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What is sushi

Sushi is not equal to raw fish and it does not only consist of raw fish. Although, raw fish is the most popular ingredient in sushi it is one of many other ingredients but the main element of sushi is the rice. There are in actual fact many different ways in which sushi can be made. Sushi was founded when the Chinese used to keep the fish in rice to ferment it and keep it fresh so that it could be used in a few months time. This tradition carried on for many years and eventually went on to Japan. There they started to eat the rice with the fish instead of just disposing the rice and eating only the fish.
Sushi is a very healthy meal for one to eat. It is loaded with all kinds of vitamins and minerals and contains hardly any fat. In 7 to 9 pieces of sushi there are about 350-450 calories. Sushi rolls are very good for you too as the seaweed (nori) is rich in iodine and the rice gives you carbohydrates.
There are many different types of sushi available and there are many different types that you can make at home. The easiest kind of sushi that can be made at home is a sushi roll. This is made by rice, vegetables and seafood of your choice rolled into a sheet of seaweed. You can use just about any vegetables in this meal but it is easier to use ones that can be eaten raw, like carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes. Wasabi is a special sauce for the sushi roll, it is quite spicy but delicious.
Some of the different types include Chirasi, Inari, Maki, Nigari and Temaki. These are the most popular kinds. Chirasi is usually made in a bowl, with a variety if toppings on a bed of rice. Inari is fried tofu with sushi rice stuffed inside. Maki is a type of sushi roll that is just consists of fish and vegetables but there are other types of sushi rolls that fall under the headings of Uramaki, Hosomaki and Futomaki. Nigari is rice topped with wasabi sauce and a piece of either raw or cooked fish. Temaki on the other hand, is similar to the sushi roll but it is in the shape of a cone. It is also filled with fish and vegetables and wrapped in a sheet of seaweed.


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