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Types of sushi

Sushi can be made in a number of different ways; you can choose any type of fish and vegetables you would like in your sushi. You can be as creative as you like when it comes to making sushi, a few of the most common types of sushi are Bara sushi, Chirashi sushi, Futomaki, Inari sushi, Nigiri sushi, Okonomi sushi, Onigiri, Oshizushi and Temaki.

When making the Bara sushi the ingredients are mixed together with the vinegar rice and made into a salad. The Chirashi is when the rice has numerous types of fish on top of it. Futomaki is various ingredients rolled in Nori (seaweed). Inari is the least expensive type of sushi as tofu is used instead of the vinegar rice. Nigiri is made by putting a raw piece of fish or a few vegetables on a bed of rice. Okonomi is the same as Nigiri, this is just more common in homes then it is in restaurants. Onigiri is a very interesting type of sushi as all the ingredients and rice are mixed together and then rolled into a ball. Oshizushi is a more plain way of making sushi, the vinegar rice and the other fillings are flattened into a mold. Temaki sushi is when the rice and ingredients are rolled into a cone shape using nori (seaweed).

Not all sushi is made using raw fish, sometimes the fish is half cooked and other times it could be fully cooked or marinated. In a lot places people think that sushi is made by raw fish being put on top of lumps of cooked rice. This is not true as there are many different ways of making sushi.

When sushi is being made, the raw fish has to be fresher and of higher quality than the fish that is cooked. The sushi chefs are trained to be able to identify if the fish as “good enough”. They can tell that by the smell and color of the fish and they will also check the fish for any parasites. Only fish from the ocean are used raw, any freshwater fish or parasites that might be used will first be cooked. Some of the most common ocean fish used to make sushi are Japanese amberjack, tuna, salmon, mackerel, conger and snapper. The most common vegetables to go with the fish will be radish, different pickled vegetables, cucumber, avocado, asparagus, tofu and mayonnaise mixed with sweet corn.


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  1. Many restaurants server their own sushi these days. I have seen roast beef sushi and deep-fried sushi.

    Comment by Sadao | December 7, 2008 | Reply

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