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Nutrition supplements

The nutrition science is a branch of science that deals with the nutrients required for our body. It is not possible to get all the nutrient supply, required to keep your body healthy and fit, from the normal foods that we consume. To compliment the nutrient supply to our body, we have to supply nutrients from outside of usual food sources. We need nutrition supplements to get all required amount of nutrients everybody needs the nutrients supplements daily. This demand has created a really very big market for manufacturing and distributing the nutrition supplements. What types of nutrition supplements are available in the markets? Synthetic nutrition supplements, herbal nutrition supplements, specific purpose nutrition supplements, mixtures of nutrition supplements, you name it, and they are available for you in the market..
As the nutrition science developed, the specific role of the specific nutrient was well established. Once the properties and uses were established, it was easy to manufacture them and sell as the nutrition supplements in the market. There was extensive research to find out nutrient ingredients from naturally occurring food items. Eventually isolation and concentration of nutrients from natural food sources became possible. This started the manufacturing of the naturally occurring nutrition supplements.
Why do we need nutrition supplements at all? The answer is two folds. The first point is that your body might be experiencing deficiency of certain nutrients, This happens because every type food item has different kinds of nutrition in it. The typical western breakfast has deficiency of proteins in it. Similarly different groups of people might be experiencing some kind of nutrition deficiency, depending on their local food intake. This deficiency has to be made up with the help of the nutrition supplements
The protein nutrition supplements are very famous with the western customers. The protein nutrition supplements help to build body muscles. These nutrition supplements do not have lot of calorie in them. This feature of these nutrition supplements make them popular in weight watchers customers. You do not gain weight, if you use these nutrition supplements. The fats and sugars are the nutrients which have large amount of calories associated with them. This means if you consume the food containing these types of nutrients, you will gain lot of weight. On the contrary protein works in body chemistry in a different manner. If you consume them, the stomach feels, it is full of food. And then sends a message to your brain to stop eating anymore food. This means you do not feel hungry. If you do not feel hungry, you will not over eat. Thus protein nutrient supplements help you to stop over eating.

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It was known from centuries ago that what we eat affects our health. The science that studies our food intake and its effects on our health is called nutrition. The diet that we eat produces either god or bad effects on our health. In nutrition you examine how, why, when, all this happens. The health professionals who are experts in nutrition science, are called dieticians .They give you diet advice which is totally evidence based .If there is some imbalance in your nutrition requirements, they find it out. There can be two types of nutrition imbalances in your food intake. You may be taking certain type of food, excess of which can cause imbalance in your nutrition, causing problems of health.
One simple example is sugar in case of a diabetic patient. The intake of sugar is necessary ingredient of your nutrition but in case of diabetic patient it is necessary to control the sugar to avoid any imbalance in your nutrition
Second type of imbalance in nutrition can take place because of fewer intakes of certain types of foods. We require vitamins and minerals to maintain our health. Green vegetables are an important source of natural vitamins and minerals. If you are not using much of green vegetables in your diet, it may cause deficiency of vitamins, which in turn will lead to imbalance in your nutrition. Thus in this case a dietician will, advice you to, increase the green vegetables in your diet to correct imbalance in nutrition.
It is oblivious that studies in nutrition will take research for months or years to prove or disprove certain hypothesis from nutrition point of view. You have to note all the food intake first. Then note everything about person’s health at the time of ingestion. Note all the health points after the digestion. Finally note all chemicals present in human waste.
This observations noting has to be continued over prolong time, before coming to any conclusion from nutrition point of view.
When we take food it contains certain chemicals which are useful for our body health. Our body secretes certain chemicals. We can call them digestive juices. These chemicals have reactions on chemicals from the food. After the reaction, two types of chemicals are produced. First type is useful for our health; this is absorbed by our body. The second part is waste chemicals. These are not useful for body health. They are thrown away by the body. This ultimately forms human excreta. Our body has lot many cells. If they function well, our body remains healthy. If these cells do not get their nutrition, our health suffers
It is obvious that our nutrition depends on proper diet.

