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Gourmet sushi

There are many different places where gourmet sushi is available. If you eat it out then it’s not a problem but if you would like to take some gourmet sushi home it is suggested that you do not keep it for longer than a period of two weeks. Eating gourmet sushi after that long could make you very sick. You should also not put the sushi in the refrigerator as it is too cold and will spoil the dish. Rather store it in a cool dry place but make sure that it is covered, if not in a container with a lid, cover it with a large cloth and make sure that it is covered properly so that nothing can get in there and enjoy it before you do.

A few of the very popular gourmet sushi appetizers are Salmon Carpacio – thinly sliced salmon topped with an olive oil sauce, Whitefish Tiradito – delicately thin slices of whitefish finished off with a chili and cilantro paste, Salmon Tempura – this dish comes with crab, cream cheese, asparagus, rolled then deep fried and served with the sweet chili sauce, Albacore Tuna Sampler – sushi with pieces of sashimi and slightly grilled tuna and garlic soy, Poseidon Ceviche – cuttlefish, shrimp and yellowtail with avocado in a hot citrus mix and Spicy Conch and Octopus – with mushrooms, chives and seaweed salad with celery.

Gourmet sushi is made differently from restaurant to restaurant, some specializing in only gourmet will make the sushi the best way you will ever try it while other places that make all kinds of sushi might make it slightly different. It all depends where you go. You can also make your own gourmet sushi, it is not that much of a difficult task although the chefs that make it in restaurants are most likely professionals that have trained for many years so don’t except your sushi to taste the same as theirs the first time you make it!

There are many different kinds of gourmet sushi available. Gourmet sushi rolls seem to be liked by many, a few of them are the Eel Tempura Roll – with eel and cream cheese deep fried and then rolled in sesame seeds, Yellowtail Jalapeno Roll – Jalapeno asparagus and avocado with cilantro and Jalapeno sauce, Vegetable Roll – a variety of vegetables that are rolled with a soy wrapper instead of a seaweed sheet and Rice Crispy Roll – avocado, chives and spicy tuna with roasted coco flakes.

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