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Sushi chef

In order to become a sushi chef you will have to study at a sushi school or university. There are lots of places in which you can do so. At a sushi school you will be taught everything there is to know about sushi.

In the culture of the Japanese it is not easy to become a sushi chef and it will take a lot of time and a tremendous amount of effort. In most cases it takes chefs years and years of studying before they become an actual sushi chef. It will depend on where you wish to study to determine what you will learn because sushi is made differently from country to country, like if you study in Japan, they make sushi the ultimately correct way therefore it sometimes takes them up to ten years to study. Where as if you are studying in the west you will learn things like putting cheese in sushi which is not done very often. If you study in the U.S you are most likely to learn knife skills when making sushi, how to cook rice and prepare the sushi, the nutritional facts and artful presentation of sushi. So studying to become a sushi chef will not be the same procedure everywhere.

When studying to be a sushi chef it normally happens that you will have to go through a series of courses until you graduate. And in order to progress to the next level you will have to pass the current one. Some schools will have you do tests and examinations and others will not. The certificate you will graduate with can get you a job as a caterer, a job at a sushi bar or a chef at a sushi restaurant.

The basic course will be the first. Here they will teach you the basic ingredients, the seasoning and spices, how to use sushi knives and fundamental preparations. When you pass this course you will progress to the professional class where you will learn about the type’s fish to be used, how to prepare it, designing dishes, setting up sushi bars and what you will need to be an assistant chef. After this course there is the advanced course. In this step you will be taught a deeper level of skill and training, handling of live fish, decoration, dishes and types of sauces and what sauce goes where. From there, the classes will progress and you will learn everything there is to learn about sushi.

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  2. So, Larry, let’s do the million hits. Britain to rule!

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