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Sushi is a type of food that is made using rice and other toppings or fillings. It has been around for a very long time, although not like it is today. A very long time ago people in China used to put fish into rice to keep the fish preserved and edible for a while. The rice was then thrown away and the fish eaten. The tradition was carried through many years and then eventually when it made its way over to Japan the Japanese decided to take the concept further and started to eat the rice together with the fish, and so sushi was introduced.

Most of the time the rice is combined with seafood but it is also made using mushrooms, eggs, meat and vegetables. Most of the fish used in sushi is raw but it is not always this way, sometimes it will be cooked or marinated.

Sushi was originally made in Japan; therefore they make it the correct way, but when made by others sushi is sometimes made from just raw fish or raw fish on clumps of rice. There are many different types of sushi, some of the popular sushi dishes include Gunkan, Nigiri, Temaki, Inari, Norimaki, oshizushi and chirashi. In countries other than Japan, sushi is the most popular type of food.

The Gunkan type of sushi is normally small cups or bowls consisting of dried seaweed that is filled with seafood or other toppings and the original sushi rice. There are many different types of Gunkan. The Nigiri sushi is small balls made of rice and then fish or other toppings on top of the ball. Temaki is seaweed in the shape of a cone and the cone is filled with vegetables, seafood and rice. Inari is the less expensive kind of sushi; this type is made filling deep fried tofu bags with sushi rice. Norimaki is made by rolling the preferred filling into dried sheets of seaweed. There are many different ways this can be made and this type of sushi is not very often found in Japan. Oshizushi is when the sushi is flattened, the fish then get pressed into the sushi rice which is in then put into a wooden box. The Chirashi sushi is a dish of sushi rice with vegetables, seafood and mushrooms spread over it.

Sushi not only tastes great but it is also very healthy for you, it has loads of protein, full of nutrients and contains very little fat. You can enjoy a meal of sushi without worrying about your diet. The seaweed that is used in the Norimaki sushi is also full of essential vitamins and minerals that one’s body needs.


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