular than she could ever dream of? The key to all these questions lies in your hands. It is extremely simple.
A Valentine’s Day Gift For Her should be something that has a meaning to her. Find out what makes her tick. What is her passion, how she thinks and what makes her happy. Does she like flowers? Would she be able to keep that adorable little white kitten, or would two lovebirds make her day? Would a walk on the beach or a formal sit down dinner make her happy? Remember what you may want to do for her for this day meant for romance may not necessarily match what plans you had in mind, so be as giving as you can because this day is very very special for her.
Valentine’s Day Gift For Her is not just any gift you can pick up at a mall or department store, if you are buyinn her a ift then make it perfect. Does she appreciate jewellery, would she like a nice long drive with only you and nature? Would she rather spend it with your friends circle or would she prefer a nice overnight trip on the beach?
Valentine’s Day Gift For Her could be as simple as a teddy bear or a red rose, but until you add that special touch of you to it, it will be meaningless to her. A letter might be the best thing if she is the sentimental type. If you are mildly inclined to culinary arts, try making her brownies or a cake if you are daring enough a meal lit by candles. A romantic movie with her favourite caramel popcorn may seem so simple but might just make it the most lovely Valentine’s Day she’s ever had.
Valentine’s Day represents a day solely dedicated to love and affection. A day made for lovers, for strengthening that bond, that emotion that we live on or die craving for. She may be the biggest tom boy there is or may be the daintiest petite there is in the class but this day will have equal importance either way. It is upto you how special you make it. A cake with ringed hearts or a pendant with a heart would give her a sparkle in her eye, a book or an album with the timeline of your relationship or a picture showcase would leave her with a bountiful array of memories, which she can keep close to her heart always. A rose that is of the purest red there is or just a scroll of a poem you wrote with a small red ribbon holding it together is sure to make her ecstatic.
Do remember that nothing can make up for your presence. If you are far away from her, make sure you post her something meaningful, nothing would mean more to her than you. A Valentine’s Day Gift For Her, would be only complete with you.

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