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Universal nutrition

Universal nutrition is famous nutrition products manufacturing company. The universal nutrition products are for the use of sports persons. They have lot of sport nutrition supplement products. The company started its activities in 1983.Ie you want to reach your potential in the personal health and body building, then the universal nutrition product is an answer to all your problems. You can achieve a stronger physique if you use their products.
The universal nutrition products are manufactured in an environment of strict quality control. At every step of manufacturing, stringent quality testing is done. They provide you with good quality support. The whole system is extremely responsive. Whether your query is by email or phone, they take it very seriously. You are contacted and your feed back is always welcome. They try to have lifelong relations with the customer.
The universal nutrition products are guaranteed for their performance. They deliver what they promise. To keep ahead of the competition, the universal nutrition management is following a path pf continuous innovation.
Now let us review some of their products. Real Gain is a famous product of the universal nutrition company. This support formula is for mass-cultivating needs. If you are a hardcore active athlete person, you want to build your body to the perfection. This supplement is for people like you. This product provides your body more proteins and more good fat. It also provides more calories. This protein complex has good amino acids profile. It contains whey protein and casein. Some complex carbohydrates are added to this formulation to provide you with ample energy to build and utilize your energy flaxseed oils are incorporated in this universal nutrition product to give you
more hormone production. In this universal nutrition product is added a special dietary fiber to help you in digestion of all protein, carb and fat. This universal nutrition product is available in four different tastes.
The next product from universal nutrition company that we are going to review is torrent. This product is designed foe the post work out needs of the body builder.
After a hard work out what happens to your muscles? The glycogen in the muscle is depleted very fast your body will enter a catabolic state. At this state you need a n anabolic supplement for your body. Torrent is exactly the kind of product your body needs. The universal nutrition has created this product for your post work out needs,. If you do not take, any micronutrient supplement your body will remain deficient in nutrients. Torrent makes up this loss. This has to be taken immediately after your work out. More importantly this universal nutrition product starts fresh growth of your muscle. So the dreaded stagnation is avoided completely.

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Sports nutrition

Nutrition is branch of science that studies effects of food that we eat on our health. This obviously means that when you study the effect of your food on your sport activity, it becomes sports nutrition. Sports in itself is a big industry and hence sports nutrition also has become a big industry.
The sporting activity consumes lot of energy. So sports nutrition should include the diet which will provide the sportsman with extra and fast energy. Similarly we know that certain sports require certain type of stamina. So it is obvious that providing sports specific nutrition must be a good challenge for the dietician.
The food that we consume contains carbohydrates. These provide energy to a person.
These carbohydrates get broken in to small parts as glucose, or sugars. They are absorbed by body and used, when energy is required. For sportsman, muscle contraction needs energy. So consumption of carbohydrates is necessary for a sportsman for his energy needs. To determine what sort of carbohydrates a sportsman should consume will be job of sports nutrition science. Also note that different types of games will require different types of carbohydrates. Thus sports nutrition will answer all your questions regarding consumption of carbohydrates.
Carbohydrates stored as glycogen are ready source of energy. The sports nutrition covers, study of when these glycogen levels are maximum. It is clear that a sportsman should start his exercise when his glycogen level is maximum. The sports nutrition also studies how fast this glycogen is consumed during the exercises. The need of exercise varies from sport to sport. The sports nutrition also covers the study of making up for the lost glycogen fast.
The sports nutrition also includes study of different types of foods containing different types of carbohydrates. Simple sugars are absorbed by the body very fast. They provide instant, fast energy to the sportsman. Fruit and energy drinks are simple sugars, providing immediate energy to the sportsman. Cereals, grains, their breads, provide you complex carbohydrates. These take more time to get broken as glucose or simple sugars in digestive process. Starch is most important carbohydrate in sports nutrition, for energy requirements as it provides conversion in to glycogen.
Fat is another source of energy, which is used by the sportsman. The sports nutrition throws interesting light on this controversial topic. We know that any excess calorie intake by the body is converted in to fat. The first important point is fat provides insulation cover to our organs. Thus we must have enough fat to provide security to body organs .The fat also gives good cushion to body. This is extremely useful in the sports.
The study of fats is also in sports nutrition. Thus we have covered some points in sports nutrition.

