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Is sushi healthy

There are those that have tried sushi and have obviously fallen in love it. Sooner or later, because of curiosity everybody starts wondering and then starts looking up on Sushi. Is Sushi healthy?

Raw foods, for example sushi, which is often made of raw fish, are usually best for protecting nutrients and enzymes. However, over time heat, microwaving, and time itself destroy nutrients quickly. The only problem with raw food is bacteria. Keep in mind that all sushi are not raw, and those that are, are always well-controlled, which means this fish are free from bacteria that can harm you. A restaurant can be blown off the map for a simple mishap like uncontrolled food that contains harmful bacteria.

Importantly, the term “raw is okay” does not refer to oysters. Oysters found in mucky beds at the bottom of water have a quality that has to be questioned. This is a gamble. If you have to eat these, tread very carefully.

When using soy sauce, know that it is a commotion product. The salt in it is certainly not fattening but can offer problems if used excessively. Wasabi, Japanese horseradish, is also not fattening. Wasabi comes from the plant Wasabia Japonicum and is extremely hot, and because of its strength, you can’t really take enough to make a difference in calories. That is rarely a factor.

Wasabi is very hard to grow, and when grown improperly, the spicy and hot nature breaks down. The wasabi in the Japanese cuisine in the USA contains just simple horseradish that is treated in a container of food coloring. If the spice bothers anyone eating it then it is a possibility that you are allergic to horseradish or the food dye.

Uncooked fish carries a risk for parasites. A wise decision will be visiting restaurants that serve cooked fish or previously frozen fish. A chef combines vegetables, pieces of fish and sometimes sauce or mayonnaise on dried seaweed. The rolls are cut up and usually 4 to 6 pieces are in one order.

Any shellfish and raw fish contain parasites, microorganisms that cause diseases and their eggs. Also, raw fish contains levels of mercury, and with levels high enough, can cause damage to the nervous system. Deep-sea fish like tilefish, tuna, king mackerel, shark and swordfish are susceptible to mercury. Pregnant women and those nursing, and small children should exclude these fish from their diets.


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