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Easy sushi recipe

There are a few very easy types of sushi that will take you literally ten minutes to make. The best part about it is that it tastes great, it is extremely healthy, it is light on your stomach and costs next to nothing to make. You will not feel over-full or bloated when your plate is empty, you will feel wonderful!

All you need to make this is:
Seaweed paper – preferably a few sheets
Leftover cooked rice or freshly cooked rice
A few grated carrots
Smoked salmon
Fresh spinach

Make sure you have a big flat surface where you can work. Before anything else you need to wash your hands and clean your work surface. Once that is done, take a fairly big sheet of seaweed and lay it flat on your work surface. It must have no crinkles or creases in, make sure it is flat. Wet your hands and spread the cooked rice out evenly on the seaweed. Add the carrots and spinach. Slice the smoked salmon into strips and add that too. Roll the seaweed up tightly, ensuring that all its contents stay tucked inside. Cut the roll into smaller rolls of about 2″. Choose your sauce, common sauces for this delicious snack are wasabi (Japanese horseradish), seasoned rice vinegar, Chinese mustard or pickled ginger, and dip your roll.

It’s as easy as that! There are many different ways you may do this. You can replace the veggies with any other and replace the smoked salmon with a meat of your choice. To keep the process quick and simple, use vegetables that can be eaten raw. As long as they are cut up into small enough pieces so that they are able to fit into the roll with ease. For some extra flavor and a bit of crunch you can also add toasted sesame seeds.

This dish is great to make as a quick snack, light lunch or when those unexpected guests arrive at your door. It also makes a great snack at a cocktail party. Or even for those lazy days when you come home from work and don’t feel like cooking dinner, quickly prepare a few of these and your problem is solved. You could also make a few of these rolls along with something else incase it is not enough for the whole family. It will go wonderfully with other small snacks.

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