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Home made sushi

Sushi is easy to make at home and it will not cost you a lot of money to make. It is great to make as a snack or a dish at a party. It is nice to make things that are not often made and taken to parties, that way people tend to enjoy it more. This recipe for homemade sushi is very easy and will not take you longer than twenty minutes to prepare.

You will need:

Short-grained rice
Sliced cucumber
Sliced avocado
Seaweed sheets (nori)
Cooked and sliced imitation crab

Cook the rice in a fairly big pot. Rice usually takes about 45 minutes to cook. Once the rice is cooked take it off the heat and let it cool down to room temperature. Lay out the seaweed sheets on a flat surface. When the rice is cool enough (it must not be cold, if it is cold you will struggle to spread it out) use a spoon to spread it out evenly over the seaweed sheets.

Once that is done, arrange the avocado, cucumber and crab at one end of the sheet, the end that you are going to be rolling from. Then firmly start rolling the sheet. Press down firmly on the roll but not too hard, you don’t want the thing to fall apart before anyone has even tried any of it. Do this to all of the seaweed sheets you have prepared. Make sure that the contents of the rolls are staying inside!

Once they are all rolled and ready to be cut, put on the kettle. No, this is not so you can make yourself some coffee and relax; this is where you are going to put the knife before you cut the rolls. Choose your best and sharpest bread knife and put it in a bowl of bowling hot water. I say bread knife because it seems to not cause your roll to fall apart when you are slicing it ever so carefully, like many other knives do. Make sure only the blade of the knife is in the water and not the handle as well. Leave the knife there for about 5 minutes. When the blade of the knife is nice and hot, cut the sushi rolls into smaller sushi rolls of bite sizes, or bigger if you wish. If you would like to make bigger quantities of this at a time you will just need bigger or more seaweed sheets as well as more ingredients. You can also add different ingredients if you like.

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