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Fruit and vegetable in nutrition

What is natural food of the human beings? Fruits and vegetables, of course! When early human beings were staying in caves, they had absolutely no means or the knowledge of processing the food. The generations of early humans must have survived in spite of all the odds, consuming fruits and vegetables only. From this, you yourself can understand the importance of fruit and vegetable in nutrition for humans.
Fruit and vegetable in nutrition can give you a complete meal. From ages mothers are advocating eating more fruits and vegetables. This advice has lot of scientific evidences to prove its importance.
In initial research days, use of fruit and vegetable in nutrition was associated with fighting cancer. Several studies were carried out to find the link between the consumption of fruits and vegetables and cancer. It is proved that this type of diet does help to fight cancer. However this type of study has to be taken over long period of many years. This long duration, does present some technical difficulties, to prove link between fruit and vegetable in nutrition and it’s cancer fighting properties conclusively. However it is easy to relate one particular type of fruit with one particular cancer. Consider the case of tomatoes. These fruit contain a chemical named as lycopene. This chemical is useful in fighting prostate cancer. The studies prove that cooked tomato products are more useful in fighting prostate cancer. The other types of food items containing lycopene, show similar anti prostate cancer activity. Thus importance of use of fruit and vegetable in nutrition for fighting cancer is explained above.

Presently all the importance of fruit and vegetable in nutrition emphasizes, how fruit and vegetable in nutrition helps to keep your heart fit and healthy. All the focus of research in fruit and vegetable in nutrition is now focused more; on heart studies than on cancer studies. It does not mean that the study in role of fruit and vegetable in nutrition in fighting cancer has stopped completely. The cancer associations are still funding the research on the role of fruit and vegetable in nutrition.
As more funding is available in research about the role of fruit and vegetable in nutrition for fighting heart diseases, many startling facts are being revealed. It is conclusively proved that consumption of diet rich in fruit and vegetable considerably lowers the possibility of heart disease and stroke. If you consume more diet of this type, the possibility of heart disease lowers further down. Lowering of blood pressure and cholesterol level is possible by using fruit and vegetable in nutrition. If you use fruit and vegetable nutrition, your eyes will remain healthy. These are many advantages of use of fruit and vegetable in nutrition.

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Pomegranate nutrition

Pomegranates are ancient fruits. Originally they were from Middle East. They traveled to INDIA. The first pomegranate nutrition info can be found in Aurveda. Aurveda is ancient Indian medical science. The medicinal properties and rejuvenating nature of pomegranate juice is documented in the aurveda. Thus one can say that pomegranate nutrition history is pretty old. and ancient. Though there is lot of hype regarding the wonder juice of pomegranate in west, for east, it is an old story.
In heart health anti oxidants are very important group of chemicals, These chemicals prevent clogging of arteries. Pomegranate nutrition is most important for the simple reason that it provides 40% more anti oxidants as compared to other juices. Though it is known, that fruit juices contain anti oxidants, research in pomegranate nutrition is a recent phenomenon. Taking advantage of the fact that pomegranate contains maximum anti oxidants, the manufacturer went in for selling it on big scale. Thus pomegranate nutrition industry was borne. It is a fact that these canned pomegranate juices are providing three times more anti oxidants as compared to same measure of natural pomegranate juice.
What kind of anti oxidants are provided in the pomegranate nutrition? These chemicals are called as polyphenols. There are three different groups of chemicals in this category. First is called as tannins. Second is anthocyanines. Third is ellegic acid. You get rich supply of these beneficial chemicals in pomegranate nutrition. The anti oxidant property of pomegranate juice is proved in lot many studies.
This fruit is rich in sugar also. a medium size pomegranate weighing about 125 grams will have approximately 26 grams of sugar in it. This sugar gives it delicious taste. This sugar is important from pomegranate nutrition point of view as it provides instant energy.
The second important point in pomegranate nutrition is high mineral content found in it’s juice. Calcium Magnesium, iron phosphorous are present in it. These are also present in other fruits. What differentiates pomegranate nutrition from others is it’s high content of potassium. Potassium is very essential mineral nutrient. It is not easily found in naturally easily absorbable form. The pomegranate nutrition is exception to this.
The third important point in the pomegranate nutrition is presence of the vitamin C group chemicals in its juice. Vitamin C as ascorbic acid is 6 mg per 100 grams of edible fruit portion. The other group chemicals like Thiamin or Niacin or Riboflavin are also present in this juice.
The combination of vitamin and minerals give pomegranate nutrition its recovering power. Thus pomegranate nutrition not only stops clogging of arteries, it actually helps to
Reverse the disease. This rejuvenating power of pomegranate nutrition makes it unique not only in fruits but in all naturally occurring food items.

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